Monday, February 14, 2011

Relais Desserts

Here is my Saint Valentin's Day present to you dear PBers. You've been so kind sending so many thoughtful messages that have touched my heart 
Did you know there are gorgeous FREE pastry magazines just waiting for you in Paris? It's true! If you happen to wander into a patisserie that belongs to the prestigious 'Relais Desserts' these are gratuit by the till, like this sumptious free calendar. Oh why did 2010 have to come along? My favorite picture was August's guimauve miam miamBlue Bird Tea time,  9" x 11"
For a mere blue bird's song (like buying one macaron or anything else that will take you to the cash register, you'll find all manner of pastry freebies (none edible though).
Rose Bud Tea Time, watercolor, 9" x 11"
I found these journals from the Relais Desserts. The text is in both French and English with recipes included from France's finest pastry chefs.
The photographs are to-die-for
Dalloyau has a tradition of lush and free pastry booklets
More Miam-Miam
Les Entres too are included and calorie-free 
Naturalement I flipped for Lenotre's gratuit pastry booklets...
All those yummy brush strokes - right up my allee
How I would love to paint this dessert.
Not 'Free' but at least MAD ABOUT MACARONS is now in stock on Amazon. The Scottish publisher thanked me for the PB post, but said the shipment never arrived. Someone somewhere is having a BIG macaron book party...ahem
Not exactly 'Free' but almost. I got back my pictures from the Philadelphia Alliance Francaise exhibit and started putting the still life watercolors into these simple See-Thru Box Frames (for all of $6.50 each) and they look pretty terrific in my humble opinion. So if you recently bought a PB watercolor and are wondering how to frame it, these do the trick rather nicely!
*BTW you will need an 11" x 14" white mat + (4) Photo corners to hold the watercolor. The mat will require some minor trimming on the top and one side to fit inside the plastic box - easy as pie. 
Again THANKS SO MUCH for all your kind messages while I'm house-bound. And THANKS for supporting PB with your watercolor purchases. PBer Jeanne Long sent me this lovely photo collage she made of her new painting plus included Parisien goodies. If you should be so inspired to follow her example, please email me a photo and I'll put it up on PB. What goes out comes back to you does it not?


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Carol! May your day be filled with raspberry tarts, rose macarons and strawberry gateaux! xo

  2. THANK YOU Sweet Freak!
    My day will be filled with PT and an access-a-ride interview (hope I pass) and painting, and I'm very glad of it.
    Yesterday I lost it and ate a pint of Haagen Daz Coffee Ice Cream with pretzels, so I already celebrated so to speak :))
    Merci indeed!


  3. Carol, Sending you Happy Valentine's Day get well wishes from

  4. ROSE the Terrior8:49 AM

    I am writing to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day, and also to say that I hope you are feeling better.

    My dislocated hip bone is healed, and I am, once again, leaping and flying around the house like a little gazelle (instead of a Rat Terrier)!

  5. Happy Saint Valentine's Day to one of the sweetest Macaron artist I so admire.......and, of course, Bear too.

    Feel better soon............


  6. Happy Heart Day to you, too...delectable desserts have my heart!

  7. Happy Valentine's Day with a cerise on top! Hope you're feeling better.

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  8. Thank you sweet Carol for that "calorie-free" Valentin's tour of sweets....I totally indulged (hehe). I wanted to let you know that I was somewhat successful at my homegrown effort at macaron making (heart shapes!too) and I presented one with a link to you on my blog. Enjoy...and it's calorie free too! Love to you, Jenny

  9. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Carol. xoxo from GG & me in DeeCee:)

  10. Jeanne Long10:11 AM

    I couldn't be happier with my recent watercolor and snippets from Paris! I like your frame idea as well for my new collage of lovelies. Thanking you for including me in your blog and wishing you the best of health and more gorgeous paintings!

  11. P.S.

    It's so easy to order your paintings and you ship them so well-protected and swiftly that it's almost instant gratification!

  12. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Chere Carol,
    Happy jour de Saint Valentin. Your blog is the loveliest - reallement!
    Nous esperons you feel good soon et Dieu te benisse!
    Merci beaucoup!

  13. Happy Valentine's Day to you too! No doubt in Paris Valentine's Day would be extra special. That calender looks great too..

  14. The free goodies alone are enough to lure me across the sea! (Hah! As if I needed luring!)
    Just bring along this post for your interview - you will not only pass, but people will be vying for the right to ride with you! Absolument gorgeous!

  15. Those free goodies were delightful, but not as much as seeing your watercolors. You have such a gift! They are absolutely gorgeous. I could almost smell that pink rose.

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  17. Happy Valentines to you too, those catalogues are to die for!:)

  18. Happy St. Valentine's day to you.
    Went to Etsy and saw today's painting got snapped up immediately. Yay for you!
    Hope you're 100% soon!

  19. Such a sweet post on Valentine's Day Carol...hope you are making heaps of progress and feeling much better.....xv

  20. Best Valentine's Day wishes to you, Carol. Thank you so much for the link to the Provence painting opportunity. It will be fun to find out how you like it.

    Meanwhile, I know you'll soon be accessing rides, and boarding planes, and continuing on with your amazine joie de vivre.

  21. Happy Valentine's Day! <3

    Ahhh, tea, tea, tea...nothing better than a cup of tea & some macaroons :)

  22. Elaine2:45 PM

    LOVE the tilted glass bowl on today's post!! Where can I get one? And really hope that you are feeling much better! Have a good week -


  23. did you read the text?
    Probably it's French..qui sait
    was a prop on a calendar
    Bon chance!

  24. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Loving today!!! Pink , red, rosey and lovely. Hopefully you are feeling more pink yourself today - thinking of you.
    Oh how I would love these recipe books , to drool over. I am afraid nothing would get made though - it would spoil the mystery. I might just have to purchase while in Paris, yes another sojourn - this time May ---Spring time still? Warmer anyway. Do you want to come? x

  25. Happy Heart Day Carol! - Must go to Paris real soon!!! definitely need one of those pastry books .
    "All Things French"

  26. These images are all beautiful, but those paintings are excellent, Carol--they seem to just pour out of you! They're gorgeous--Happy Valentine's Day.

  27. Carol, A friend bought me one of your watercolors for my birthday last year and I had it beautifully custom framed. I would love to send you a picture but I don't have your email and when I go into the link my computer can't open it. I friended you on FB so I could send it there possibly. Let me know. I continue to enjoy your posts daily for the second year!

  28. Very pretty PB!!!!


  29. Lovely post. I am late to the party. I love that rose bud painting.

  30. You are in the know Carol. I'm off to see if I can find any of the free books today! Your paintings are lovely!

  31. OOH I feel like I just got a present!!!!!Love the books especially the one fro Delloyau,thanks!Maryanne xo


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