Monday, July 12, 2010

Bastille Day

If you were wearing a striped shirt yesterday, dressed in blue, wore a beret, carried a quilted bag... And dragging around a small dog around, you were appropriately dressed for Bastille Day in New York. Then you were allowed to eat all the tarte framboise to your heart's content... Or tarte citron... Patisserie Payard was calling the dress code, so stripes rule... President was handing out free fromage tastes...L.A. Burdict had practically free, very intense cold chocolat for a mere $2 created especially for the day... Galeries Lafayette had free Paris maps for all... Not free, but I should have bought it -a Girl's Guide to Paris sac... Really yesterday's fair should have been called Macaron Day in my opinion...Macaron Cafe had lots of flavors and colors...

I felt I had to buy some for research purposes - 2 macs for $5...hmmm
Down the rue a bit, Mad MacNYC was low on flavors and colors, maybe because they were selling bags of 6 macarons for $5. Chef Florian Bellanger is in the background minus a head...
This Frenchie taste tester gave the seal of approval on the framboise...
I bought a tray of macarons in Classic French flavors at a special Bastille price - these would be just perfect to serve at the Alliance Francais exhibits in DC and Philadelphia I'm thinking...
Seen at Bastille Day - this EXACT macaron necklace bought somewhere in Paris - no single pendents need apply - sorry Boucheron

If you know where I can buy this necklace you can win this watercolor!


  1. Besides the $33,000 version at Boucheron, you can find macaron charms and necklaces on Etsy at Bling and Pink (with Swarovski pearls no less) or at Fatally Feminine on page two. She also has cupcakes and other delights to extract large sums of cash from our possession.
    Happy Bastille Day!!

  2. Andrea8:59 AM

    I love your blog, I never been in Paris, but I am Spanish and olwais I go to Biarrtitz. you know anicing about it? My nex travel is to Paris and with your blog I know more with the city=) It is my blog If you like it fllow me please =)



  3. Wow!! That's pretty cool, Carol..

    Happy 14 juillet to you, too... (We don't call it Bastille Day in France)... I don't know why- but I can ask my hubby...

    Also, I've been seeing marcarons in Martha Stewart's magazine, "Living" quite a bit -- but they call them "macaroons" and I'm not sure why - since it's NOT the same cookie AT all...
    Maybe you can be the macaron spokesperson in the U.S. - and make sure everyone's got it right!
    Take care,

  4. Heather T9:17 AM


    Well, here is 29"one type of macaron necklace, but not exactly the one you were looking for (very cute as well though!):

    Bonne journée!

  5. Dorry9:23 AM

    Bunny Logic on ESTY has a single pendant macaroon necklace...I will keep hunting.


  6. Love this post, Carol. It looked so much fun!...all those macs! When you find out where to get that macaron necklace, will you share where??

  7. Leslie in FL10:16 AM

    Well this is close and I bet she could make whatever you wanted....Love your blog and I as well am a watercolorist, obsessed with travel and paint food as much as I can....Could we be related? :-)

  8. Hi Carol:

    Saw the necklace mentioned on this blog, available at The French Factory, Paris

  9. Anonymous10:26 AM

    You find the most interesting and eye-catching tidbits, I'm jealous! Chocolate that is the ultimate decadence, n'est-çe pas?

  10. Dana S.11:10 AM

    Hi Carol,
    Check out these links for wonderful macaron necklaces. Now I want one too! You inspire me every day!

  11. Jeanne11:21 AM

    Thanks for your fun challenge!,polymerclay

  12. Bonjour Carol!
    Loved today's post. Google macaron necklace if you haven't already done so.
    There are some cute alternatives BUT if you track down the one in your pic
    PLEASE share the info.

    Love your blog and art !

    I have a saying in my classroom. HF! BC!
    (Have Fun ! Be Creative!)
    You are a great example.


  13. macaron necklace by CHERRY DOT

  14. Kerry S.12:49 PM

    Bonjour Carol,

    It was like a Bastille Day “call-to-arms” for me to locate macaron necklace sources for you….and I did!
    See the links below.

  15. KS in WA12:50 PM

    J’adore Paris Breakfasts and your FABULEUX paintings and photography!
    I am a Francophile at heart. My sister, another friend, and I plan to go to Paris next fall to celebrate our birthdays. Perhaps we could meet up with you!

    Au revoir,

  16. Couldn't find THAT necklace, Carol, sorry--hope someone finds it for you--it was made for you, that's for sure! Lovely watercolor!

  17. I love those tarte citrons - they look delicious.
    Too bad we don't have something like that here in "Little Rhody."
    I hope that you found your necklace :)

  18. Joyce2:37 PM

    Couldn't find the necklace - but aren't these fabulous?
    I leave for Paris on August 25 for 21 days.
    Will be thinking of you.
    Thanks for your wonderful blog & I LOVE my watercolor my daughter bought for me.
    My best,

  19. Hi Carol,

    I love your blog and website! Most inspiring.

    For macaron and other Paris sweets jewelry, check out PetitPlat on Etsy -

    Beautiful, delicate work.
    She updates pretty often and I think does special orders.

  20. FoodWalker2:42 PM

    I want the macaron scale!!!

  21. 6 macs for $5 - comment c'est possible?
    That packaging for the macs you thought of buying looks PERFECT for mac protection!

  22. Aw that would have been such a fun day! We're having our french festival this weekend, I cannot wait! And what a cute dog.

    Happy Bastille Day!

  23. Bonjour Carol,
    I was there too and had a great time checking out all the goodies but my favourite was Le MacarOn Cafe. I bought a box of six, lavender, espresso, mango, apricot, nutella et rose / lychee. If I close my eyes, I feel as though I am in Paris. They are delightful and perfect. And yes, I complimented the young lady on the necklace. So sweet!

  24. I love the beautiful pristine white apron the assistant in the macaron shop is wearing - I would definitely buy my macarons from there - attention to detail and all that - so Parisian !!
    Dianne xx

  25. I LOVE the pictures you've taken! :D especially the last one of the macaroon necklace, that one's probably my favorite!

  26. lululolo9:01 PM

    Carol: If you find out where you can buy that macaron necklace!
    Let me know what I can give to get one too. LuLu

  27. Julia9:29 PM


    On peux se trouve un collier comme ca a cette address ci-dessou:

    Avec mes sentiments les plus respecteux,


  28. Carol, que delicia!!! Me encantan los macarrons que viajaría hasta allí sólo para comerlos!!besos, Gloria.

  29. Ooooh, la, la. Well, someone had to type it.

    My late Dad's birthday was July 14, so I've been aware of the date's significance for decades.

    Sorry to have missed the NYC celebration, but ... did find on Sunday in my local farmers' greenmarket, some perfectly ripe peaches (des peches, n'est pas) and so perhaps when the 14th arrives, I will have many remembrances.

    Your photos and commentary are marvelous.

  30. I hope someone found that necklace for you, it's too cute!

    I don't mind if macarons are not screaming "lots of artificial colors!" as long as they have lots of taste. I had a rose macaron from D the other day, I loved it. They are scouting for a new location in NY, btw.

  31. Necklace is fabulous!
    looks like the bastille in NYC was wondeful, a full gastronomic festivity.
    We shall be celebrating tomorrow in Paris!
    Here's a little peek on the jet practice for the parade on the Champs Elysées from last week!

  32. Carol, if I see that necklace, I will buy one for you! And I will salute you, in stripes, while eating beaucoup des macarons demain! xo

  33. Cindy in San Diego6:46 AM

    I love your blog . . . but no time to tell you how great you are . . . just got this email from La Garconne . . . the red ballet flats are on sale!

    Thanks for writing such a wonderful blog.


  34. $265.00 for plain old red Repettos is not a 'sale' price Cindy in San Diego...
    I'd rather go to Paris...

  35. but Bastille day isn't until tomorrow. you americans celebrate it too many days ahead. why?

  36. LOVE your blog. And dream of owning one of your watercolors. I don't know if you've already received an answer to your question about where to find the macaron necklace, but I believe you'll find it at If you enter 'macaron' in their search box, you'll find 86 pages! of macaron jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, keychains, earrings, rings, and more. They have them in clay, crocheted, and in miniature.

    and here are more links to macaron jewelry:,44680.html#/44680/

  37. Cynthia5:25 AM

    I looked at the macaron jewelry again and really think that the one
    you featured must be made by this company.

    necklace you desire:

  38. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Excellent sleuthing Cynthia,
    I found this one, but then I found one even closer necklace - still it was not exactly correct.
    I had to commission a look-alike.
    As soon as I get it I will write about it on PB bien sur.

  39. Bonjour Carol! Merci bien for the assistance in finding a copy of la Pâtisserie de Pierre Hermé. I have finally ordered my copy from Librarie Gourmande. Now to get an autographed copy of Macaron... I've heard rumours he is about to re-print en anglais, mais, je préférerais ce livre en français.

    Love your blog... hard not to, since I too am passionate about all things French, not the least of which, Paris! I'd move there tomorrow if hubby would just agree to it!

    While I did not find the "exact" necklace, perhaps this collier macaron is remarkably similar... n'est pas?

    Bonne chance avec votre recherche! Et merci encore...


  40. Anonymous4:04 PM

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