Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Paris Breakfast Is On Me...

Petit dejeuner is on me today Paris Breakfasts readersYou surprised me no end and have outdone yourselves with your terrific support during the Paris donation drive!
At first there was no response to the watercolor sale for 30 minutes.
Rather than throw myself out the window in despair,
I ate my room mate's box of organic, fat-free (HAHA), Panda Licorice...
Mind you, I did not touch the 4 La Maison du Chocolat macarons sitting there.
They are for still life usage!
By the way I always try to sneak a few shots of my neighbor's tables...
As any good Paris spy would do...
We're breakfasting at Cafe Deux Magots today,
In case you didn't recognize their signature pale yellow and forest green decor.
I could gaze at these pitchers for hours, couldn't you..?
So don't you know, my email broke down yesterday from your wonderful response!?
Verizon tech support came to the rescue.

Now, they can get right onto your computer and move your mouse around themselves,
while investigating...
They suggested it might be a good idea to get rid of the 600+ emails I've been saving...
Three year old diet tips and exercise tips etc.
I don't just save Paris bits of paper you know :)
This messy table top looks a lot like the inside of my head yesterday.
Like a harried waitress at a diner, I was sending lemon tarts to folks who ordered
Hot Chocolate!!!
But things are all straightened out now :)

Did I really leave this delicious looking croissant on my plate...
There are still some delicious watercolors for those of you who have not decided...
Don't you love and hate that last moment at a cafe..?
Your ready to go on your way to more adventures,
And yet it's so hard to tear yourself away...
This is the last day for the Paris sale!THANKS TO YOU ALL
I'll soon be sitting at this table again!


  1. I look forward to your wonderful pictures and paintings of Paris every morning. Thank you for sharing them Carol! ~Heidi

  2. I have wanted to travel to Paris for some time now. Husband refuses to comment. I'm thinking if I *ever* get there it will be because I go alone, which would probably be ok. I have a dear friend who supports my dreams. She gives me pictures of the Eifle Tower, all things French. Such a sweet dear she is.

    So here's the bottom line. I want to support your love of being in France. I really really do. I have $20 to spend. What do you have (with a coffee cup) that I can buy for $20?

  3. Everything looks so inviting and delicious.
    Love Jeanne ^j^

  4. Chanteuse11:23 AM

    Thank you, Carol. Your post today gave me an unexpected, but much needed lift this morning. I had a particularly difficult day yesterday and face another one today. I was sitting at my computer feeling a bit glum until I saw the pictures of Les Cafe Deux Magots in today's post. My spirits were lifted instantly. Thank you.

    I discovered today that your blog is not only a marvelous, marvelous pleasure. It also performs an important public service: It lifts our spirits, provides hope and inspiration, and gives us a list of places to visit during our own future trips to Paris.

    I'm glad your watercolor sale is going well. I knew it would. I look forward to seeing the results of your next trip to Paris. In the meantime I will treasure the photographs from this morning's blog.

  5. Hey,
    When are you hoppin' the pond to the other side? So glad you'll soon be painting more Paris dreams for us!

  6. glad your Paris sale went well, I was going to buy a painting to support you just so I can always have Parisbreakfasts

  7. hooray for you!We love your art~

  8. Congratulations, Carol, I am looking forward to more of your adventures from Paris! :-)

    @ Paula:
    Go solo! Husband's probably relieved not having to go, but he wants you happy, after all, don't you think so? Life is short, and you go only this one, carpe diem! :-)

  9. you got only this one


  10. Oh well, pleeease let me have that leftover croissant. :-)
    I am my second cappuccino break, and no sweets wide and far :-(

  11. I`m SO GLAD it went so well!!!!!!

  12. Thanks for the glimpse inside your studio - looks as wonderfully magical as I dreamed it would be. I need make a visit in person soon!! Hopefully when you're not in Paris!!


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