Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fleurimont 75006

No croissants today. I'm serving up floral bouquets.
There must be just as many florists in Paris as there are patisseries. I asked Google how many and I got 7 florists in Paris,TEXAS

One nice thing is you don't have to wait on line to get served. And their flowers are out on the street,
So you can choose and even sniff before buying.
You hear that Paris pastry chefs.
Fleurimont was around the corner from my hotel on
12, rue Gregoire de Tours 75006
A sweet closet-sized shop. They were happy to wrap up my flowers anyway I wanted. They even threw in extra green leaves for FREE.
Hear that fancy Parisian patisseries.
The flowers are lush and fresh and not expensive either.
And it makes you feel just a little bit more Parisian to have a fragrant bouquet in you room.
Look, even wild flowers for sale.Here's another thing that mystifies me.
Paris Bouquets?
A bouquet (notice it's a FRENCH word) is a small cluster or arrangement of flowers.
Also meaning: The fragrance typical of a wine or liqueur.

You can find floral bouquets right and left on most street corners or order them to be delivered over the phone in Paris.
Why is it in the US you have to be dressed in white
and marching down the aisle to get a bouquet?
Another good reason to go to Paris non :)

I did not get to the Flower marche last trip but I will next time. In the meantime here's a little movie to watch. You can find more 6th arrondissement florist shops here.
Un peu de parfum demeure toujours sur la main qui te donne des roses.
(A little perfume always remains on the hand which gives you pinks.)

You are a flower


Anonymous said...

Oh my you paint the prettiest paintings of sweet romance ever!! I am so thrilled to have found your blog.

Anonymous said...

I love how you spoil us with such delights, pastries, flowers and chocolates!

Anonymous said...

Pretty in Pink
and sweet as a rose!
Your humor ties the ribbon around every bouquet!

Anonymous said...

We Americans need to 'spoil' ourselves more with simple pleasures of bread, tea, chocolate, art and flowers.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. Flowers add beauty to our world, and life to a room. They are a perfect gift. Even just one. I'm smitten with the wild flower posies you found. Just talking about flowers makes me dizzy and happy!

Anonymous said...

No wonder the French are thin. All their senses are satisfied daily. From food to flowers all done in a beautiful artistic way.

Cris in OR

somepinkflowers said...

you inspire me to look closer,
and closer at everyday things...

thank you ever so much!


Anonymous said...

Lovely, Carol--that watercolor is wonderful, and the flowers are, of course, my favorites...great post!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like fresh flowers in your room where ever you are...but in Paris? Nothing better!

Asia Jacyna Divakaran said...

I just love the second photo from the top- those flowers- wow! I have to admit, I buy flowers weekly ( it's my Polish blood, a taste of Europe). I got these amazing red/pink roses today. Flowers, like desserts, tea, hot cocoa are a great way to sweeten up our daily life...can't wait till tomorrow's post.

Tica- love the words, so poetic and to the point.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

I have to admit. I didn't miss the croissants or the chocolate chaud today. I was too busy admiring the lovely flowers! :-)

...O.K. I'll confess. As I didn't get to read your post yesterday I still managed to get my fill of croissants and hot chocolate :-D

Jann said...

This is such a beautiful post~I certainly enjoy your art!

Di Overton said...

Gorgeous painting. On my daughter Charlotte's street in Paris there is 5 florists and they are always busy and I can sit on her balcony and watch people walking up and down the street with their bouquets all day long.
Doesn't it make you envious?

Bridget said...

I love to see my town in your eyes! It's becomes a little strange and gets a new interest it's delightful!

Anonymous said...

thank for "little movie", attached to such a fun website I didn't existed.

Anonymous said...

thank you for including "a little movie" attached to such a great website.

juj said...

Great post - I giggled all the way thru. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful flowers, especially the ones by your own hand.

M. said...

i love those flowers that look like peonies - what are they?

as for little bouquets, they are common in the japanese flower shops here. i think its cute for when people go on dates.