Friday, June 15, 2007

Au Nom de la Rose

Au Nom de la Rose Bouquet, watercolor, 9" x 11"

A favorite Parisian florist is Au Nom de la Rose...I love their logo -
One rose leaf with a single drop of water (Paris tap perhaps?) Their shops are almost like a Parisian bistro.Their bouquets sit out on the pavement on vintage bistro chairs. Plus a bistro ardoise (black board) tells you the flower menu de jour / of the day...Inside the scent of roses could knock you over.A faux vintage photo of the owners of Au Nom de la Rose?
Qui sait..?And they don't just sell roses.
Gourmandises à la rose - rose petal jam, rose honey, candied petals, sirop de rose, white chocolate with rose petals, rosey nougat candy. And of course parfum, scented candles, soaps, potpourri
AND organic rose cosmetics.

Click and enhale the roses.
Are you amoureuse de la rose?


  1. Anonymous7:39 AM


    I passed by this shop in the Marais, I did not have time to stop in, but I really did stop right in front of the shop because something just 'stirred' in me while I was looking at it. The green, the logo, the awning. I loved how the buckets of roses were just layered on the chair, on the ground and tons of petals just scattered underneath. It was so beautiful. I will revisit and actually go in next time and I think some flowers may be in order for my hotel room...which is right around the corner! Thanks for the memory!

  2. Anonymous8:00 AM

    The watercolor in today's post is beautiful. My favorite of your watercolors thus far.

  3. is it just me?

    these roses look so yummy
    that i want to eat them,
    i do...

    thanks for sharing.


  4. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Aaaaahhh! beautiful! What a wonderful shop. Your photos are wonderful. I particularly like that little bistro chair with the flowers perched on it. How inviting and charming.

  5. Anonymous9:11 AM

    OH MY.. BEAUTIFUL POST..All I can say about your painting is.. DARN WASHER!!! It has to be your best painting so far. I absolutly LOVE it. Well that's three things. ;-)
    Cris in OR

  6. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Synchronicity... my Mme Hardy is in full bloom now and yesterday night I looked for recipes to use her edible petals. In "La cuisine aux roses" by Ingrid Schindler, I learn that one must cut the base (white) part of each petal to avoid bitterness.

  7. That's funny, I was there, too. Taking pictures. :) We could almost have crossed paths.

    All things roses for this book!

  8. Oh I wish I could stop in there right now! What gorgous pictures, thanks so much for sharing!

  9. I have a picture of this shop in the Marais! It's on my flickr:

  10. Love your fresh roses.I have rosewater and empty rose preserve jars in my kitchen. I filled the jars with home-dried rose petals and rosebuds. Never tire of posts about roses. Thank you for sharing those links to those yummy rose goodies! Next time I'm in Paris, I am going there. Bon appetit. ;o)

  11. Anonymous4:27 PM

    What a lovely blog entry and what talent! I love what you do.

  12. Paris seems so exotic and romantic and FAR AWAY! Yet so many of your commentors(?) have visited the places you write about! I don't like it - no sir - I don't like it! I think perhaps I'm experiencing jealousy.
    When I read your blog I feel like a dreamy kid - thinking of far off lands - I don't like it that so many people have been there - it takes away the magic. Is this sour grapes?
    BUT.......I love this post - I love that such a place as au nom de la rose exists.

  13. This is truly a magical post to me...I LOVED it!!!!!!!

  14. Another beautiful posting! I am a fan of your blog and would like to link on mine under "Painting Blogs"...hope that is okay with you!

  15. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Oh, such beauty - and such talent.

  16. Great work! (You spoil us!)
    I hope you are out and about to smell the roses!
    Will do so in a minute, with some coffee .... thrown in, hopefully. :-)
    Rose scented greetings from a perfect midsummer's day in Vienna,

  17. As a woman - and as a florist - the rose is my favorite! I wish I had seen that shop when I was in Paris last year!

  18. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Stunning! And I adore your painting! I can just smell all the roses from here. Truly beautiful!!!

  19. The roses are exquisite and everything you post is divine.

  20. First of all, I can't believe I have missed the sale...I could not check my computer for long periods of time, so I probably overlooked your email...oh well, hopefuy there will be a next time.
    Todays' watercolor is gorgeous! I wish I had known of this store on my last visit, again, hopefully it will be for next time!

  21. PBs had to do one of their "Specials" for you all
    for helping make the Get Me to Paris drive a HUGE success!

  22. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Oh, this is beautiful. The roses in my Norwegian garden are just starting to bloom now.

    My husband and I are discussing a travel in the autum. Our choice is Paris or Vienna. We wioll probably end up with Vienna. Paris next time.....

  23. what a treat to discover you and your blog - lovely - lovely - lovely

    gorgeous roses - I can smell them

    merci bien

    xox - eb.

  24. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Nice watercolor Carol! Thinking Au Nom will like it too. I seem to be smelling roses. I Like the logo, and like everything about their institution. Thank you for taking me along for the ride.

    Bon weekend!

  25. Anonymous6:04 AM

    You are a rose!

  26. The one on the glass pot, is that a tea? it looks like a flowering tea to me :) Anyway I love the photo of the roses you have here, fantastic.

  27. the flowers arrangement on the table are awesome. somehow it looks good for Valentine day flowers gift.


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