Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Paris Sale

A Paris Anemone, watercolor
Have you noticed that channel PBS has a donation drive on?
Well this PB (Paris Breakfasts) has a donation drive to get back to PARIS!
Besides my supply of a gazillion photos are getting low...
And my Paris haircut has grown out...I thought you might like to help get me back to PARIS! So I'm having a little sale...
You get to pick the watercolor(s) from my gallery
The sale is OVER.
This was ONLY for stateside Paris Breakfasts readers malheureusement
All you had to do was send me an email...
Write the title, date (if you cut and paste the image that will help)
In the subject line PLEASE write: I WANT IT.
If you see (S) after the title the watercolor is sold.
I take payment by
PAYPAL only, unless you have some gold duckets...The sale ONLY lasted till I got sufficient funds to run off to Paree!
THEN it was over!
More about the artist here.
Here's more goodies you get if you buy a watercolor
(Just like PBS we have goodies to throw in :)
Well vicariously anyway...
And MORE morning amusement with your coffee!


Gypsy Purple said...

Oh my word...how stunning!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I SIMPLY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this morning's painting!
So very FRESH and immediate!
One of those "there's nothing left to say" paintings of yours!

Merisi said...

Wanting to run off to Paris, again :-) quelle surprise!
I wish you great success, we sure need your daily pick-me-uppers-show to continue (and not sizzle off quietly like those SOPRANOS *tztz*).

Anonymous said...

Dear Carol,
If I had extra $$ I would buy the Hotel Meuriice Chocolate Chaud, or the JPH Berry Tart.
I know you will reach your goal, because YOU paint Paris Dreams!

paris parfait said...

Such fab paintings! Really great work. As for Paris, the autocollants are finally up. Sorry for the delay; I've been out photographing my friend's antiques all day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Carol, and bonne chance with your sale. To sell one's artwork not to pay bills but rather to finance a trip to Paris is both inspiring and romantic, and I am so excited to receive my painting ("Laduree Boxes" -- two boxes, two macaroons) and read about your trip in future blog postings!


Suz. said...

Malheureusement, je ne peux pas acheter aujourd'hui. Ils sont si beaux. Peut-être une autre fois. Bonne chance!

Blame It on Paris said...

I received one of Carol's watercolors from my husband for Mother's Day, and it is LOVELY. I just mention! :)

Anonymous said...

They're all beautiful, of course. (If I wasn't buying Joe a new lawn mower for Father's Day...sigh.) Good luck, Carol. We'll all be anxious to hear when you get to head back to Paris!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, I love all of your paintings, however, I am going back to Paris myself, this makes my 2nd trip this year, I love the food, the wine, the art, jazz and if I were not going back to Paris, I would buy at least 3 of your paintings to add to my collection of art. They are awesome!


Di Overton said...

Oh my God what have I missed. I have been travelling and have only had chance today to get onto the internet.
I am so pleased it all went well though and so pleased you have enough for a Paris trip. I am going to have a cafe au lait and drink to you as soon as I get out of this apartment. The plumber is here and pulling the boiler to pieces.

Lisa Johnson said...

Good luck with the sale Carol! I'm sure you'll be back in Paris toute de suite!