Monday, June 18, 2007

Petit Dej'

Petit Dej',watercolor, 9" x 11 1/2"

It's going to be 88 today and yesterday it went up to 90...

But I still have quite a few more hot chocolates to show you.

My last morning I was very close to Champs Elysees, so I thought why not?
Ahem...this was the same morning I had the Hotel Meurice hot chocolate.But that was later on. You get a sense of urgency your last morning in Paris.
What I ordered.And how much it cost...
You'll be footing the bill next time :)
Et voila! For some reason the French think you should drink your O.J. with a straw..? If you know why, please tell me.
I wasn't all that keen on the sweet viennoisserie.
Everything was covered in sugar except the non-descript dinner roll.
The l'addition...pretty as ever.
I went upstairs for a quick loo stop...
And discovered a much nicer dining room upstairs...
Much more posh, if that's possible.
On your way out, you might want to pick up a petit four for the road.There's a long bank of pastries to choose from and a long line waiting.More hot chocolate to come,whatever the weather


  1. i would love to be there...blessings, rebecca

  2. Oh, Carol, I need to finally get to Paris! As far as I am concerned, this is the most tempting painting and post ever. I love everything in it, and I mean everything, even the stairs and escpecially the floor, not speaking of the obvious, like the dishes and the croissant (thanks for leaving me a bite!), and and and ... Those chairs and tables, I am ... well, floored, got the Paris bug, whatever you want to call it. Can we exchange apartments for a week????

  3. we're supposed to drink OJ through a straw to avoid direct contact of the acidic drink and our teeth:) (seriously, my dentist told me that)

  4. troxel9:34 AM

    Thank you, thank you, for sending me ParisBreakfasts every morning!! ( I'm beginning to despise weekends since there's no posting!)
    It is truly my escape.
    I am almost as thrilled for you, as I am for myself, when I hear you're going back to Paris to do more research. (I think it's time I go back as well, to do, as I tell my husband, some grocery shopping).
    I'm off to the kitchen to bake some chouquettes to eat with all of that chocolat chaud I squirrel away.

  5. loveitaly9:40 AM

    I went to France for the first itme with my sister, when I was 16, and the thing I remembered the most, from that first day in Paris, was the entrance to the Champs Elysee Laduree there...I can picture it again so vividly, just as I remember it (and that was a LOOOONG time ago, Carol!!) Your painting is beautiful,as always. And your "verbal painting" of it all is entrancing, too.

  6. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Wonderful post this morning. I can almost feel I am there. What a lovely place to eat. Priceless...
    Cris in OR

  7. Its never too hot for Laduree!!! 17E? ... must be paying for their electricity, water and 'atmosphere' too!!! Looking forward to more Hot Chocolate...!

  8. Oh drat! I went away on vacation (to the beach, not to Paris) and missed the sale. But on a happy note, I know you will be sharing more wonderful watercolors and pictures. Hooray! Enjoy your trip!

  9. I think the French are frightened they get orange bits on their lips. How NOT CHIC is that?

  10. Oh, ~cb beat me to it! It's true, fruit acid isn't the best thing for teeth.

    Keep the hot chocolate coming... It's winter down here - perfect weather for hot chocolate (and chai latte).

  11. Did you say Laduree parfum?

  12. suzanne9:24 PM

    I noticed something today about your paintings...
    after looking closely at some of your photos. Do you
    ever paint the lipstick on your cups? Just wondering.
    I think an occasional lip print would ba a realistic
    imperfection that exemplifies woman's obsession with
    beauty--in herself and her surroundings.
    I mention it
    only because I share your appreciation for the fine
    details and presentation in Paris.
    Maybe the medium
    (watercolor) doesn't lend itself to such precision...
    here, I am not very well versed.

  13. soula9:26 PM

    bonjour carol,
    i was directed to your site from one of the staff members at
    Melbourne's fashion store 'MARAIS'.
    ill be visiting your blog often as i love and paint paris also.
    very addictive isn't it?

  14. What a stunning, stunning post...I just love it!!!!!

  15. Magnific!!I discover your blog via Ulla.Your watercolors , photos , all this athmosphere is fantastic! That's exactly what I love! Bravo!

  16. Can you think of a better way to start the day? I can't! Thank you so much for your ever delicious posts. I swear... you make me home sick sometimes :-)

  17. Your reflections are as perfect as the painting's reflection!
    Wonderful softness, light and color!
    Paris certainly should crown you its own!

  18. Your blog is very very nice and I link it on my blog (, see you soon!

  19. The two story ecliairs and other petit gateaux make me very happy indeed! :-) !!

  20. sigh...just drinking out of their cups is a joy!! and the pastries, well, dreams are made of them.

    I was kind of sorry that I couldn't eat more than one, not that I wanted to be a little piggy, but there was just the one time visit, and it all looked divine!

    Your paintings are divine, too.


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