Thursday, June 28, 2007

Paris Par Arrondissement...

You wouldn't be here at Paris Breakfasts if you didn't...
But it can be a frustrating town to get around...
(Did you know they had to put a special coating on the Metro maps so
the oils from your fingertips don't corrode the surface?
That's why you used to see those gaping holes...)
At the same time you don't want to appear to be a tourist with your maps and guidebooks clogging up the streets do you?
Well not if you can help it :)
One of my secrets is I love to catch shots (usually blurry 'cos I'm a tad embarrassed)
of the Lost People in Paris...
But I wouldn't want to be caught dead looking at a map...

Well not if I can help it!
In New York, when I see Lost People (= visitors = guests in my town)
I march up to them and ask,
Where do you want to go?
And if they're French, I throw in a few Frenchie words and they're pleased as punch!
You can't go up to New York Lost People and ask,
Can I help you?
They will run away! Vite Vite Vite!
They'll think you want $$$! Yup it's true.
Here's a good Paris trick!
As soon as you get off the Metro at your stop,
Do not run to the exit.
Directly in front of you, should be a very nice, very large map of the surrounding area.
You can quickly find where you want to go and thus avoid the wretched street-map-reading.

Not to suggest you don't need a Paris Plan!

You absolutely do!!!

Just look for the plan that has the easiest to read maps..

PARIS JE T'AIME Did you get to see PARIS JE T'AIME?

There are 18 mini films, each one made in a different arrondissement of Paris.

I was late to see it, but I LOVED it! This was one of my favorites..

It's was a gritty and bittersweet view of Paris

and I cried buckets at the end...Why did it have to end?

What do you do when you get lost in Paris???


Kelley said...

Hey Carol,
I loved your pictures. That is so true...never ever want to get caught with your map hanging out. *smile*. I have had the same arrondissement map for almost 20 years. WOW. It is lovingly taped up and patched. I wouldn't go to Paris without it. And I am sad to see they are replacing the metro maps. The fun part of looking at them is to see where the 'holes' are...those must be the most popular spots. And did you notice on your last trip that they are selling the arrondissement maps now. There are little machines attached to the maps that will spit out a folded up map for a few euros. FUN FUN! We tried to buy one in each section! Would be fun to paste them together for a gigantic map!
Thanks for all the memories.

Anonymous said...

I too asked others if they need help with directions, not in Paris, but in Nice and along the Riviera. Mostly they appreciated the help. I got so I handed out maps from the Office of Tourism. I often wondered if the people who worked there wondered if I ate the maps!

But in Paris? I always had the map out...there I was a tourist!!

Meilleurs voeux!!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your "Paris, Je T'aime" clips--I haven't seen it yet and it's just the kind of arty little film I seek out all the time. Thanks for the preview. (Joe and I will be ordering that the minute netflix has it out if I can't find it in a theater sooner!) Your photos are great, although I have to say, I never mind being caught with a map. I've met interesting people that way all over! Great post, Carol.

Anonymous said...

Oh--you did go see Paris Je T'Aime I thought you'd like it!!!
And I
am like you - I NEVER carry a map - I charge around looking like I
know where I'm going no matter what. I have the Paris par
arrondiddement but it has the TINY print and I can hardly see
it...hum....I have several but none like the one you showed today. I
wish I did...I map out where I want to go ahead in my room and write it on a small index card and sneak looks at really works... My Paris pal says it has been raining for days!

Anonymous said...

If I may beg to differ . . . whenever I run across somebody going to Paris I always suggest that they take with them MAPEASY (and no other - even though I do have the little red Paris map book you can get at the tabacs).
The reason I love Mapeasy so much is not only are they great maps but they tell you how to get to the interesting little things like where to buy the best Belgian lace and where to get the best cheesy fries, etc. Have you ever seen them? They do a lot of the major cities like Rome and New Orleans and New York, etc. I wish they'd do one of Beijing; wouldn't that be great?

Anonymous said...

...well I'm guilty of visiting your wonderful blog without leaving comments.

I too adored Paris Je t'aime and particularity the mime short. I also wept at the short with the nanny.

As for reading a map? I was practically born in the paris subway. Now finding my way in New York, that's another story.

Blame It on Paris said...

I go into the nearest place that sells chocolate and ask for directions, of course! :) I always buy something first. :)

Actually Paris has SO many world-famous monuments, it's pretty easy to get your bearings. And there's that river, of course...

One tip you forgot: if you don't know which way to go, DON'T stop in the Métro doors blocking everyone else who needs to get off while you decide. I see that all the time with tourists.

Anita said...

I have gotten lost in Paris - but since I was exploring I didn't mind!

I also didn't mind having my map out and looking like a tourist - but maybe next time I'll try to be more sneaky!

I did figure out the metro very quickly - such a wonderful system!! I love it!

Glad you loved the movie!!

Anonymous said...

Today's post: yet another variation on your ever surprising ability to pull interesting info out of your hat.

somepinkflowers said...

how can you get REALLY lost in paris?
there is the tour eiffel,
the arc de triomphe,
the seine with its left & right,
and pere-lachaise...

doesn't everything else
fit somehow in between?

plus, when you are in paris,
it is all good!

i just try to be where i am.


i like this post.
it goes well with mine
from tuesday!

these tourist are everywhere!

bless them one & all...

Anonymous said...

Getting lost is half the fun!

P.S- I leave for Paris in August and your blog has been a lovely buildup.

You are swell.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

I didn't mind being lost in Paris. No not one bit :) If only I could have stayed lost and thus not have had to return to my regular life! lol.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Some say you can't get lost in Paris...
Others say getting lost is the way to go...
I'm with the 2nd camp on this.
The luxury of wandering you know not where in a beautiful place?
I'll take it!
The hard part is feeling homesick for a place that isn't your home...

Gypsy Purple said...

Missed a few posts and had to catch up....lovely watercolours....

Naturegirl said...

I shall be one of those tourists lost in Paris next year :( NG

Merisi said...

I never wanted to go to Paris, even less getting lost there. Until you! came along. You and you Paris breakfasts. Now I feel almost homesick. Any chance for a bit of croissant any time again soon, pleeease? (I know one shouldn't eat for comfort, but I think this rule extends only to little kids, I am a wee bit more grown up, so, pleeease?).
One thing we have in common: Every chance I get, I ask tourists here in Vienna if I can help them. And I learned that in downtown Manhattan. I LOVE the people of New York, they were never rude to me. My daughter was so taken by their friendliness that she made a long list of the acts of kindness of a single day in New York, so impressed was whe by the people who had gone out of their way to help us (yes, even left their subway stops and walked us several blocks out of their way to make sure we didn't get lost again!).
Still, about that croissant ....

Jeanne said...

I loved all the pictures you shared..............
I would get lost too..........
Fabulous journal.
It is a joy to visit.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Di Overton said...

When I get lost in Paris I do what most English people do who can't speak French. I shout very loud somehow thinking that will make them understand me. Sad isn't it?

Jann said...

Oh, to be lost in Paris~yes, after all my visits, I still need to figure out where I am at times. I have never met an unfriendly person giving directions,always very helpful.I'm really never lost, just looking for the shortest distance home!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad (but not surprised) that you loved paris je t'aime! I'm going to see the new Julie Delpy movie tonight, has it come out in the states yet? it's called 2 jours à paris.

regarding tourists-- you are much kinder to them than I (cf my current post on Venice, in which I have gotten thoroughly bitchslapped in the comments)-- but as a New Yorker, even here in Paris when people approach me for directions I have a moment of flight instinct because I think they want my money. I instinctively clutch my purse to my chest, answer in monosyllables, and move away quickly!

And don't get me started on all the tourists filling up 34th street standing stock still with their necks craned looking up at the Empire State Building... it made my walk from the 1,9 to the Grad Center take twice as long!

Decidedly, this maitresse is no friend of the tourist.