Monday, June 11, 2007

Hotel Meurice & 12 Euros...

Hotel Meurice Chocolate Chaud, watercolor, 9" x 11"
You all wanted to know why in heaven's name I would spend 12 Euros for merely a cup of hot chockie.

Welcome to Le Meurice. These grayhounds are Hotel Meurice's logo and stamped on the butter, the bill, on the Canderel sugar.

You partake of your hot chocolate in this grand salon.
This is a BIG picture so click and lap up the luxe.

A blurry pic of the pink roses in the dining room. I'd rather steal a shot than get carte blanche but sometimes the pictures come out blurry. Le Meurice didn't mind a bit my taking pictures of everything in sight.

The glorious chandelier - the whole damn room is pretty glorious!
Le Meurice says on their site:
A showpiece filled with ornate gilding, Louis XVI period crystal chandeliers, antique bevelled mirrors and large bay windows framed in rare marbles, the 3 Michelin star Restaurant ‘le Meurice’ recreates the lustrous effects of this period's architectural detailing.
Landscape paintings on the wall and a ceiling depicting a blue sky with angels create an uplifting, open feeling. The floral-infused decor echoes the Tuileries Garden, with chairs and curtains in floral patterns of yellow, salmon and green. The china, specially created by Limoges for Le Meurice, matches the mosaic patterns on the floor. Against such a background, guests feel as if they have been invited to a private dinner hosted by Louis XV.

The chocolat chaud.

The pour - equivalent to a soup bowl, so filled only 1/2 way. Enough hot chocolate in the silver pitcher to easily satisfy 6 people. The taste - divine.

I didn't order anything besides chocolat chaud nature,
Le Meurice kindly brought croissants, confiture and famous logo butter to make the table look pretty.

Ze bill / l'addition...Belliflora said...It's very funny for the French girl I am to look at the pictures of your little treasures but i have to say that when I saw that you paid 12 Euros for a chocolat i felt pity for you.
                             No pity please - it was painless. Anyone want to feel like Marie-Antoinette for an hour? Your table waits Madame, Monsieur


  1. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Hotel Meurice is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. When I went there, (I asked the doorman if I could peek inside,) I
    gasped, it is worth every euro of the 12 you spent. Glorious!
    Your photos make me drool.

    I would wash the dishes nightly just to be part of Hotel Meurice...thankfully I can just come visit your blog for free.

  2. WAO! beautiful place!
    ok...i Have to go and get a chocolat chaud now...bautiful watercolour! as always :)

  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    What a gorgeous dining room! That 12 euros was well spent for such a lovely posting.

  4. Anonymous9:56 AM

    A beautiful establishment from the greyhound logo right down to the cups the chocolate is served in. Thanks for the tour.

  5. Oh Carol why must you continue to torture us? For the same reason that I can't stop coming back? ; )

    I wish that had been my breakfast this morning! And I'm looking forward to the surprise tomorrow!

  6. I, too, have spent 12 euros for chocolat chaud. But I think you had the better bargain. Hotel Meurice is fabulous!

    And I love your little treasures. You are SMART to treasure so many things and to spot what is delightful in something other people may not even notice.

  7. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Simply gorgeous, delicious in every sense. 12 Euros? Probably pay more for a movie than that and this was so much better. Pity you? O, Lordie, some people just don't get it! One year I came home with a suitcase full of flints picked off the ground at Stonehenge and bones picked out of the cloister flower beds at Salisbury Cathedral! To each her own gout! How do you make a circumflex on an American keyboard? Waiting for my next paris breakfast fix.

  8. Now we know why they have dogs for their logo...because you want to 'lap it all up'!
    I'd have wolfed down those croissants even if they were for show. No kidding.

  9. Ha! I saw that 12 euro and thought to myself, "12 euros for Hot chocolate? That must have been some orgasmic chocolate!"

    But was too shy to say it :-D

    Now I see that the 12euro hot chocolate can serve 6 people I'm not so dumbstruck by it ;-)

    Now back to the croissants and the butter. Is it that they told you that they were for show? :-?

  10. Blessings and thanks for sharing!
    Beautiful as always.
    Love Jeanne ^j^

  11. Just has to say that I have yet to read a post of yours that isn't gorgeous to the eye and a pleasure to read!

    Sipping my espresso in my Toronto apartment, I let you take me back to Parisian cafes with your beautiful watercolours. Merci.

  12. Well I'm glad you enjoyed today's tour!

    Now don't all dive bomb Le Meurice at once..
    Although it would be fun to have a Paris Breakfasts get-together there...Hmmm

    Regarding the untouched croissants you're worried about - they were strictly optional, but not included on the bill.
    Since I'd had petit dejeuner earlier at Laduree, I thought it best to forego them.

  13. Anonymous4:03 PM

    No, I don't feel pity for you... the only thing I feel is an incredible desire to be sitting at your table, sipping hot chocolate and seeing the decorated butter in person.

    Wonderful images.

  14. Anonymous6:25 PM

    So lovely - today's blog below gave me chills (beautifully produced!)

  15. Anonymous7:09 PM

    12 euros well spent - you got inside Hotel Meurice and could sit there for however long you wanted and much Cheaper than doing DINNER there.
    Sneaky! LOL

  16. I wonder what it would be like to work amongst such opulence - do you think they become oblivious to it?
    While very charming, the greyhound logo is very odd,isn't it?!
    Awesome photos - it's hard to imagine such a magical place really exists.

  17. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Hey, I'd have no trouble paying 12 euros for such quality. Life is short, and I'd say that would be worth it. Lovely shots! A surprise tomorrow!? You're such a tease, Carol!

  18. There you go, spending 12 Euros for what turns out to be 6 people's hot chocolate, and then carte blanche to snap photos at your plaisir? What grief! You are going to sue them, aren't you? ;-)
    Had to chuckle when I read that the croissants etc. were NOT complimentary. Wonder how many people they offer they same croissant til they get a hit.

    (I'll start saving up for your visit to Vienna, seeing that you are no stranger to 5 star hotels *chuckle*).

  19. so gorgeous! i want to go there someday (soon hopefully)

  20. Anonymous4:56 AM

    I didn't want to be misunderstood or used as a pleasure breaker. I simply did not guess that it was served like that. Excuse me if the word "pity" hurt you, it was obviously too strong, but I hoped you would get the humour. It's just the fact that you enjoy Paris tourist-like, going to exceptional places, but most people don't live ike that daily !!! Just to mention that.

  21. Yes, it *is* worth 12 Euros. Glorious photos. I can practically smell the roses. Gorgeous. Lucky you!

  22. Anonymous12:45 PM

    How glorious to be arch and lady-like there with the haunting memory of people like Salvador Dali, etc.

    When you can't sleep there, a drink wouldn't hurt in exchange of a glimpse of luxury.

  23. @seemasugandh11:51 PM

    Lovely! Am so looking forward to checking it out. XO Thank you!


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