Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Les Temps de Cerises2

I'm painting a lot of cherries with the black cups -to add some playfulness. Besides cherries are fun to paint.

I was in Paris last May for the short cherry season..
The Burlat cherries from Provence are the first to arrive..
Cherry season in the states seems to last all summer.
Who knew the US was the world's biggest producer, consumer, and exporter of cherries?
Paris street cherries - note the green leaves!

Astoria street cherries minus the green leaves (from CA and WA)

We have CHERRY WARS between this corner stand
and the one further down on 30th Ave. And cherries are FREE for the taking enroute to work. Well, not really, but people just help themselves. An act probably worth a lengthy prison term in France.

Chocolate and cherries make a happy mariage.
That's a cacao bean in case you were wondering.

Mademoiselle de Margaux from the Medoc makes a divine chocolate-covered cherries - a blend of dark chocolate, preserved cherry / griotte and Armagnac called La Guinette. But they are only available in France - too perishable! Cherries in general have a short shelf life. They should be refrigerated quickly and unwashed. If you don't use your ripe cherries within 6 days it's best to freeze them. But then you'd need to pit them.
You really can't do a cherry post without including Pierre Herme's "Cherry on top" gateau. I've often wondered if the marks on the vertical side are a cutting guide? This is so tall, it could be used like the height marks your mom put on the wall.

If you eat the above chocolate + cherries your chances of fitting into Marseille's Le Temps de Cerises $200 buck jeans are practically nil.

On the other hand, take away the chocolate and you might make it.
Just 90 calories for 21 cherries makes a nice snack. Plus 2 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber! Did you know cherries are sized by rows? This dates from when the cherry industry packed the top layer of cherries in neat rows.  If 10 cherries fit in a row snugly, that size becomes a #10. A 9-row cherry (considered the largest and probably too large for the best flavor.)  A 12-row is the smallest.
Back to painting cherries.


  1. I want that tall gateau!!! Badly! The jeans can wait!

  2. favorite food group...when i was a child i would climb the neighbors cherry tree and eat my way out...thanks for the mouth watering images...see you at marita's...blessings, rebecca

  3. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Ah Cherries...nothing like eating them fresh off the tree. Our neighbor has two huge cherry trees she shares with us, so lately we have been standing around eating right from the tree & visiting ;-)
    A slice of heaven.
    Love how you paint cherries they look so real.
    Cris in OR

  4. Merisi9:58 AM

    Your cherry post, the painting is divine!!!!
    You paint a mean cherry!

  5. I love everything about Cherries, including your watercolor painting. They're my favorite fruit by far!

  6. Love the cherry theme....I did a post on them too a few days ago!

    I even have a tiny cherry cookie cutter.....well, have fun painting cherries. I am off to photograph blueberries....have you ever painted a blueberry?


  7. asuncion aranda12:57 PM

    Your cerisses are superbe!!!
    I´m watching them while I´m eating Spanish cerisses(from El Jerte Valley,one of the best in Spain)
    You know,with the cerisses once you start you can´t stop eating!!
    have a nice cherry day ;D

  8. foodwalker12:59 PM

    Cherries are fabulous this year.

  9. Carol, are you sneaking around my house? I just finished working on a chapter that Le Temps des Cerises (the song, not the jeans) threads through yesterday.

    I LOVE picking cherries in France. All the types were in season while I was there this May/June. Everyone swore I would get sick, I picked and ate so many, but I didn't. My stomach is well-trained. :)

  10. My favorite fruit of all. I just wish they were the size of plums or apples.

  11. ladyjicky12:45 AM

    Oh cherries in Paris. My memory is my husband (who loves stone fruit) about to pick out his own bag of cherries at a fruit store there and me trying to get him to STOP before the owner see's him as you are NOT to do your own (unlike here in Australia - help your self) the owner was not happy but he saw me trying to tell him before his big paws picked them up and smiled and my husband let him take over. Oh, I thought we would have a huge fight on our hands for a moment but it was OK , especially when my husband told him he wanted peaches, nectarines ......... LOL

  12. Ah quel délice ! miam miam.... And they make wonderful earrings too :-) Quand nous chanterons le temps des cerises...

  13. CHERRIES are the memory fruit I special.
    I grew up hearing how my sister at 5 was warned not to get cherry stains on my Grandfather's elegant white suit..
    You know the outcome of that warning!
    I grew up with a cherry tree next to our house. The race to see who would get the cherries - the birds or us, was always a Spring challenge.

  14. We had three tall cherry trees in our orchard, and they ripened at different times. More than once one of us kids climbed too high for comfort, but somehow we always managed to get down, and if it was letting yourself fall down to the next branch, catching it with your hands. Somehow we were acrobats, back then. And I shall never forget the taste of the sweet black cherries, which ripened last. ;-)

  15. my son Sacha said,
    "Tell Carol, the girls in these jeans look as good as that tall chocolate cake. Though I prefer the girls."

  16. Wonderful watercolor with cherries!

  17. Whenever I buy cherries I take them home, melt some chocolate and dip them in before eating them. Fortunately in the UK the cherry season is really, really short - about 2 days :)otherwise I woudn't get my butt into a tent.

  18. What fun! I love cherries, too. They're so delicious and such little balls of ruby color and shine!
    Did I tell you that Pierre Herme was closed last timei tried to go--after my husband and I had made a special trek to the one in the 15th, too!
    Your post reminds me I'll have to try again in September!


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