Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Is Paris ❤️ Romantique?

 Is Paris Romantic? I would definitely say YES ❤️

After stamp shopping, I looked in Galeries Lafayette Gourmet to check

Valentine ❤️ eclairs from L’Eclair de Genie were replenished constantly. HOT HOT HOT 🔥 

It was Lovers ❤️ Lane in there

Couples making tough decisions on which Valentine ❤️gateau 🎂 to buy. You choose: the shape, the flavor, the color, the message. 
 Bakers fill personalized orders in 5 - 10 minutes on the spot!

Valentine Paris ❤️ chocolates from Jean-Paul Hevin.

In Lenotre - pretty red boxes featuring ‘les mots d’amour’ + macarons.

They have ‘adult’ lollypops/sucettes!

Something French kids never outgrow 🍭 Les Sucettes 🍭 

Paris vitrines/windows have Saint-Valentin themes

For men too.

I saw Parisians wearing red ❤️ on Saturday including a runner in red shorts near Opera.

In fleurists shops pink & red dominated.

Monoprix has plenty of Valentines gifts 🎁 One men’s sweater has a giant heart ❤️ target 🎯 you couldn’t miss. With so many ❤️ choices, you could say the average Frenchman does not rush out & buy a bunch of roses 🌹 on the day of the 14th.

With romance in the air, I started doodling ✏️ dreaming of all the pretty Valentines packages (like in the Packaging Show).

Et Voila ❤️ the February Paris letter will go in la poste 📮 today! 🍾 

        ☕️ Love❤️Parisbreakfast? you can buy me a KO-FI ☕️                                    
❤️❤️BONNE SAINT-VALENTN dear PBers❤️❤️ 


  1. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Bonne Saint Valentín pour toi aussi, Carole. Gros bisous!

    1. Anonymous8:47 AM

      Grande merci Isabelle et vous aussi ❤️

  2. My favorite holiday! What’s not to like about hearts and flowers? Thank you, Carol, for taking us Valentine shopping in Paris!

    1. Anonymous12:33 PM

      It’s fun ❤️ browsing 🥰

  3. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Happy Valentines Day (tomorrow).
    You, too, are romantic.

    1. Anonymous12:34 PM

      I hadn’t thought about that…I guess I am 😍

  4. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Happy Valentine’s Day❣️ Please get one of those valentine eclairs💝 S.

    1. Anonymous2:00 PM

      I will send an eclair to you instead ❤️

  5. Bonnie L12:44 PM

    Paris is definitely romantic…any time of year! ❤️ Fun photos. Oh to be in Galeries Lafayette Gourmet. Sigh. Bonne Saint-Valentin, Carol. 😘

    1. Anonymous1:59 PM

      I wish I could transplant you instantly to GMG 🙏

  6. Dorrance12:50 PM

    Your February Paris Letter is trés romantique! 💝

  7. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Your valentine post is delightful. Your February letter would make a terrific valentine. And zero calorie, sugar free. 👏🏻 B.

    1. Anonymous12:36 AM

      Definitely Zero calories for me. I was surprised. The Diptyque ❤️candles are sold out…or maybe not. The French don’t do ‘supply & demand’.

  8. Sukicart2:34 PM

    Such fun -love all the red and pink (and chocolate). Happy ValentinesDay to you and both Bears.

    1. Anonymous12:32 AM

      Thanks Suki 🥰 🐻 ❤️

  9. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Great photo with the playful Elam lingerie ad, the sweet couple in the background, and the wet pavement with the evening lights reflecting on it. You're a very good photographer Carol! Interesting that the eclairs say "Love" and not "Amour" - is it true that Parisiens are using a lot more words in english in regular conversation than they used to 20 years ago? Happy Valentines Day XO Lydia

    1. Anonymous12:31 AM

      Thanks Lydia ❤️
      I saw the nearby couple much later after I took the shot, not at the time! Couples display more physical affection here maybe…
      After all, they are French 🥐
      And yes the French LOVE using American words, very often wrongly
      I’m not sure what the attraction is - possible post 👍

  10. And I would most certainly agree with you!

  11. The most romantic city in the world🗼❤️💋

  12. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Got your Deux Magots Breakfast in the mail…fabulous, I love it! Getting mail from you is SO fun! B

  13. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Love the bluebirds with roses in their beaks ❤️

  14. Anonymous8:50 AM

    "I've been following your blog for a while, and I must say it's been an enlightening journey. Your posts not only inform but also ignite a curiosity to delve deeper into the subjects you discuss. Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration!" Evian B.

  15. Anonymous12:24 PM

    LOVE it!!! Thanks again for taking us around...Love your new letter, but also the sketch page!! The red pastries are pretty to look at, but I LOVE the Lenôtre box! Fun to see the windows...R.

  16. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Not sure my comment published...maybe you're reviewing it 1st...R

  17. Paris, the city of love, and your heartfelt portrayal of its romantic essence truly captures its timeless allure! From the cobblestone streets of Montmartre to the banks of the Seine, every corner of Paris whispers tales of romance and passion.


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