Sunday, February 04, 2024

Février Passionné ❤️ Les Cafe Deux Magots letter


The colonne Morris near me is hot pink and says, ‘FEVRIER PASSIONNÉ’ ❤️ Are you thinking Saint-Valentine day ?

A new, very grand Italian tea salon opened inside Carrousel du Louvre (imported from London). Caffé Concerto has special Mona Lisa Valentine macarons. 

Staff inside speak Italian & English 👏

Around the corner Ladurée lurks with mostly standard issue ❤️ macs 🙄 

Friday I went stamp buying and did Valentines research 🔬 for you. This new issue heart-shaped stamp/timbre is not knocking my socks 🧦 off. Are you thrilled? 

Maison du Chocolat 🍫 also are not taking chances with a Paris cafe table + chair + Eiffel Tower 🤷‍♀️

But their chocolates are the top in Paris, so one can overlook the clichéd promotion. 

Pierre Marcolini always designs beautiful boxes and  chocolates. His shopping bags are worth collecting. 

Pierre Hermé red rose box - not new. 

Diptyque has 2 new bougie set for the occasion. Déclarez sa flamme/love with berries & roses.

Dior has a new flavor Miss Dior for Saint Val day. Its a big perfume sales day. 

Christian Louboutin is Always in red Valentines ❤️mode & doesn’t have to do a thing. Those shopping bags are cute 🥰 

Louboutin Beauté so-called lipsticks can double as daggers 🗡️ bonne idée 👍 

Back in Galerie Lafayette Gourmet, the dreaded monster viennoiserie have returned 😳 just when we are detoxing from holiday excess. We can thank Philippe Conticini for Viennoiserie XL 👏

These rose-iced ❤️ giant croissants 🥐 had everyone giggling 🤭 
& shooting for posterity.

 I thought with inflation, prices get higher (19,90€) and products get smaller 🤔 l thought wrong 👎

At les Cafe Deux Magots the breakfast croissants 🥐 have definitely agrandi/grown wider in girth.

They used to look like this. Who knew there could be a croissant revolution 🥐 💪

You liked the Saint Regis Paris letter so much, 

So I painted a Cafe Deux Magot Paris letter. A nice change from daily oatmeal🥣 
Your letters are in the post📮 Any suggestions for Février letter PBers?
            ☕️ Love❤️Parisbreakfast? buy me a KO-FI ☕️ 



  1. Thanks for all the updates! Here in southwestern France, missing the glamour of Paris.

    1. Anonymous6:16 AM

      You’re welcome Paulita 🥰 Be happy you’re missing the monster croissants 🥐

    2. Paulita, we miss your blog updates at An Accidental Blog. Are you writing a new novel?

  2. I love Valentines Day❤️. Those frosted croissants 🥐 are amusing🤭. I like your Cafe Deux water color. 🗼❤️

    1. Anonymous7:39 AM

      There was a heap of icing on the croissants 🥐….excessive imho

  3. Anonymous7:38 AM

    J’ai hâte de voir où vos pieds vous mèneront ensuite. James

  4. Anonymous9:45 AM

    I was so inspired by the Galerie Vivienne and other passages post. Thank you so much for your wonderful creations and sharing your experiences and knowledge. Victoria

  5. Bonnie L10:02 AM

    Oh my! I’m glad i had a leftover crepe from chandeleur before reading your post. SO many yummy things to drool over! I had one of those pistachio kugelhof shaped pastries at Chez Meunier. It was delightful…worth every calorie.

    I’m off to buy your Les Deux Magots letter. Their breakfast is one of my favorite things! ❤️

    1. Anonymous12:38 PM

      🥰 Yum…a chandeleur crêpe 🥞 !
      Really! You had a pistachio kugelhof from Chez Muenier!!
      Very adventurous Bonnie 👏

  6. Anonymous10:11 AM

    No throwing soup at the ML macarons! 🫢

    1. Anonymous12:34 PM

      Hahaha And I just had soupe 🥣 de poisson for dinner.
      Some patisserie’s hats are too big for their heads.

  7. Thank you for taking us back to Deux Magots, Carol. I love how they serve the hot milk separately from the black coffee when you order a crème. You make every croissant a work of art with your watercolors!

    1. Anonymous3:12 AM

      Thank you ☺️
      I ordered a café creme 👍

  8. sukicart1:39 PM

    Love those watercolors!

    1. Anonymous6:53 AM

      Thank you Suki ❤️

  9. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Italian tea salon? That seems like an odd match for an espresso driven culture!

    1. Anonymous3:11 AM

      Yes and from London. Totally incongruous but maybe a novelty for Louvre visitors.

    2. Anonymous6:59 AM

      It’s a grander place for tea & pastries instead of Paul’s Boulangerie

  10. Adrien5:44 PM

    Disappointing to see giganticism sweeping through Parisien pattisseries. I have always appreciated the French sense of delicacy and petiteness when it comes to sweet treats...😔🧁

    1. Anonymous3:07 AM

      Yes, size counts.
      La pêche mignon.
      Une petite chose
      The French touch.
      BIG is so American 😬

    2. Anonymous3:10 AM

      It’s odd the Philippe Conticini is very much supporting this
      Viennoisserie XL

  11. Love your Deux magots:) Is that a stamp? Bottom left? for postage stamps I don't like ours ever.Except like Maud Lewis..Marie-Louise Guay(Stella) ..I usually buy flowers if they have the rest?Nooooo

    1. Anonymous4:19 AM

      No stamp - I cut it out from the chocolate square or something…can’t remember 🙄

  12. Anonymous3:22 AM

    J'ai adoré la rubrique Morris dont vous avez montré une photo, « FEVRIER PASSIONNÉ », une traduction plus directe en anglais, je pense, serait « PASSIONATE FEBRUARY ». Pour un francophone, la « Saint-Valentin » serait « Le jour de la Saint-Valentin ». Cela n’a en soi aucun sens en matière d’amour. C'est un jour où l'Église a décidé de célébrer 3 prêtres/martyrs Valentin différents. le 14 février est traditionnellement considéré comme le jour des amoureux.
    Loved the Morris section of which you showed a photo, "FEBRUARY PASSIONATE", a more direct translation into English, I think, would be "PASSIONATE FEBRUARY". For a Francophone, "Valentine's Day" would be "Valentine's Day". This in itself makes no sense when it comes to love. This is a day when the Church decided to celebrate 3 different Valentine's priests/martyrs. February 14 is traditionally considered the day of lovers. JL

  13. Thanks for the update on the larger croissants - who knew!? That’s a very nice letter. I can’t think of anything for the next one, I always like your ideas.

  14. Anonymous1:34 PM

    February Letter arrived... I love all of the letters.. but this one is so special... I especially like the POV of the painting..and how you perfectly captured the essence of a breakfast at Les Deux Magots..and the chair is so wonderful. M.


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