Sunday, November 12, 2023

Imperial Chocolat Fontainebleau


Another CHOCOLATE SALON! Can you handle it?

The IMPERIAL CHOCOLAT always takes place in November headed by top patissiere & chocolatier Frederic Cassel.

In the glorious château Fontainebleau 

A mere 45 minutes ride by train from Gare de Lyon(direction Montarges)

HURRAY UP! Today is the LAST DAY!! Entrée - 9€ And Children under 12 are gratuit 👏

It’s held in the grand hunting hall of the chateau 

Stunning deer were gazing down at us

Under fabulous poly-chrome hand-painted beams

All interior details I have never noticed at other visits. I was always single-mindedly focused 👁️ on the CHOCOLATE 🍫 

Rosa Bonheur
would have approved of these chocolate 🍫 bunnies (or hares) 👍

This time I went with British-born Janet, whose lived in France for yonks (French husband etc.). 

Janet has an inquiring mind + excellent French, a great asset to have around at all times.

Janet wanted to know why some chocolate molded sculptures were so shiny and others had a dull finish. *Note matt-finish chocolate bits on the trays. I would have never thought to ask… Too busy gobbling up chocolate samples 🥳

We got a full demo by pastry students & teacher from Lycée Antonine Careme.

You might be wondering who the H*** is Antonin Carême? He was France’s first celebrity chef. The full details are in
 Cooking For Kings. 

We can thank master pastry chef, Antonin for pâte à chou or the beloved ❤️ cream puff. I  believe you can get a very nice dinner at their student restaurant, 
should you happen to be in Savigny-le-Temple.

Evidently the chocolate must be exactly 31 degrees, to achieve the best sheen on the chocolate! Who knew? 🤔 But I digress as usual…

Chef Frederic Cassel had stacks of marron glacée on offer and Fontainebleau Advent calendars full of his chocolates 🍫 

Giant bricks of pâtes de fruit were very tempting. 

I gave into temptation over madeleines ‘enrobed’(don’t you love ❤️ that word) in dark chocolate from Au Faubourg de l’écluse. I had one for breakfast this morning. 

I fell madly in love ❤️ with this sparking Blanc de Blanc Chardonnay with hints of cacao & hazelnuts from Chocolate in a Bottle. If only wine bottles were light to carry home like chocolate-covered madeleines…

I was inspired to paint 🍾 🥂 Champagne glasses with pastry (on SALE) this morning. They can be personalized!

Janet insisted we stop & look at the carp in the Fontainebleau pond. They are enormous even if you can’t see them.We had quite the day of indulgences, Janet and me. I learned this tree is called an ‘arbre remarkable’. Another useful bit of French. If you can’t run to Chateau Fontainebleau today, please add it to your to-do list for next trip to France. And don’t miss Frederic’s patisserie on rue Grande for sweets, savories and the best Strawberry 🍓 jam ever. Please share with a friend 🍓


  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Oh! The madeleines in dark chocolate look divine! Coffee and a cookie is so perfect!

    1. Anonymous7:47 AM

      It was! It was! Why did I not buy more 😬 To Hell with Keto !!

  2. Bonnie L7:53 AM

    My goodness! You do live a charmed life, Carol! Two chocolate salons in a very brief period of time. Lucky duck. This was a very beautiful venue. I’m coveting M Cassel’s Advent Calendars…stunning. ❤️

    1. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Ah they are divine. And the chocolates inside!

  3. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I’m inspired to make some Madeleines today, and enrobe them!

    1. Anonymous9:43 AM

      Enrobe me in chocolate 🍫 Oooo La la

  4. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Loved your post! Chocolat, chocolat, chocolat…so dreamy

    1. Anonymous11:39 AM

      French pastry chefs & chocolatiers are artists,so beauty is bountiful ❤️

  5. Anonymous11:21 AM

    All beautiful! The manicured grounds and painted ceilings are fabulous as a setting for the chocolates. France has always fascinated me for its exterior and interior designs which are exquisite. The chateaus that I have visited have been seasonally decorated and this adds to the ambiance. You are so lucky to be present! I know it is not all wonderful as there are garbage bins overflowing at times in Paris and grubby curbs around and this scene requires caution when walking in the city. However the overall beauty overrides that.

    1. Anonymous11:37 AM

      Only during the STRIKES are there bins overflowing.
      Grubby curbs I haven’t seen 🤔 Where do .i go?
      It’s Killer Bikers who don’t stop at red lights I object to 🛑!
      Otherwise its an exceptionally beautiful city ❤️

  6. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Those chocolates are such incredible works of art 🎨 Annie

  7. sukicart1:46 PM

    I love Fontainbleu - what a great venue for chocolate, two superior things at the same time.

    1. Anonymous2:43 PM

      So true Suki ❤️

  8. This post was so fun! We attended last year at your suggestion. The chocolate offerings in that beautiful hall were a dream! I can’t bring myself yet to eat the Cassel Chocolates we purchased. I have ordered several bottles of the Chocolate in a Bottle. It’s fabulous for a special occasion ( like my 70th birthday!). Thank you, Carol, for allowing us to relive a beautiful day!

    1. Anonymous2:42 PM

      Oh Cindy!
      You’re kidding 😯 you haven’t eaten the chocolates 🍫 from last year yet?
      I think they have a sell-by date 🫣
      Anyway I’m so glad you went last year. It is very special and deluxe and very different from the big Salon du Chocolat ❤️

    2. I keep looking at that beautiful orange box and know I should eat the chocolates but they are irreplaceable! Must have a special occasion.

  9. Chocolate is far from my favorite but I'd love every moment of this!

    1. Anonymous8:37 PM

      What’s your favorite Jeanie??

  10. Anonymous7:20 PM

    A wonderful Chocolate adventure in a gorgeous location! Enjoyed!

  11. Anonymous8:43 PM

    This looks incredible! A

  12. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Absolute heaven. Lynne

  13. I have been to this castle in Fontainebleau! Alas no chocolates when I visited one January. The choc covered madeline sounds delicious, thanks for letting us know it was. Buy two next time 😉

    1. Anonymous3:23 AM

      Go directly to FREDERIC CASSEL PATISSERIE on 71-73 rue GRANDE 🙏
      Mon dieu 😦

  14. Your choice of breakfast:) We only live onve have the madeleine enrobée de chocolat.Bonne idée.

  15. Merci, Carol pour ton Aventure Chocolat à Fontainebleau. Sadly, when we visited that marvelous place M. Cassell was not there and no chocolate madeleines in sight!

  16. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Dear Mary 🙏 it’s a one time a year event Always in November!
    But his patisserie (and salon de thé) are at 71-73 rue Grqnde (basically Main street in Fontainebleau). When were you there? 🥲

  17. Anonymous3:18 PM

    That chocolate looks so delicious! Much better than the little Hershey’s chocolate bar I just stole from the kids leftover Halloween stash! I must return to Fountainbleu, so beautiful! Carolyn


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