Monday, November 11, 2019

Salon Imperial Chocolat, Chateau Fontainebleau

Hurry up! Get out of bed. Its the last day for the annual SALON IMPERIAL CHOCOLAT in Fontainebleau just 20+ minutes by train outside Paris. Bear did it. So can you.
The chocolate salon, like last year, is held inside the chateau and is included in the entre fee(12€).
Bonaparte slept here, among others. The historic rooms are divine.
I never noticed before this portrait of a dog fancier. Intriguing. Normally you cross an empty courtyard to get to the chocolate salon.
This year they added tents offering foie gras from the sud-ouest, drinks including warming coffee and rum and other goodies like flaky apple tarts just out of the oven.
Inside a chocolate feast awaits. Many of the chocolatiers are from the Ile-de-France area.
Lots and lots of tasting going on.
We tried the Champagne with a hint of dark chocolate.
Chocolate cake competitions and ateliers for kids.
Bear said bonjour to the head honcho and salon director, top pastry chef
We stopped in his patisserie in town on 71 rue Grande for lunch (quiche Lorraine and citron tarte eaten in the street on the way to the chateau). Instant love❤️ for the chocolate bear celebrating Frederic Cassel's 25 years in business. Enjoy reading PB with your morning coffee☕️ πŸ₯ and keep Bear in Paris 
with a letter subscription from my Etsy shopBear πŸ» waves Bonjour ❤️from Paris☕️πŸ₯


  1. You captured Fred as a bear perfectly! It was a lovely day.

    1. Thanks πŸ˜„
      This is my 3rd try.
      He is the spitting image of Frederic!

  2. I hope M.Cassel sees this carol!

  3. sukicart12:21 PM

    So glad Bear got to go with you - love the chocolate bear. Such a life you have!

  4. That looks wonderful! I'd love to attend one year.

  5. What a glorious way to start the day.
    I've never been to Fontainebleau.

  6. thank you.....always special

  7. Kathleen3:14 PM

    Love BEAR and all photos!


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