Friday, September 17, 2021

Our day in Grasse


Yesterday we went to Grasse, perfume center for France and the world.

Drizzle or sunny, its a very pretty town

You expect to see fields of flowers everywhere. 

Not the case, or we did not know where they were hiding…

More likely tons of perfume and beauty products on offer.

Yet full of those particularly lush typique
Provençal colors.

An epicerie I loved (no perfumes) O Gourmandises du Moulin, makes the most delicious old fashioned cookies, candies, syrups in unusual flavors. I bought Corsican almond biscotti and chocolate-covered almonds that look exactly like olives 🫒 

A view of old Grasse. I wish we’d had time to visit their factory 5 minutes away.

Of course the main perfume company in Grasse is Fragonard.

Their shop offers so many desirable goodies. We loved their fabulously designed carryall bags(10€) (Carolyn bought 4, me only 1, but I coveted many more).

A bit of a secret - hidden inside their shop is a door to the amazing Musee Provençal du costume et du bijou upstairs. 

You must request to see it. Then they open the secret door. I will post more on this. Sumptuous taffeta fabrics and china. I bought the book…so, so beautiful.

There are lovely parks to explore. 

The nearby Cafe des Musées had lovely desserts 🍨 . Ask Carolyn. I just watched 😊 A visit to the enormous, informative Musée International De la Parfumerie must be another post. 

Back in Cannes (we took the bus R-T for 1,50€) we finally ate a pizza from a wood-burning stove we passed every night.

Small dog 🐕  of the day…there are so many in Cannes. Then a lovely walk along the Croisette to the tune of the tide breaking. This afternoon Paris is waiting. Not ready to leave the Riviera 🌴😢 Thank you for reading Parisbreakfast.  Receive Parisbreakfast letters, mapand watercolors in your mailbox. 


  1. Thank you very much! 💜
    Love your journeys!

  2. So wonderful, Carol! I am hoping you will be making art of the Provençal costumes and showing us a peek into the museum. Those pizzas looked really good!

  3. I traveled to Grasse when I was a chaperone for my now, 32 year old daughter - when she was 13 and played soccer in southern France one summer! Your journey brought such wonderful memories! We visited Fraganod and it is one of my very favorite memories!
    Pennie Hardwick

  4. Such a beautiful day you had in Grasse! Love the pink umbrellas.❤️

  5. The beauty you captured in these photos is simply stunning! How do they do those umbrellas?! I love the things you choose to share with us. Always interesting and often gorgeous. Merci! Merci!

  6. Wow, all those photos!!

  7. Again we had such a different experience in Grasse.We parked underground and got out on a certain level and walked into town..walked for a bit was not what we had expected..then we were told we should leave the area as it was dangerous for us.
    So of course..we left.lovely to see you had fun!
    That pizza..s looks great.

  8. I wish there was a "Carol in Paris" tv show. So much richer than Emily in detail, color, scent and costume. Merci mille fois!

  9. You just won a Free trip to PARIS!👏👏🥂

  10. Monique, when the bus arrived it looked like rien de toute…very blah…touristy
    Youhad to walk just a little bit…near Fragonard’s shop
    Day n night difference! ❤️

  11. Suzanne9:38 AM

    Looks wonderful! That street with the hanging umbrellas is always in photographs. Beautiful.

  12. I learn so much from you CAROL. In the most enjoyable ways. Thank you so much.

  13. Absolutely love the "china doll" mannequins in the period costumes. What a lovely day you had!

  14. That museum looks marvelous - those dresses are fascinating- and that pizza, is the one a nicoise? It looks like anchovies and olives, just my style. Safe travels home.

  15. What a lovely end to your vacation! Beautiful photos, Carol.

  16. Laura C1:08 AM

    Thank you Carol...I love Grasse!! I love of course and Fragonard are featured in my Airbnb when it starts

  17. The perfume wouldn't do much for me but the costumes, the pink, those fabulous umbrellas and best of all, that wonderful cat photo would have me over the moon!


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