Monday, September 06, 2021

(Redoing) Audrey in Pink Paris Letter


Call me a perfectionist, but when you’re drawing ✏️Audrey Hepburn, perfectionism is essential.

I just wasn’t happy with her face/smile in the Sunday version. Can you spot the 5+ changes? Let me know in the comments.

Look, even Richard Avedon shot a ‘sad’ Audrey. He said that she was not an easy capture. Such a mobile,  expressive face.

As for the very 1st version - way too busy, and somehow Isabella Rosellini snuck in there!

Some practice sketches. Am I nutz? Are you getting tired of AH? I hope not🙏💋 Somehow this woman is timeless. Supposedly tweens are crazy for her!

Did you know you can still order 50s Revlon ‘Pink in the Afternoon’, the lipstick worn by Holly in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’? Revlon tried discontinuing it but the demand was too strong. By the way I just ordered a dual language (Eng/Fr) version of the book(BAT). Some ppl will go to any lengths not to take actual French lessons :( that a word..while I was sketching Holly’s hot pink dress,

 Henry Wilkinson was getting ready to make it on YouTube. It will be an ongoing process and you can ask him questions or even make your own. You’ll need some Bubblegum pink silk and a few other luxe items.

Back to 2021 being the year of Sakura pink

Like I said the guys are wearing pink too
And of course little French girls will always wear it. The refreshed Audrey in Pink letter is my Etsy shop. Do you believe in pink? Take a look 👀 You can write✏️ me back again 🤸🏾‍♀️ 💋💕☺️ * Bonne Monday PBers.


  1. Happy to own Pink In The Afternoon..only because she wore it:)
    They are all lovely..I can spot some differences but not sure if it's your choice of change of color on some or the photos..Whatever..GReat!

  2. Carol,
    Love the second version. The larger face has her eyes and her Mona Lisa smile. Well done.The intensity of the colors is better as well.
    Love pink.

  3. Hahahah The second one!
    Oh well what is one to do.
    They are both available… Mona Lisa smile!
    Thank you SaggHarbor…such a pretty place!

  4. Oh you have that lipstick Monique! Good for you. I was going to take a look around. I wonder if its in Paris?
    Hello Amazon :))

  5. Suzanne8:50 AM

    Loved your latest newsletter with all things Pink. It is funny I don't own any clothes in pink but that may have to change. Ha.

  6. My head is spinning! I vote for the second version. Are you sleeping and eating?💕

  7. Did you know that in the US pink USED to be for boys and blue was for girls. My father, born in 1915 had an all pink announcement. I just chalked it up to perhaps my grandmother buying them before the actual birth (no sonagrams back then). But no! It changed around WWII!!!

  8. Thank you lovely, all that you're doing for of my all time favorites...watched her many times...yes I have the movie of My Fair Lady

  9. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Her eyes were enormous and so expressive -- hard to capture! Love these posts.

  10. Love the final version, Carol, her eyes seem less “fretful” than the 2nd version. You have truly captured Audrey…just lovely! We need more pink in our lives, it is such a flattering color…Audrey was very wise.

  11. You definitely captured Audrey's eyes best in the third one as well as her hair color and the shade of her sunglasses. I think the lighter pink for the lipstick and dresses/hat in the second one captures the pink best but if I am to choose I would pick the 3rd one. Well done Carol. Love it.

  12. I hope you’re well and that Paris continues to inspire you. We all need some of that Paris energy and so thank you for sharing yours with all of us

  13. Abbie, but back in the day boys had long ringlets and wore frilly dresses so…what to think?

  14. all your practice, you have succeeded in capturing her-that impish allure that only Audrey had with her eyes, eyebrows & lips. This is your best one IMO

  15. Changes:
    Her face is more Audrey in all 3 cases "I think you've got it". The pinks are more vibrant, sunglasses are a darker color, her earring is pink not pearl, added info on the lipstick. Can never get too much Audrey (or pink).

  16. Carol1:44 AM

    The “new improved” is great. Going to have it framed and hang it in my (pink) hobby/meditation room. Only things that make me smile are allowed in this room.


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