Monday, September 27, 2021

Walking in Holly’ Golightly's shoes into Cartier’s


Saturday I pretended I was Holly…quelle adventure.

I didn't go into Cartier’s on Place Vendome.There was a
 line and I’m a wuss. They’d instantly know I’m an imposter.
Instead Cartier’s on 12, boulevard de Capucine is less scary.
The doorman outside asked if I’d like something to drink while waiting. (There were already too many imposters inside). I said, “I’ll have a martini with an olive please”. We giggled and talked about what he really did (he’s not an actor, but an architect!). This is his weekend gig.
Once inside the double doors (for a brief moment you’re locked inside). One door closes and another one opens. I asked if I could take pictures. They said yes, but no jewelry. I immediately focused on the flower🌸 bouquet. 

The chandelier seemed a safe bet.
The entire joint is très elegant.

Who knew Cartier’s had perfumes? My friend Louise knew. She hangs out in those places. “Of course all luxury jewelry stores have perfumes. “Oh.” Cartier’s first perfume was created in 1980 with a stunning, ribbed red bottle. I got to try many. They were the most delicate, flowery🌸 ethereal perfumes ever.

I’ve always been crazy for their logo panther.

There are many beautiful bibelots with the panther 🐆 but not much for us ‘populaire’/ordinary folks. “Quelle rats”as Holly would say. Remember the silver telephone dialer you could buy at Tiffany’s and even get it engraved for a tener!?
After walking on air, I came down to earth and got a tea at Nina’s Marie-Antoinette. Their chandeliers are just fine for Holly and me. 

This adorable tea fan can be had if you buy their entire  pink collection of teas.
I’m still drawing✏️ Audrey/Holly.

You can order Holly’s hat from @Celestelilou on instagram.
I think the obsession will break soon.
Once I’ve had the AH intervention… Meanwhile I’m getting pretty good at wafting into luxury jewelry 💎 stores. Any requests from the peanut gallery where to venture next PBers? 💋💎🌸🐆🍁🐻


  1. Yes, please go to Van Cleef & Arpels.

  2. I dearly enjoy your blog! I wonder if Holly would enjoy having dinner at Tour D'Argent? Maybe just a cocktail? Oh I would have loved to have had dinner there at a window table.

  3. Your new watercolors of Audrey are wonderful!
    I own quite a few pieces of Baccarat & Lalique crystal jewelry. Equally lovely.
    As I said, we need a map of CAROL IN PARIS.

  4. I agree about Van Cleef; would also add Fred. :)

  5. How about a pastry or/bonbon/ or/wine fan? I liked the tea fan design. I will supply the brad and cut the petals out myself.

  6. How about a Midnight in Paris map? From the movie?

  7. Or an Emily in Paris Msp?

  8. Empress Eugenie12:43 PM

    I like to think that AH would enjoy your BP meanderings around Paris with her as much as I am. Those days on the Riviera were a wonderful change for many of us, as it must have been for you. You help keep me cheerful in spite of worries and concerns.

  9. Fred!
    Van Cleef!
    I feel the fear and trembling coming on
    ELAINE if you want me to go to Tour d’Argent, please start a Go Fund Me!

  10. Loved the peek into Cartier’s

  11. Love, love your Holly adventures
    Your face drawing are getting better and better.
    Audrey is a timeless treasure

  12. Lois Flowers12:53 PM

    Wonderful Stuff!
    Love Holly/Audrey multi sketches

  13. One more thought. Would Holly like to visit Hotel Meurice? I wonder if she ever read the book, PARIS IS BURNING? It is one of my favorites.
    Thank you for all the wonderful art and fun your exude in your blog. Stay safe and well in your treks.

  14. Ahhhh..Cartier. The Legion of Honor here in SF had the spectacular Cartier exhibit a few years ago. Pearl & Diamond Tiaras, Grace Kelly’s 10carat diamond engagement ring much history..unforgettable!

  15. We had it here first.
    I forgot to post the link..

  16. Have you seen the Cartier commercials? They’re all on You Tube now. Thanks so much for your post..the Chandelier is jaw dropping! It’s all Just so beautiful!

  17. You have expensive tastes ELAINE
    One thing about Holly is, other than milk in a Champagne glass, you never see Holly eat anything, much less pressed duck at Tour d’Argent

  18. I guess that is why she had such a gorgeous figure and creamy skin. Your drawings really capture her personality too. Thank you again for your great blog, your wonderful art work, and your creativity. Your posts bring back fond memories. If I start a GO FUND ME I will have to include myself with it :). Stay safe and well.

  19. You have really captured "Holly" now - on paper and in spirit! What about a vintage jewelry store? And wouldn't Holly Golightly love to go to Drouot for a jewelry auction?

  20. What a fabulously posh day you had, Carol. You need that Holly hat to go with your sunglasses and earrings…then sashay into Cartier!

  21. Sounds fun. You are too much. Loved her in any hat

  22. AH was the hat quee
    Put a bucket on her and it would look goid

  23. Oh! 😍😍😍 I knew Cartier also. Perfumes are my hobby. 😊

  24. Love her hat 💞Doesshe go to markets?😊The fancy is not for me ..and yes that hat would suit you

  25. Monique Does she eat is the big question…other than milk in a Champagne glass nada crosses her lips 👄

  26. SS On her a bucket would look good 🪣


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