Sunday, September 12, 2021

Florae exhibition - Van Cleef & Arpels, Nina's Paris


On Friday PBer Carolyn and I went to see the just-opened Van Cleef and Arpels Florae exhibit (free, but you must reserve).

Its on at #19, Place Vendome, to the right of the Ritz.

Once inside, you’re invited to take a stroll through a labyrinth garden of mirrors and glass cases.

The jewelry from Van Cleef and Arpels are set off by tall video panels that fade in and out. 

Van Cleef has a long tradition of flower-patterned jewelry design.

The contrast of flowery jewels and closeups of brilliantly colored flower photography creates an immersive experience not unlike the Van Gogh exhibits. Only thematic music was missing.

Even the rugs are flower-patterned. Fortunately there are bi-linual guides to explain details and help you find the exit. Its dark inside. 

The photographic artwork is by the astonishing Japanese artist Mika Ninagawa. If you’re in the UK, she has a beautiful exhibit at the Oxford Ashmoleon museum

Walk across Place Vendome and you will see more of Ninagawa’s flowers.

In the Van Cleef and Arpels shop windows at #20-22, setting off their famous Alhambra jewelry. 

I was inspired to paint some ‘Alhambra’ necklaces in my shop if you are so inclined. 

Should you be, by now in the mood for a heist movie (no jewels involved) you can watch ‘How To Steal A Million’ with Audrey and Peter (lurking in the background).

Instead we went to nearby Nina’s Marie-Antoinette the for a cuppa to recover from seeing so much beauty in one afternoon. The exhibit is on till November 14. Remember to reserve ❤️
              🌸Bonne/bon Dimanche dear PBers🌸


365 Dresses said...

Yes! Jewels and flowers! I can't wait to see this exhibit.

Parisbreakfasts said...

You will love it Jeannie🌸🌸🌸

JR said...

I am so excited to go to this!! I am hoping to buy a Alhambra necklace from Van Cleef and Arpel Alhambra necklace this trip .!!!

Bonnie L said...

Getting to ogle Van Cleef & Arpels jewels looks like a fabulous Saturday to me! They truly are works of art. Tea on beautiful china at Nina’s was a fitting conclusion to your day. Lovely.

Ga From Dekalb said...

Lucky PBer Carolyn to go to this gorgeous exhibit with you! I only have a costume jewelry Alhambra necklace but perhaps it will bring me some luck and bring me back to Paris.🌸🍀
Another beautiful photo of the Seine & clouds. ❤️

Shalinee said...

You always share the most delectable exhibitions or places to see in Paris. If I have the time in between 2 meetings tomorrow, I might go for this exhibit. Thanks Carol!

sally said...

Pink candied almonds on the plate with gold foil chocolates?
Count me in.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Sally…gold-covered chocolates!
You can eat the gold leaf.
We’re talking Marie-Antoinette here!

sukicart said...

What a delightful day - beautiful jewelry and pictures and tea with candy & chocolate. I will never get enough of that view of the Seine - it's always so beautiful, nothing compares to the blue skies and white clouds in Paris.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Thank you Suki. Paris skies are ever changeable
You never know what to expect. Poetry in motion.
The Seine isn't bad either

Bren said...

I inspired by your recent wonderful envelopes ... as my mother use to say "we got good mail today" ... what fun to learn about the special ink Audrey used ... wishing you a good Sunday!

PN said...

When the film “How to Steal a Million” was being filmed, I was a child living in Paris with my family. My mother attended a fashion show where Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly sat across from each other. My little sister and I never tired of that story.
The film brings back so many memories of our visits around Paris.
Thank you for you story today.

Rachel said...

"How to steal a million" is one of our favourite films - thank you for reminding me of it!