Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Big White Shirt, Liwan


The oversized shirt/OS is a Fall must-have more or less. Today we’re in Paris!

A classic white man’s shirt has always been essential for French women. Yet I couldn’t find any pics or mention in French bible, How To Be Parisian Wherever You are!? So I sketched one on the cover.

Perfect for Design Night Out.

OS was spotted on rue Saint Sulpice

 tells where to get the big white shirt and how much to pay. 

We discovered the delectable concept store, Liwan walking further down rue Saint Sulpice at #8. Their windows had a stunner. We had to go inside.

One of the owners demonstrated how to wear it. So chic.

Accessorized to perfection.

Remember Catherine Deneuve of the extremely pointy-toes and high heels? Guess what she’s wearing when not on the tapis rouge? Lebanese-made babouches from fabric she brings in! It seems everyone who is anyone is wearing Liwan’s slippers according to Vogue.

Both Carolyn and I bought the OS in Grasse at Carmen’s. Even though the sales woman said it was a small, mine is so big, 2-3 people could wear it at once😬 Of course Carolyn’s fits fine.

If you’re wearing a white shirt you better stick to white food no? Galeries Lafayette, at the moment has a counter of almond milks from Maison Gazelle. Course the exotic flavorings could be problematic…

When in Place Vendome, I usually waltz through Hotel Ritz. They don’t mind a bit and they have a fun concept store in the back for affordable Ritzy souvenirs. Reason enough for walk through.

Plus a lovely inner courtyard. 

I was curious to know the flower’s name and asked the front desk concierge. She said they change them weekly and asked me to sit while she called their landscape artist. She said they were called 
Me,”Please write it down ✏️” 
Oh…impatients😊idiot moi
My next map is set in Place Vendome. Coming soon!You won’t want to miss it!


  1. Beautiful! I love a white shirt on anyone with anything. Yours looks long...can someone shorten for you?

  2. The vendeuse at Liwan is SO chic…accessorizing that plain white outfit…that stunning necklace…her personality still dominates, still shines through…so quintessentially french. ❤️

    Impatiens…at the Ritz?? I have them in my window boxes, and in barrels at the end of the drive, in Vermont…does that make my little hovel Ritzy? 😉

    Thank you for this delightful slice of Paris Style.

  3. Like so many fashion trends, if I were to try to pull the BWS look off, I’m sure I would just look frumpy. I’m going to stick with my FWS -fitted white shirt. 😉

  4. Love the Liwan white shirt & the necklace made me think of the Riviera. I guess a white shirt has always been considered essential to our wardrobes. I have one some where…looks like athletic shoes are in, too.
    The last time I was in Paris the Ritz was closed for renovations so the affordable souvenir shop must be a new addition. I bet it has lots of great items. Beautiful courtyard.

  5. Sybille7:53 AM

    Love this! White shirt “dresses” were big here this summer…everyone had them, J Crew, Gap, Banana Republic, et al. Of course only wearable as dresses if one has long lean legs! Terrific, summery look.

  6. The Liwan shop is a must. I never walk down lower rue Saint Sulpice! Why?
    Just discovered so many terrific shops!

  7. 365 Dresses when are you coming? BEAR is looking a bit teiste too…

  8. 365 Dresses when are you coming? BEAR is looking a bit teiste too…

  9. Dorrance7:57 AM

    Thoughts on your “big” white shirt…belt it (with a silk scarf?)…wear a striped sailor tee (marinière) under…wear a black tee under with black tights/leggings…possibilities are endless.

  10. Ahem…the belted big shirt is NOT IN :((
    Must be flowing…

  11. Jane Gabin8:55 AM

    My luck. All the stuff I have packed is black. Black hides.

  12. Ha! I Found my big white shirt.
    Can you believe it still has the price tag on it.

  13. I think perhaps New Guinea Impatiens that survive sunshine so well.
    Love my white shirts time for a brighter whiter one.

  14. Kathryn from Owlshead12:24 PM

    Love it! I'm heading upstairs to put on a big white shirt, and black slippers with a studded crisscross design at the upper edge. Paris lives in Owls Head thanks to Paris Breakfast!

  15. Love this post -love white shirts whether fitted or oversized. Unfortunately just got rid of an oversized one I hadn't worn in years- now, I want it back. Always happens, which is why I don't get rid of much - always want or need it a week later.

  16. Shades of 1961 and wearing Dad's white shirts (which he wasn’t too happy about). I never felt chic, but I certainly felt "really cool man." Hanging around my older brother Gale with his baby blue Corvette, and his hunky best friend Bob with his baby blue Chevy convertible…I felt like I had arrived.

  17. The ‘boyfriend shirt’ again
    What’s old is new again ;))

  18. Tell Bear I am arriving October 17 and will stay until January 9th. I've got some new necktie ribbon for him. Let's hang out a few times, but whatever will we do without Marks & Spencer?

  19. Laughing at your impatients story. Cute. I’ve always loved oversized men’s white shirts. Well, even other colored mens big shirts too. That is a grave omission in that book. Good thing you set the record straight! 😊

  20. I’ve been shopping all day on rue Saint-Dominique and found a men’s shirt store, Café Coton, that had over-sized white shirts for 45€, so I feel more more parisien now.


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