Wednesday, September 08, 2021

“ Je suis folle de chaussures !”, Catherine Deneuve


Yesterday I saw French l’actrice, Catherine Deneuve’s shoe 👠  collection at Artcuriel at Rond Pointe before the auction starts today. 

I’m thinking I’ll have to get on line and wait. I was so excited and nervous. But when I got there and it was just me and another shoe 👠 fanatic. 

By the way Artcuriel is one of those places that aways has interesting exhibits (like NYC Christies) plus a terrific art book store. Well worth a visit.

“Je suis folle de chaussures,”/I’m crazy for shoes!” said Deneuve. Are you a shoe-aholic? I used to design shoes 👠in Italy and Spain for an American company eons ago, so that’s my excuse.

 shoes (125 pairs wow) are exquisite. Many have walked the tapis rouge/red carpet in Cannes. The    profits will go to charity, Restos du Coeur ♥️ 

There is a reason really beautiful shoes cost a bundle. Usually custom, hand-made from the absolute best materials, they are elegantly designed. Deneuve owned only the top marks: Louboutin, Manola Blahnik, YSL, Prada, Roger Vivier. 

All are quite sexy. They emphasize femininity, not practicality.

Works of art, more like sculpture than something you’d put on your foot. These object d’art have little to do with the shape of the human foot 🦶 
She has smallish feet - size 37.5 - 39.

Audrey wore size 10.5/42 and simple designs.

Now I bet CD is wearing Dr. Scholl’s. These pointy toes are le pire/the worse thing you could do to your feet. Did your mother say to you when you were growing up,”Beauty hurts” Mine did. Still she made me wear corrective shoes (which achieved nothing). I have Flat Feet. I’m trying to fix them now. Joanie-come-lately. I go on tip toe around the house, roll balls under my desk when I remember. There’s a towel waiting for toes to curl and grab. Are you doing the same thing Catherine Deneuve? ☺️ 

Having a Deneuve stiletto on your mantle piece would be eye-catching. Much better there than on your feet. 

Serendipity turned up in Galeries Lafayette-a giant pair of blue legs and matching blue heels guard the entrance.
Do you dream of owning these stunning shoes👠 You can. They are in my Etsy shop! You can even order a customized pair in your fav color with your name in the instep. What are you waiting for?👠👠👠💋❤️🇫🇷


Ga From Dekalb said...

I heard Dr. Scholl’s were back in style! That is quite an amazing collection. And you managed to sneak in some peacock blue Audrey flats!They look so much more comfortable.👠🥿

DK said...

Great post! You never fail to amaze me. What a great life you continue to live.

sukicart said...

I never got into loving shoes because I have a very narrow foot and never had much choice - nothing ever fit & I had to stuff them just to keep them on my feet. I had to buy my clothes to go with the shoes I had and be satisfied. They all look so uncomfortable to me - glad I'm older and can get by with tennis shoes and sandals.

Bonnie L said...

Fun! Have walked by that gorgeous building, never knew it was an auction house. Many of the shoes do not have bids on them yet…wish we were the same size…love those Prada beige strappy shoes. Most though, look like torture machines.

Martha said...

The auction house website is fun…a vintage Hermès auction coming up.

Sybille said...

Would it be weird wearing CD’s shoes?? They all appear to be gently used.

Dorrance said...

The closest I’ve come to Deneuve is eating dinner in the same restaurant. She entered and caused quite a stir…the chef came out of the kitchen to greet her. I don’t remember her shoes.

Parisbreakfasts said...

I know Bonnie. It looks like a private residence. Its gorgeous inside.
The Ritz Auction was held there. A very big deal.

BL said...

I remember the days when I would marvel at French women on the street in their 4” heels walking on wet cobbles, riding a bike, running for the bus. Now most wear tennis shoes like Americans.

Chef Ann said...

Tres jolie Carol!

Mille D said...

By the way I really like your water colors of the shoes.

Shalinee said...

Hello Carol! You always have such interesting topics for your posts and I love this one! I am surprised that there wasn't a big crowd for this event. If I lived in Paris, I'd definitely show up!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Me too Shalinee Maybe they are all resoling their ‘baskets’ or sneakers ?
Maybe there shou,d have been a soiree and .Catherine showed up to get the ball rolling?
A few years back shoe-aholics were rampant. Now You hardly see even ballerinas on the street!

La Table De Nana said...

I only love boots and flip flops and Salwaters ..espadrilles too but prefer a bit more cushion.
Wide ..high arched feet here heels.Love both grandes dames prefer audreys shoes.
In Paris I hardly saw heels..

C+Y said...

Carol, you've worn many different hats in your career life, if not shoes! I ruined my feet in ballet classes when I was young, all messed up with bunions and blisters, so heels were an excruciating rarity in my life. Audrey was a ballet dancer for many years before becoming an actress, maybe that's why she primarily wore flats and low heels.