Sunday, September 19, 2021

Cannes, les chaises bleu


Sorry to say Audrey would not have stayed in my so-called ‘Audrey’ room. Carolyn’s ‘Sophia’ room was somewhat better. C’est la vie. Our big problem was the train back to Paris departed at 4:24pm, but the hotel wouldn’t keep our bags after 1:00 pm 😬 No amount of pleading or flashing of € helped. NO meant no. We were stuck dragging our wheelies around town.

A stroke of luck!🍀  Essential when you travel. I had booked us lunch at Fouquet’s at 5-star grand hotel,  Majestic🌴

We arrived a tad early and the valet service at the door immediately offered to take our bags and hold them until whenever! Instant love👏💋❤️
Lunch was set outdoors among lush palm trees beside the pool under red awnings. 

Everyone looked in the pink.

We got the Formule (35€) a main, dessert, coffee.
I forgot to shoot the main course - chicken with lemon/supreme de volaille fermiere. Petit épeautre parmesan. Pâte de citron aux olives verte (extrêmement delish).

But I did remember to shoot dessert tray . The selection was delectable. I chose the fig and raspberry tarte with cream. Then we waited while they made it up with freshly-cut figs. Yum

I’d seen a sign for a fun exhibit going on up in the hills at Villa DomergueCarolyn wanted to relax in the hotel and time was running short. 

So I went to explore the beach.

And put my toes in the water = Daina says I will be sure to return to Cannes. Yes please🌴🤸🏾‍♀️🥂

And people-watch along la Croisette in a shady spot under a tall palm in a chaise bleu. 

The blue-striped shirt is a new addition from the morning marché at Gambetta (a 5er) TMI..

Cannes blue chairs
 /le chaises bleu have their own special story like the Luxembourg chairs.

The armchair was redesigned many times over the years. For example, the 1950 model was reinforced with lower crossbars, TRCC bolts (round head glued square) in A2 stainless steel, cataphoresis paint with polyester lacquer, etc.

Watch the charming video, even if it is in French.
Of course I had to paint those blue chairs 🪑 and the gorgeous palm trees 🌴 Please take a look while I pretend I’m still on the Riviera 🌴💋❤️🥂🍾 
Bon Dimanche


Anabel said...

Love the shirt, This vacation did you good! So glad to hear that you finally got away as you wanted to.

Barbara said...

Beautiful images of your trip! It’s fascinating to me to see France thru your eyes. I am not as visually attuned to my surroundings. It’s a lovely way for me to experience Paris, Nice, Cannes… and anywhere you take us! I am paying more attention to your posts in anticipation of my trip in April and May. Merci!

sally said...

You were inspired! The blue is so refreshing...good work. Thanks.

Bonnie L said...

Love the blue chair watercolors, Carol! Gorgeous souvenir of a vacation in the south of France. Vacation agrees with you…you look relaxed, healthy, in the pink!

Ga From Dekalb said...

Thank you for taking the rest of your PBears on the glorious trip to the French Riviera🌞🌴. Your photos were never better. Which do you prefer…Cannes or Nice? “I’ll be back” and you will…you dipped your toes. 🦶

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your time off and sharing with us. Wondering when we can go back and explore more of Paris.

Jeanie said...

What glorious colors! Fabulous pinks and blues, everywhere you look! And what a grand time you are having. I love your new blue shirt and you look very happy! Keep having a grand time!

Unknown said...

I understand why artists formed little colonies on the French Riviera. Picture postcards are all around! Thank you for sharing the brilliant colors of the French Riviera and your adventures, Carol. The classic blue and white striped shirt is ubiquitous there.

Karen M said...


Parisbreakfasts said...

You nailed it UNKNOWN…any artist’s dream place to paint 🎨
And paint they did…Matisse, Chagall, Bonnard, Juan Gris, Derain, Lhote.
Who knew blue artist, Yves Klein was Nicoise? Just found out!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Dear UNKNOWN, if you want to get back to exploring Paris right away there are 2,754 existing posts on Parisbreakfast, most of them on Paris. This was my first vacation after 16 month of Covid/confinement. I am sure there must be other blogs out there for you that are all about PARIS. Please take a trip to GOOGLE.
Bon chance

Eriko said...

Merci beaucoup Carol for the beautiful photographs and the fun filled newsletter as always. The video about La Chaise Bleue was very interesting and I felt good about having been studying French diligently although I don’t know when I get there again. 😊 I looked at their website and was tempted to order a pair of those blue chairs. They look so sturdy too. I will sleep on the idea. And I love your striped shirt❣️

DK said...

I’m still on a high from your Cannes & Nice photos.
So much Inspiration, talent, dedication
& love

SS said...

I hope you get to go again sometime—sounds like you had a wonderful visit. I love your striped shirt. Looks fabulous.

Laura said...

I expect that you will make a raspberry with fig tarte with ease!

Parisbreakfasts said...

In fact I only ate the fresh fruit and left the rest!

sukicart said...

Thanks so much for the vacay - I really need one & will use yours for the time being. Love your striped shirt, those gorgeous figs (I would have eaten it all) blue chairs and seeing you looking so great.
Hugs to you and Bear (I'm sure he loved his trip also).

Kay Q said...

That video was a real exercise for my French comprehension! Thanks!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Did you turn on the captions? Helps a lot KAY
The 3 white dots upper right.
They do have Southern accents!

ERIKO- those chairs are Very sturdy. There are warning signs up Not to take them onto the beach. They weigh a ton? I wonder if they have a US distributor?

Foodwalker said...

You look fabulous!

Kathryn of Owlshead said...

Carol, you look GREAT! Aging backwards no doubt.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Its the magic of Riviera air…🌴🌴🌴