Thursday, May 04, 2017

'Paris in Bloom' May map, Nina's Paris

Thanks to discovering Georgianna Lane's book, PARIS IN BLOOM, this Spring has been the Springiest ever...chasing after wisteria, lilac and blooming cherry trees.
When we met up I gave her last year's May floral boutique map. Cross-referencing her list of favorite shops we were on the same wave length.
When I suggested collaborating on a map Greorgianna was delighted. I've been tearing around
Tracking down her favorites. Here's outside on 14, rue des Saint Peres 75007
Inside utterly serenity.
Paris' floral boutiques don't seem to mind browsers and you can take pictures, unlike Paris' patisseries, though I'd ask first.
I was at Au Nom de la Rose today buying a bag of rose petals. WikiHow says you can iron them between 2 pieces of absorbant paper at a low temperature - a speedy way to dehydrate them. I thought they'd make nice envelope stuffers for the floral map. Except it didn't work! Humph
Clever Nom de la Rose displays most of their flowers on the street. Luscious, silky roses sitting in old tin cans on rusted garden chairs. As tempting as strawberry tarts.
Inside they were trimming rose stems. There are 17 shops all over Paris, many closet-sized.
Have you been to Nina's Paris at 29, rue Danielle Casanova, 75001 near Place Vendome? One of the nicest tea salons in Paris. Georgianna had her book party here. Some kind PBers took me for afternoon tea.
Simple and elegant.
Nina's teas are a collaboration with the King's vegetable garden (le potager de roi) at Versailles. They have exclusive rights to use the Marie Antoinette roses for their signature teas and for the apples too.
Their chocolate bars and soaps! Too pretty.
Its a darling intimate space. I much prefer it to the grand overly-fussy fancy hotel teas.
How do they get those fresh rose petals to stay on the wall?
When you're flower-focused you see flowers everywhere. 
Nina's gave me their adorable tea tin flyer for this month's envelopes. Plus perfume card and ribbon. No dried rose petals though. 
Thank you for reading Parisbreakfast.  Here's the envelope stuffers for May's 'Paris in Bloom' floral map and the new bonus watercolor if you renew/subscribe. Perfect for Mother's day.
Enjoy Spring PBers!


  1. What a surprise to see an envelope with PARIS on it in my mailbox! Thank you so much for sending me your treasures.

  2. So pretty..the flower stalls/markets amongst my fave sights in paris..didn't see Ninas..would have loved..isn't it wonderful when someone makes such an impression on us..that we actually discover so many new things that please us?
    Love that.

  3. Love the flower shops! Wish they were more like that where I live. I need to re-subscribe, so will get onto that soon.

  4. I love that book! And the tea looks divine. Isn't Paris beautiful with all its flowers? Biggest sigh.

  5. Marcia10:14 AM

    I believe you can dry flowers and petals in a microwave oven. You can Google it to find out how to do it. Some flowers are too delicate for this method though.

    1. Thanks Marcia,
      I know and I traded in my microwave for a small oven 😐
      Why why why?

  6. On a gloomy day, this Paris Breakfast post brightens things up. Nina's teas looks nice.

  7. I was surprised patisseries don't want you to take photos. It seems like free advertisement to me. The flowers are just gorgeous.

    1. The riddle of the sphinx, how French women stay thin and why Paris patisseries don't want you to take pictures has yet to be resolved Ms. lemon!!

  8. Ahh, came just in time. I saw PB in my Inbox at which point I uttered, "Thank God."
    Here I am amidst flowers and having tea at Nina's! I never tire of PB. xo

  9. Beautiful Post! I so enjoy getting your emails and this is one of my favorites - Love all the florals!

  10. Flowers and tea... doesn't get better than that on a fine Spring day!
    Nina's looks exquisite, would love to have afternoon tea there!

  11. Clarity Artists2:06 PM

    Wonderful as always...did you find out how the rose petals adhered to the wall???

  12. Anonymous2:09 PM

    I love the Paris flower shops' small pots with gorgeous flowering plants - perfect for tiny apartments!

  13. The Paris flower shops are all so exquisite and your pictures of them are beautiful - almost as pretty as your water colors. Now I'm running to the mailbox every day waiting for my map - can't wait.

    1. THANK YOU Suki!
      Um...Please move to the East coast for faster delivery 😳😳

  14. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Dear Carol, You have made my day! My name is Nina and my husband and I will be in Paris in September celebrating our Golden Wedding anniversary. Our first visit was in 1968 (an interesting experience as we knew nothing about what was going on until we got there!) Since then we have visited so many very happy times from our home in Sussex.

    We will definitely go to Nina's especially as I can see lots of lovely things for me to buy as gifts for my friends!

    Your blog is one of those I have followed for so many years. It is very special - as countless others tell you every day!

    1. Ahh...there are oodles of signature items for you to buy at Nina's!!
      What fun! 😄

  15. Thank you for your visit and lovely post.
    I will share your Blog with my collegues.

  16. Beautiful collection of photos, Carol.
    So many today,too :)

  17. Christine3:15 PM

    Precious darling lovely !

  18. I can almost smell the fragrances from afar.

    As Violette de Mazia might have said,

    "Trés effulgent!"

    Very very very lush.

  19. My husband and I visited Nina's a couple years ago and had tea and cake; it's a lovely shop and we brought home their Marie Antoinette and The des Anges teas, beautifully packaged in pretty tins.


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