Sunday, April 25, 2021

Paris Cherry blossom Map + single letter!

At last! 🤸🏾‍♀️A matching Cherry blossom map to go with the Eiffel tower letter

Remember I showed you Georgianna Lane’s beautiful Paris in Bloom? It was 4 years ago.
Turns out its the perfect source when looking for les cerises en fleurs/cherry blossoms in Paris. 
Maps take longer to do. So many sketches and doodles. Its useful to have a strawberry bookmark/marc paige in case you get hungry🍓 
Even more useful are Paris pastries + whipped cream. They are required to get to the map art finish line for some reason. Hmmm..
I was thinking I could drop pressed (peony) petals into your envelopes. This did not work out.
Lenotre again has pretty flowery window decor. 
Spring is definitely in the air.
More cherry blossom pink across the street. The boulangerie has fait maison/home-made pink marshmallows. I resisted. Should I go back? They are open on Sundays...

I’ve become seriously addicted to whip cream for someone who never ate it before.  Now it goes on Everything. Move to Paris. This is what happens. No one said. 
A robins egg blue vintage mini car matching the Paris sky, around the corner from my house. Does the vintage garage only display it in Spring? A definite upper ☺️🌸💋🍓 And a tour group with matching turquoise berets in the park nearby. So Springy. Thanks for reading ParisBreakfast 😊 You’ll find the new single blossom map in my Etsy shop
Have a Happy Spring Sunday 🌸🐻😊


  1. I like the raining petals in your latest. I have walked through an orchard when the petals were raining softly all around me. It was delightful.

  2. Sybille8:04 AM

    Ooohh...beautiful...very clever of you to put that watercolor up in your Etsy shop banner!
    Love the little blue bird vignette ❤️

  3. Dorrance8:07 AM

    Love seeing your beautiful new map...and you’re going to sell that one as a single !! Hooray

  4. The yearning to be in Paris is awakened by looking at this magnificent map!!! Thanks to you we know where to go to view the lovely cherry blossoms in spring. Even the PALAIS ROYAL!!!
    I can’t wait to receive this map.
    Merci Carol 📬🌸❤️

  5. The colors in your posts are cherry blue vintage car...purple flowering shrubs❣️ I’m off to Etsy to snap up this map to pair with my cherry blossom Eiffel Tower. They will remind me of spring on the coldest winter’s day.

  6. Carol, I continue to delight in your sense of humor, clever writing and, as always, beautiful photos and art work. This post is especially wonderful, as it hits all of the buttons of your immense creativity and witty personality!

  7. BIg sigh! All beautiful, of course! And I love your bookmarks!

  8. Bought this Map as soon as I laid eyes on is enchanting.
    Thank you for designing & painting thi9s lovely map, Carol...!

  9. Can hardly wait for my map to arrive as it will have to hold me over until next spring in Paris. My world would be quite dreary without your wonderful, bright and sunny posts. Thank you, Carol.

  10. My goodness KIM Thank you muchly!
    Thank you METROGIRL :))
    Yes, edible book marks JEANIE are essential!

  11. Christine3:26 PM

    Love the trees in bloom, and the inspiration you always inspire.

  12. Barbara3:29 PM

    Thank you for sharing the many small delights of strawberries, peonys, blossoms and shop windows.
    In the meantime, vicariously visiting familiar and new sites with you is such a pleasure.

  13. Empress Eugenie12:27 AM

    The luscious blossomy letter has arrived and now I look forward to the map to join it.
    Here in VA’s Shenandoah Valley we’re awash with native pure white dogwoods and heavenly ethereal pinky-violet eastern redbuds.

  14. No delicious pastries or lovely shop windows here to enjoy, alas. I depend on you, dear friend!

  15. Thank you for bringing so much beauty, joy and kindness to the world through your wonderful art and blog. Such a joy, especially in these challenging times. :)

  16. Anonymous3:29 AM

    Can't spend time in Paris especially for cherry season. This could be a new destination for me if ever tried out. However, I will surely share this article with my dad who is busy in his


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