Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Swimming and Strawberry Research

I’m back in the pool. So happy ☺️ You need a doc’s note, so its empty 🏊‍♀️ I’m going daily doing just water exercises. No laps to work off Lockdown pounds. The problem is you get a ferocious appetite post-swimming. 

Piscine St. Germain is 5-minutes walk 🚶‍♂️ from 5 of Paris’ top patisseries (Mulot, Pierre Hermé, Christolphe Michalek, Arnaud Larher, Pierre Marcolini). A tad further: The Smith’s, Popolino, Maison Thevenin, Eric Kayser. Uh oh, we’re in landmine turf.

I popped into Arnaud Larher for strawberry 🍓 letter research whilst also grabbing biz cards for your envelopes. Look Cheesecake Louise (my middle name but I resisted): streusel aux amandes, biscuit à la passion, creme cheesecake à la passion, gelée de fraises, mousse cheesecake recouvert d’une nappage à la fraise. Pure poetry.

Massive jars of 🍓 jam called my name, but the price did not 😳 I bought something tiny in exchange for browsing and biz card theft 😊

A new patisserie addition to St. Germain🤸🏾‍♀️ Fou de Patisserie of the stunning pastry journal, now at 64, rue de Seine, 75006

They have new savory things with the usual melange/mixup of top pastry chefs. Hooray. Their jams are made by MOF(meilleur champion du monde du confiture), Stephan Perrotte. Price tag also €8,50 but I thought I have to try this.

Fou de Patisserie changed their brand logo to black with abstract floating pastry shapes.

Strawberry outfit from Isabel Marant  She knows what women want❤️
Have you been to Maison Thevenin? A lovely family bakery since 1963. Their specialty - lush, fruity tartes. 

When I saw the Cheese-cake New-Yorkais with fromage Philadelphie (my home town) I had to get it. I don’t even like cheesecake but the French make it très léger/very light. Not like a slice of Brooklyn’s Jr.’s you have to split 6 ways. 
You can say, “I am not coming to Paris to eat New York cheesecake. No way”. Big mistake. Light as a feather🪶 

My haul.

Research break 🍓 over. Back to mailing out your letters dear PBers 🌸

Ribbon is so hard to find in locked-down Paris, but the stamp store has them for your letters 💌

Oh la la la la la la la

Thank so much dearest, darlings from Hungary, UK, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Greece and the US ! You bought the new singles in my Etsy shop. You’ve made every day so lovely for us☺️🐻🌸Please have a lovely day yourselves. xxx ❤️🐻🍓


  1. Oh la la is right!!! Thanks for the heavenly tour of these gastronomic delights.
    Your haul looks yummy. What are the 3 small pink strawberry sugary “want to pop them in my mouth now” treats?

  2. How wonderful that Paris has public pools throughout the city. Makes it a little easier to work off all of those delish pastries...and confitures...and squeeze into that little Isabel Marrant short-shorts number! Love seeing all of your strawberry delights...more please!

  3. DeKalb GA those are almond marzipan from Jeff de Bruges...I ate 2 for breakfast :(()

  4. Sybille8:35 AM

    Cheesecake Carol! We are more than a month away from fresh local berries so I’m living vicariously through your abundance.

  5. Another good reason to move to Paris ! 🍓

  6. My lovely Eiffel Tower arrived and I love it (and also, the wonderful ribbon bit!) Merci beaucoup!

  7. Aww...Thank you Jeanie for letting me know you received your letter 👏👏👏

  8. Dorrance9:49 AM

    Well, you definitely need an assistant!
    I am booking my ticket now!!

  9. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Love this post ~! Cannot wait to receive my letter. Very warmest greetings to you and to Bear! Take good care.
    xo, Patricia, Minneapolis

  10. I, too, received my lovely Eiffel Tower. I like it sooo much that I'm going to have it framed, along with one of your originals that I purchased earlier this year..."Chanel" ! I'm thinking I need to create a gallery wall featuring your beautiful art. I love the bit of ribbon, too - thank you for those wonderful "bits of Paris". Looking forward to my next letter!

  11. Your purchases caused me to gain a few pounds just looking at them (can't blame the pandemic) they look soooo good. I didn't have Maison Thevenin on my list so now another spot to visit. & I love the jam jar from Larhar - sophisticated simplicity.

  12. OK, you convinced me Suki to get another fancy jam!
    Research, research..🍓🍓🍓

  13. It is a joy to receive your work. It always lifts my sprit
    And puts a smile on my face!!

  14. You are right on the B/W labels. Should be pink like the suit!

  15. I can't stand it. There only ONE patisserie in all of Burlington. One. Just one. Tragique non? I am salivating. So envious. So hungry.

  16. Lynn S2:35 AM


  17. I just love cherry blossom season and Paris so these singles are a must have for me. Love the ribbons. Also your strawberry haul looked fabulous. Always enjoy your Paris newsletters. MercI

  18. Your strawberry haul looks delicious! I love berry tarts and that cheesecake sounds good too 😋


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