Thursday, April 01, 2021

Easter Bunnies in Paris

Fun bunnies admiring the blossoming trees at Chocolatier Christian Constant on rue des Ecole.

Find the bunny in patisserie Bac Sucre window in the 12 arrondissement.

Inside a rare variety of ‘Bugs Bunny’ rabbits in an unusual standing pose. Who could resist? PS there are many links here to past Paris Easters. Just click!

And next door at toy store  LuLu & Cie, a set of automated, imported (from China) in the shop window calling out “Take us home svp” So I did. 

Our new happy family 🐰  🐰 🐰  Bear 🐻 is not speaking to me...

Speaking of bunnies in the house, PBer Nan sent me a jolly shot of her 2 new daffodil watercolors. I looked at her Instagram and found many bunnies in her house. Count how many. Go slow. Its deceptive.

I was very taken with these little chick cupcakes at Chez Botaga. For someone who remembers absolutely nothing (not kidding) these reminded me of my pet chicks at day camp when I was 6, named with great originality: ‘Pick’ and ‘Peck’. I do remember clearly my parents would not let me bring them home 🐥 Some things you never get over... 

I went into the toy shop of course looking for an automated rouge gorge/robin. This is proving challenging, even in a town with many, many toy shops, but I am not giving up. 

My parents used to frequently say,”Carol, when are you going to grow up?” Not any time soon 😃 I hope.

Just because I’ve told you all these glorious and rather pricy chocolate Easter rabbits,  chickens and eggs are filled with tiny chocolate fish/friture doesn’t mean you believe me. I didn’t believe it either when I first came here. It implies an element of not so friendly destruction is essential.

But here it is. New rabbit is no more. A view of the inside is necessary. The two halves of the chocolate molds/moulage are held together with big jazzy ribbon bows. Simply untie et voila. More chocolate to eat as if it wasn’t enough already. In France, if someone calls you a ‘gourmande’ it means ‘greedy’ but in a good way. It means you like good things. There are many ways to practice this skill here. Right now I’m greedy to paint the new irises in town. There is always something to be ‘greedy’ about in Paris.

                                                 🐥 Joyeuse Paques dear PBers 🐰


  1. When asked for more Easter photos you did not disappoint your PBers!
    Your “Pick” and “Peck” look a likes remind me of peeps. The only thing I liked about those were their color.
    I like your Robin water color. Looks as if you tried it on a paper towel. Good luck on finding the toy robin. Your resolve is to be admired!
    Happy Easter Carol, Bear, and new family members! 🐥🐇

  2. Wow! I want to live at your house, Carol...full of whimsy, just magical. You have a way of making holidays, and everyday, so special. I’m sure Bear will come to love his new little friends.

    Envy your bunny filled with friture. I remember all the thin, hollow chocolate bunnies of my childhood. So sad in comparison. French chocolatiers are fabulous.

  3. Always love your Eater posts..Have a happy one!

  4. Thank you Nana
    I always came to Paris March for Easter
    Then I gave up and moved here...much better decision ;))

  5. My son had his two bunnies live with us for a while. They were named Sacco and Vanzetti.

  6. I liked your friend’s bunny slippers!

  7. Oh, this is just the Easter post I needed today! All those lovely bunnies! And yummy chocolate (although if they had a lemon bunny, I'd do for that one first!)

    This irises are exquisite!

    Joyous Easter to you!

  8. I love your Easter posts most of all - they always make me smile and the spring flowers sure don't hurt. Happy Easter to you and Bear with hugs.

  9. Was that a ‘Day at the Farm’ sort of camp? Our daughter brought home our first cat 🐈 on her last day of farm camp years ago. Five cats since then.

  10. Jackie7:34 PM

    FUN ! SOMETHING we need more of!
    Merci !
    Bon Paques!

  11. I haven’t seen this one! So much Easter-bunnies, chicks , daffs, irises & of course chocolate!!!! I’ve looked at this post over & over—so cheerful

    Jeanie you are a genius
    No one has thought of this in all Paris!! They need you here as a consultant. Tell me more pls.

  13. Oh dear. I hope Bear got over his snit. He's very sensitive. He must be reassured that he is always numero uno.


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