Tuesday, April 20, 2021

A Lovely day


Yesterday was a lovely day. I walked out my door and this giant yellow brontosaurus was sitting there, removing pianos etc. from a window above. I crossed the street not to get crushed should it back up suddenly. 

The street cleaner and I stood there looking up, our jaws on the ground.

Yesterday I managed to walk on by this big lemon tarte without going inside. They know me too well in there 😳
Yesterday I finally did go inside adorable Besties, a new, HOT donut shop on rue to see what all the fuss was about. 

The owner is French, not British or American. They have flavors-of-the-month. 

April is peach-lavender. I went for old favs, framboise and pistachio (@4€). Bonnie and I were reminiscing. Do you remember those mini donut machines that produced the best little cinnamon sugared donuts? There was one in the 42nd street subway. Bonnie says I should get one and sell them on a Paris street. 🍩 YES 👏  
Yesterday I wanted to get peonies to paint at Marché Mutualité. THEY ARE HERE at last! 🤸🏾‍♀️The woman ahead of me pointed at the pink roses to the vender. 
He said, “Belle o moche?” (Beautiful or ugly?) 
She said,”Moche s’il vous plait.”(ugly please). 😊

Yesterday I got another flat of strawbs (kilo 2.2 lbs 7€). Better this time though still from Espana. The vender beside me, arranging new peaches, pointed to the smaller box of FRENCH Gariggette berries at the same price and whispered, “Much better!” 

On the way home, I rested my new treasures on a park bench. And myself as well.

My jaw dropped when a filming flatbed truck come by with an attached biker madly peddling. We all rushed to get a shot. 

He gave us the Victory sign! 😊 

On the way home more surprises 🦆 Evidently its true. Ducks in a row. They do line up!  Nothing like the simple gifts 💋

I hope you have a lovely day dear PBers 🍓
Back to drawing the Paris map✏️ 
Where’s the whipped cream?


  1. Sybille2:14 AM

    YES! Tom Thumb doughnuts...they were always at the Iowa State Fair...so good we craved them...you could see them coming down the conveyor belt in the glass enclosed cart...warm with cinnamon sugar on them...
    Please get a donut cart for Paris ! Bonne idee

  2. Oh my, Paris seems to be pulsating with excitement!
    How did you manage to carry all of your purchase home?💐🍓🥖🍩
    I have not indulged in a doughnut in a LONG time. I prefer raised over cake. You?
    I read about another doughnut shop opening in Paris called BONESHAKER DOUGHNUTS on rue d’Aboukir.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Besties is un peu Peggy Porschen?:)Pretty!

  4. Sharp eyes Monique!
    I wish their sweets were as yummy as Peggy’s...

  5. Elizabeth10:17 AM

    Thank you for this! !

  6. Yes GA, everyone tells me about Boneshaker, but its further away and I’m more of a lemon tarte girl to be honest :))
    I would walk a mile for tarte citron !

  7. What a beautiful and uplifting post!

  8. Another beautiful day in Paris with you --- virtually! The colors you captured and commentary you wrote have given me a lovely start to my day.

  9. Awww Thanks Kim
    So happy to hear :))

  10. Sigh...beautiful post, Carol! Every day in Paris is a lovely day, this one looked extra special. I agree there are better things to eat in Paris than doughnuts...like that baguette from Boulangerie de la Tour...and your fabulous strawberries! It is amazing how they move furniture in and out of Parisian apartments - through the windows. No need to worry about narrow curving stairways. So clever. Enjoy these beautiful spring days.

  11. Such an uplifting gift!! You post is lovely,
    Inspiring, and good natured.....flowers and strawberries!
    The best. Thank you.

  12. The color in those peonies is so gorgeous!!!!
    Love the Notre Dame scene at the end with the people and runners!

  13. A day in the quotidienne life of the French Karen.

    Always amusing...well most of the time.

  14. I'm always amused when I see ducks in a row. So they do it in Paris, too!

  15. Yes Jeanie, Paris Mallards do it too !
    Quelle surprise :)) I guess its universal..?

  16. Such a happy posting!

  17. Dear Carol, What a glorious post - a great start to my day. I'd go for the citron tart over a donut any day. The peonies are marvelous, can't wait to see them open. Love the ducks and your final shot is glorious - makes me miss Paris so much more - I've taken a picture of that view many times andwant to again.

  18. Meredith Mullens12:22 PM

    What a surprise-packed day. We are certainly getting lucky with the weather. I wonder if your biker is part of the burning of Notre Dame film they are filming nearby.

  19. I’m sure it was an advertising crew...def not film level of seriousness.
    And no smoke!

  20. Virginia12:26 PM

    Love your street walks.

  21. Well Carol, didn’t you have a perfectly wonderful day! Wish I could have been with you!!!

  22. I love reading your blog and all the place names you write about. I feel like I start my day in Paris. I wish !

  23. I love your breezy approach.
    Always fun and engaging.

  24. There is no color I love more than pale, pale pink, like your donut shop.

  25. Your work is lovely and helps bring me a bit of Paris at a time when I can’t travel there. Thanks again.


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