Sunday, April 18, 2021

A Strawberry Fête


Thanks to you dear PBers ❤️ I went back to buy more stamps on Thursday. Then I went dancing round town 🤸🏾‍♀️ 

Some lovely Springie windows at perfumer Durance of Provence. 

The first peonies/pivoine are here 👏👏

 I had high hopes of finding pink envelope stuffers for you at Nina’s Marie-Antoinette, but tragically they were closed. 

Further down rue Danielle Casanova , Boulangerie Eric Kayser announced,”Red fruits are back!!” Hooray 🤸🏾‍♀️Are you a red fruit lover? 🍒🍓

I bought his many-splendored tarte but it was easier to eat than to paint 😊

 In the window at Maison Plisson further down same street, a huge Fraisier gateau. I bought a jar of strawberry jam instead 😕

So tempted by the strawberry-citron-banana juice 🤔

*News Alert! Pierre Hermé has a new collection called ‘Gourmandise Raisonee’ (rational glutton?) of 30% less sugar/cream desserts, one being strawberry. FYI you pay more (10€) ‘Less is more’. I resisted.

Yesterday I saw a little French girl en famille, carrying a flat of strawberries. Monkey see, monkey want. This time of year you see people waltzing around town proudly displaying their flats of strawbs, never hidden inside a bag. Monoprix had them for a mere 3,99€ 🤸🏾‍♀️ Course they’re from Espana, considered inferior to French berries, but what the hey. Plus the obligatory can of Normandy Isigny whipped cream. The French traditionally make a parfait of multi-layered cream and berries. Quite outrageous. La la la la la. 

Another foodie news alert*** write this down dear PBers ✏️ Berthillon has new little cookie baskets just big enough for 2 scoops. Natch I’m eating fraise 🍓

Here’s a touch of complimentary green from fancy men’s store Charvet also on rue Danielle Casanova. And more touches of new green buds along the Seine as I lean over Pont Marie. Parisians are flaneuring around comme d’habitude. Bonne Dimanche PBers 🌸🍓🤸🏾‍♀️


  1. what a colorful, spring filled post of your dancings and munchings through Paris.

  2. Thank you Carol for sharing your Paris dances! I am dancing, too. Grew up with Peonies & a few ants on my Mother’s dining room table.
    I hope you paint them..don’t forget the ants.🐜

  3. Love red fruits...and peonies...spring’s delights. France has the BEST strawberries! With that can of Isigny cream you and Bear can create your own outrageous parfaits.

    Read somewhere that Jane Birkin buys her trousers at Charvet...she likes all the pockets on men’s trousers...oh, to have those long slender legs!

    Berthillon has a new delivery system for their ice cream?? Reason 3,567,002 to return to Paris...tout de suite❣️

  4. ‘Delivery system’? Haha
    Theyy dont even have computers in there
    Very old fashioned :))

  5. Sybille3:43 PM

    Delightful post, Carol...a real Paris “fix” to tide us over.

  6. Desiree1:47 AM


  7. Laura P11:03 AM

    Ah! Les fraises!

  8. Carol,
    Thank you for a real jolt of happiness!

  9. Oh My! Pink, peonies, strawberries, ice cream, pastries, beautiful spring windows - it must be Paris & what more could one want? Thanks for such a cheery post, Carol.

  10. You are definitely in the pink here! Looks lovely. Now you have me hoping even more that my strawberry plants bear fruit -- early!

  11. Jeanie, they sell little pots of strawberry plants here like mad. I bought one of course and nuttin happened :((
    Bonjour tristesse. I’m sure yours are fab.

  12. Dusty Rose9:17 PM

    Thanks to your BEAUTIFUL missives, I’ve had nothing but shades of pink—shell, mango, rose, dusty, pearl, ETC.—on my mind.

  13. Lynn S1:22 PM

    The fresh fragrances are jumping off the screen!

  14. Wouldnt that be grand if they did?
    In the future no doubt


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