Thursday, December 31, 2015

Korea Now

I'm sure you're wondering what is she up to now?
Well you have exactly THREE days to get to KOREA NOW at Arts Decoratifs.
Last day - January 3rd. I just discovered this magnificent exhibit on Tuesday. Don't this red dresses
Look like Coco Jobart's styled glasses of Ispahan rose?
Traditional Hanbok dresses, the basis for many contemporary designs. Design, craft, design, fashion and graphic design in Korea As part of the France-Korea Year the Arts Décoratifs museum presents this exhibition which brings together more than 700 works of art by 150 Korean artists, designers, fashion designers, graphic designers and craftsmen. Arts décoratifs museum, September 19, 2015 – January 3, 2016
Korean children's traditional dress.
The symbolic colors of Korea, including black, each imbued with special meanings for special occasions.
Traditional headdresses yet wildly contemporary.
Old woodblock prints of traditional hairstyles.
How do I find Vogue Korea?
The images are otherworldly 
So imaginative.
Designer Jin Teok uses white as her source of inspiration.
As a child she was Inspired by her brother's shirt drying in the sun.
Her pieces capture translucency and grace.
You can see more pictures on FLICKR of KOREA NOW.
There was even a BEAR in the graphics area.
2016 may be the year of the bear. I have to check...
BONNE ANNÉE et BONNE REVEILLON Parisbreakfast readers!
And get to Korea Now if you can ;)


Carla said...



Frances said...

Carol, that exhibit does look rather fascinating. I think that I would love to see it with a very stylish and creative young Korean woman I know. She would probably allow me to understand more about the cultural references.

Alas, I will be here in NYC...where there are also a few interesting sights....

Bonne annee, dear Carol, and many thanks for bringing Paris to us! xo

BB said...

Your bears are coming to life!

Deb K said...

Love the green and gold (horned) collar.

donna baker said...

Such an old, beautiful culture... I have even heard that Seoul is the new Paris.

La Table De Nana said...

Otherwordly is right the image of shirts drying in the sun..

You may need to buy a monkey;),a friend for Bear~
Bonne Année!

pâtes et pattes said...

Bonne année dear Carol! I always read your blog, it's wonderful. It shines my life! I wish you a 2016 full of colours and success! I hope to meet you next time that I'll in Paris, perhaps in february!

Geri said...

Such an artistic and surprisingly traditional yet avant garde culture! Would love to visit Arts Decoratifs! Missed it twice now ... Maybe 3 is the charm!

Geri said...

Happy New Bear!

sukicart said...

Happy New Year Carol & Bear - hope it brings all your desires & hopes.

Alba said...

I thought you might want a bit of an explanation as to why there was a bear in the exhibit. According to a Korean friend, the bear is a special animal for the Koreans. Their creation myth says that the Koreans are the product of a heavenly prince and a bear-woman. Their child was the first Korean king, so you can see how important the bear is in their culture! I'm sure Bear will be tickled to hear that...

There's a quick bit of the background here:

I wish you unfettered and endless creativity in 2016! Selfish of me because your blog letter is one of the highlights of my week.

Phoenix said...

Happy New Year to you and Bear!!

Thank you for bringing Paris, beauty, humor, and inspiration to me.

All the best to you!!

Nikon said...

I love it! Exotic, colorful,and different.
Nice treat, Carol.

Unknown said...

Got locked out of a website,came here and the beautiful pictures made me feel so calm, l feel like staying here.