Thursday, December 17, 2015

December rue Rambuteau Map

and Rat-tat-tat-tat The good news is the December Map is done and mailed out mid-month! A rare occurrence indeed. Don't get used to it Parisbreakfast Map subscribers. I can't promise next month will be the same. The bad news is I'm terribly late sending out some BONUS WATERCOLORS!
They  will be dispatched shortly.
I'm always looking for map/Sketch letter inspiration. When I spied an adorable Alsacian illustrated postcard at the Christmas market (Gare de l'Est) it was instant love. And instant sticker shock (3€ for one card! Ouch). After sleeping on it I ran back and shelled out. When inspiration comes along you have to shell out. That's how it goes.
A year ago Coco Jobard showed me a wonderful jam jar tea towel from an Alsacian illustrator friend, Blah de Blah, Blah. I called and asked if she had more of his work? His name is Guy Untereiner . He's impossible to find in Paris. I've half a mind to run off to Alsace to find him...
Coco offered to lend me his books. She's been spending the last few weeks testing and tasting HUNDREDS of chocolates for P.Hermé's next cookbook.
Life is tough for some...ahem
I wanted to put silly animals in the festive December map instead of silly people. Thank you Coco!
Elaine Sciolino of Rue Des Martrys has been a big help. The book plate I made for her helped me figure out the rue Rambuteau street sign. Gingermen where are you in Paris? Never mind. You can't have everything. Also Elaine says I should always put a bird a frame on it.
Thank you Elaine!
Rue Rambuteau in the 3rd arrondissement - a straight little street chock-a-block with yummy pastry shops. The first shop to bring everyone running is PAIN DE SUCRE with it's square tomato tarts plus rosemary shoots.
Two passion fruit tarts were essential for research here.
Pain du Sucre's beautiful buche de Noël are bound to be unique.
Just across the street, Les Fees Patissiers
Known for it's tiny bite-size morsels of layered flavors, sometimes 3-4 layers.
Berko is another miniaturist specializing in mini-cupcakes
Very satisfying. Why didn't I try these passion fruit cuppies?
Next door classic chocolate shop, A La Mere de Famille just moved in.
They have a winner buche de Noel that stands out from the rest. Not your average jellyroll buche. I love the hoof prints on snowy roof. Caramel lurks within. Chocolate too.
Back to doodling geese, bears, sheep and the (missing in Paris) Gingerbread men and women.
You can catch the entire December map on Etsy.
*It's not too late to give a French gift to someone near and dear.
I'm happy to email you the December map/Paris Sketch letter.
Simply print it out and stick a bird bow on it.
The actual gift letter will arrive soon from Paris. 


  1. Love the art..the storefronts:) You have a dear friend in Coco:)

  2. When I looked at the model in the store window my eyes went to her bare feet because they are square shape and would have looked better and not distracting (in a negative way) if she was wearing shoes. Yes, this is a superficial observation but that is a superficial display. Models are not selected for their intelligence but for the perfect look.

  3. Bonnie L10:33 AM

    There were many gingerbread men & women for sale at the Christmas Market (Christkindelsmärik) in Strasbourg. They were beautifully frosted hanging from many stalls ready to be taken home. Again, must be an Alsatian thing. Surprised the stalls at Gare de l'Est aren't selling them.

    Always eagerly await your letters & maps from Paris!

  4. Love the tiny reindeer hoof prints on the roof. You'll have to be my designated eater of all things french dessert. You do it beautifully.

  5. Clearly, Coco has a tough assignment. She sounds delightful! Thank you for sharing the magical shop photos. The buche de Noel with tiny hoof prints is too cute. Also, love your sketch of Bear with his drum.

  6. That Buche de Noel from A La Mere de Famille is absolutely to die for- & chocolate & caramel, what could be better?

  7. wow I want to go .. look pleasing. wow I want to go .. look pleasing. paris I come. december I love you Obat Mujarab Untuk Maag Kronis Alami Tradisional

  8. Love this festive post; your artwork is adorable. Child's Christmas book worthy! All those goodies in one place ... Yum!

  9. ...and the reindeer going down the chimney on that inventive buche!

  10. Those little Deer tracks have forever changed my bunches! Maybe there is still time to try it for this year....

  11. A little bit of everything, Carol, but my favorites were the pastries and the night street shots about halfway in 'till the end.
    Love your photography.

  12. Carolyn4:04 PM

    Your December map looks wonderful! I would like one of the cupcakes that has the squeeze tube of caramel sticking out of it!!!

  13. I love Rue Rambuteau. We always got our baguettes at Victor there -- just a short walk away. Sigh!

  14. No wonder that you get invitations to amazing tastings when you have over 9 million views. There is nothing that appeals to me so much from France as your blog and your photos of patisseries. If I could go back again (which I doubt) I would spend the whole time going from one to another !! (By the way do you know the awful history of Rue des Martyrs ). Congratulations on your regular newsletters. Joyeux Noël ....Bonne Année 2017


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