Saturday, December 05, 2015

rue Francois Miron map, Noël BHV, Patisserie des Reves,

You're're terribly late said Alice to the White Rabbit.
The White Rabbit is a close cousin of mine...BHV  has AGAIN SPLENDID DECOR for Noël.
The theme is 'Noël So British' and the store is chock-a-block with liberty prints, Beefeaters and tea pots.
As always BHV has witty windows
You may very well think you landed in London..

Lots of tea-pouring animation in the windows. Especially at Christmas the French love British products like 9 O'clock dinner mints..or is it 8 O'clock?
British umbrellas and very nice wrapping papers, ribbons and all manner of paper items on the 2nd floor.
Bear was invited to the Patisserie des Reves tea salon on the 3 rd floor
To taste Philippe Conticini's 2015 Buche de Noël
Three especially delicious Christmas gateaux with accompanying flavored chocolates.
The far left is praline, hazelnut base and an insert of lemon cream.
Middle buche is a classic chocolate and vanilla cake.
Far right a classic roll cake that tastes completely different with cheery jam and vanilla mousse.
All the cakes are delicate and light, perfect after a big Christmas dinner.
Pastry chef Philippe Conticini came around and chatted with each of us at length - a warm and charming man.
Conticini started many trends in the pastry world including his famous glass globes and his prize-winning Paris Brest and St. Honore
Pink, pink, pink - a fun emporium of sweets from your childhood.
Just a short walk from BHV on rue de Rivoli is November's map street, rue Francois Miron. This short street is filled with historic Medieval buildings and fine epiceries.
What ever you're looking for you'lll find in Izrael at No.30
Pandora's book couldn't contain more goodies
The cornerstone os the street is Boulangerie Au Petit Versailles du Marais at No. 27. Baguette and croissant winner many times over, they have terrific lunch items and a cafe inside and out to enjoy their edibles.
I love these 19th century boulangeries the best of all.
Autour Saumon at No. 60 has several boutiques in Paris offering the creme de la creme of coeur de saumon and other seafood delicacies like caviar and herrings. An elegant restaurant is attached to the epicerie. So that's a taste of November's Map letter (all shipped out at last) If you wish to give a French Gift, please don't wait until the last minute. Bear does not make hand-deliveries unfortunately.


  1. What glorious decors..and yes I think I would quite like Monsieur Conticini:) I have seen him on shows and..found him charming also.
    Your map is beautiful..Is it possible that they just get better and better?
    We have a wee British Shop here..packed w/ British dear.
    London looks like fun to me:)
    Paris too of course.

    1. BHV is the step-sister of les Grands Magazine of Boulevard Haussmann, but it deserves just as much attention. Many tourists never get there and they should. Loads of fun and Great craft/art supplies!

  2. Paris shops & stores fabulous ....even more amazing décor at Christmas. Loved your news letter.

  3. I don't know where to begin so I will begin at the beginning ... the building, those windows ... so fanciful! So beautiful and I can almost taste the lovely buche!
    Geri NJ

  4. So loved that photo of bear with Philippe Conticini. Great shot! Agreed. He is such a kind and generous man. Fabulous map this month Carol!

  5. Heaven, I'm in heaven! My two favorite places in one post! Huge, enchanted sigh!

  6. The picture of Bear with Philippe Conticini made me smile. How kind and patient of Philippe to do that. You must know how much we all love Bear!

  7. Bear looks to be in his element - such fun and do love those BHV windows. Spent some time (& money) at BHV on our last trip and really enjoyed browing the store, especially the crafts & kitchen areas.

  8. Bear and the pastry chef is the cutest thing ever.

  9. Carol, you, Bear and Paris are increasing my Christmas spirit in a very sweet and joyous way.

    Thank you so much! xo

    1. Anonymous12:02 PM


      Diane in Denver

  10. I know it was a spelling goof (the kind I make all the time) but I couldn't help smiling about "cheery jam". Much better than plain old cherry.

  11. I too love the photo of Bear and Conticini, so, so cute!!!! Your photos and comments make me desperate to be in Paris!!! The HO HO is delightful!!

  12. The shots of BHV are stunning, Carol, and the rest of the post is just one great photo after another.

  13. Loved the bhv when we mistakenly went thru it from the metro. Definitely spending more time in that basement next time.

  14. Anonymous1:38 PM

    The mints are called After Eight Mints in UK. Seen as very kitsch


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