Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Put a bear in Strasbourg

Was this The Year of the Bear in Strasbourg?

The blue bear at night was asparkle plenty

But the pure white polar bear was the bear of choice in my view.

There's a fondness here for the fuzzy wuzzy bear

Although this bear was quite realistic. Perhaps a little too realistic. And what's with the wings? A tad worrying.

A positively life-like Polar bear in a woman's wear window. Hmmm

Simply adorable with a charming expression.

By the way my bear was back in the room while I was out browsing bears in case you were wondering.

A number of penguins were on display

Five animated, singing penguins in a luggage shop window

Of course Polar bears are in charge, making sure no one sings an off key.

Some brown bears were in attendance.

A full size brown bear in a Santa suit

At the Tomi Ungerer museum another brown bear in a monk's cassock

At the print shop my resident guru suggested my Paris map bear looked like a pig! Honestly, sometimes he is way off and this was one of them. Wasn't he?

I was very tempted by the sitting duck going for a mere 2,50€. Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

I didn't taste a stork's egg either. They're chocolate in case you're concerned.
Not so surprising that darling snowy Miffy showed up in Strasbourg.


  1. Such super-cuddly bears! Clearly, the Strasbourg-ers? -ians? -ese? have nailed the body language and expressions!
    As for your "pig" bear, your printer must be a city slicker. Everyone knows pigs have curly tails!
    (pay no attention to that last photo!)

    1. Thank you for your support Jeanette!
      Pigs are PINK as a rule as well.
      Unless we'retalking wild boars..

  2. Qui n'aime pas les oursons?:)
    Cuddly ..warm..we all had one at one point.
    My favorite bear combo is Bear and You!!

  3. 💖the polar bears and penguins! Such a fun bunch of Windows! PS: I recognized it as a bear right off.

    1. That should have said "love" the blah blah ... Sorry

  4. Enjoying your Christmas themes, bears, penguins and gingerbreads.
    Happy Holidays!

    1. Christmas starts inParis Nov 5 when the windows go up.
      We get TWO months of it!
      Guess that's why Parisians throw out their trees Dec 26th...

    2. So festive and elaborate!

  5. Bears, bears everywhere! Who could ask for anything more?! I love the huge blue one. :-)

  6. Very cute bears! the bear in the fourth picture looks a bit "buttier" and "humpier" than yours ;) but yours is still "beary" cute!

    1. FYI:
      The 4th 'HUMPY' bear will star in the JANUARY SKETCH LETTER!!
      Stay tuned.

  7. Merry Christmas from Sydney Australia. As Ross the world I travel to Strasbourg through you. Merci carol. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. M de L

  8. Too bad Bear had to stay in the room as I'm sure he would have loved to meet all the others and make some new Bear friends. Love those windows.

    1. Yes but he might have wished to stay in Strasbourg...
      Then what??

  9. Are you sure that first picture is not 'your bear' in fancy dress?

  10. Judith2:06 AM

    Bears abound!
    Loved your newsletter with the Alsace bears. There is something in the air this year for bears in Alsace region. My sister-in-law, niece and grandniece were in Colmar and sent bear images of their visit.

  11. Congratulations on THREE years in Paris!
    And thank you for allowing all of those who read you regularly to share Paris through your eyes.

    Joyeux Noel et Bonne Nouvelle Année,

  12. Sally V2:08 AM

    love the orange petal hat..amidst the bears

  13. ADORABLE!! Strasbourg is a large city…..2 hours by train from Paris with old fashion house and GREAT bakeries…it is beautiful in the Summer

  14. Foodwalker2:13 AM

    Just Fabulous!!

  15. Nina Griggs2:18 AM

    This is particularly wonderful...wish I could hop on a magic carpet to Strasbourg tonite.
    Thanks for this treat!!!

    1. ME too!!!
      But I will be addressing envelopes for the JANUARY SKETCH LETTER!!
      Gotta go out today!
      Early bird gets the worm :))

  16. Just gorgeous, Carol, I love Bear's friends :)


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