Tuesday, January 05, 2016

La Mode Retrouvee/Palais Galliera, Interieur Coreen/Musee Guimet

The 'January Blues' started on Sunday this year...windy, chilly, grey drizzle in Paris. It's the same today.
But January's the month you're assaulted with signs in the Metro 'DERNIER JOURS' (last days) for closing exhibits around town, so out into the drizzle I ran to Place d'Ilena to catch La Mode Retrouvee at Palais Galliera. Actually you have until March 20. Still it's a don't-miss.
Photos not allowed so I drew...yes I did sneak in a few shots for you PBers
The collection of gowns are from grande dame, Elisabeth, la Comtesse Greffulhe. She was the inspiration for Marcel Proust's divine Duchesse de Guermantes. The Comtesse allowed only the top designers to make her clothes exactly to her specifications. This elaborate embroidered silk velvet evening gown (1896) was her 'piece de resistance' designed for her especially by Worth.
On the far bottom right, a photo by Paul Nadar of the Comtesse arranging lilies similar to her embroidered gown.
She was drawn by society artist, Paul-César Helleu, friend of Whistler and John Singer Sargent,  like mad.
Big lyrical sketches by Helleu line the back exhibit walls. The Comtesse deemed these too intimate to ever be seen publicly, yet they perfectly capture her soigné, elegant style.
I drew like mad too from the Helleu sketches.
La Comtesse was known as 'the swan' for her photographic poses. And for the way she 'swanned' into evening parties, stayed briefly, then swanned out, leaving everyone wanting more. I'm going back for more. A stunning exhibit.
Just down the Boulevard President Wilson, Asian arts center, le Guimet.
Has a Japanese exhibit of  contemporary calligraphy.
Even more enticing,in their annex around the corner at #19, an exhibit of Korean embroideries and traditional Hanbok stripy clothing.
The gift shop at the Guimet is a don't-miss melange of Asian arts. I gave myself this Korean stripped pencil case. Someone asked what drawing pen I use (shown above). It's a Japanese Pental brushpen with India ink cartridges.
I think I'm done painting Gothic stained glass. Korean stripes have me hypnotized.
I picked up another paintbox this summer of whole pans from Winsor and Newton Cotman watercolors. I paid double the price at Charbonnel than on Amazon so I better use them. Thank you Korea.
More stripes by photographer Suzanne Held 1988
Don't these joyous colors
Make you forget the January Blues?
Exquisite embroideries, though no bears?
More treasures from the Guimet gift shop
I went home in the chilly, grey drizzle feeling wonderfully inspired.
Be gone January blues!
You have till March 14 to go PBers.


  1. Love your case..and your new paints..I like mine too..I am a sucker for those sets..
    I am eyeing the Kuretake set..I know it's more opaque and it's the large 36 color one..but I like it;)
    Kind of want to see for myself..
    Love the embroidery and small jackets..
    your round brushes look delicious too..

    1. I bought that once...it looks pretty but didnt work for me. I gave it away.
      So be it.

  2. I love when you draw like mad and are inspired by these exhibitions Carol - especially when they're even just in a diary!

    1. Hahaha I'm racing to get an impression down.

  3. Bright colors help dispel the winter rains and grey & blues.

  4. Lynn S1:53 PM

    Loved the fabrics, colors. A note, though...over here Winsor and Newton Cotman is their student brand,
    And it does not compare in quality to the artist level brand. It may be different in France. Let me know what you think of them.

    1. I know they are the 2nd tier Lynn,

      But they are big pans and full of strong color so I don't mind.

      I was making tests last night...no problems.

  5. Clarity1:56 PM

    Thanks for the art supplies tips. The links made it easy to go straight to the items and add them to our Art Supplies Wish List. :-)

  6. Mary H.1:58 PM

    Your reproductions of the Worth gown and all the other fashion put me in Paris at the exhibit just now! Every sweep of her hair, every drape of the skirt looked FABULOUS.
    You have definitely taken the January Blues away from me this morning

  7. Dennis D.2:29 PM

    Thanks for the color and the red hair. Those bird statuettes are storks, however, not swans. They too are redheads.

    1. But of course....but they are a tad swan-like.

      A little poetic license taken.

      And there are swans all the time on the Seine.

      You'd think I'd know better...

  8. Thanks for the post about the Korean exhibition, we plan our next trip to ... Korea!!!!

    Big Bisous

  9. Carol, I think that last photo of the rainy Parisian night is very beautiful. The shimmering colors and lights look very romantic, and the leafless tree branches are perfect composition pillars.

    The exhibit looks fabulous. That Comtesse must have really been something, eh?

    Oh, before I forget, from 2/15-5/15/16, the Vigee Le Brun exhibit will be at the Met here. Perhaps some of the folks who loved your review of its Paris stay will be able to see it in NYC. I plan on a visit.

    One of my 2016 intentions is to make more use of the many water color paints (both pans and tubes) that I've got around here. Your posts always inspire me! xo

  10. So much beautiful artwork, Carol.
    Your sketches, & watercolors, primarily.
    Beautiful one.


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