Wednesday, August 07, 2013

What 2 Wear in Paris

Frances asked for a Paris fashion report.
Stripes as always are in. Note the Metro trains are running way slower.
Another summer dress. Why do I have zip to wear except macaron T-shirts?
On Velips dresses work.
Dans la rue...
The Michele Obama look is big along with anything 'Palm Beach'. Who knew?
The sandals are strappy and fabulous
These are almost barely there...
The cafes...
Are jam packed.
Not so the patisseries...
Almost no line today at Joel Thiebaut's stand at Pres Wilson marché and the man himself was waiting on you.
But the tomatoes are as beautiful as ever.
What I ate at the musee de Tokyo cafe across the street. I had my first pan a cotta with passion fruit. OUT OF THIS WORLD. Reporting from the Opera Apple store till I figure out my wifi.


  1. Wi-Fi or no, one of my favorite posts. Now, please tell me, when it is so hot out, is everyone having hot coffee at those cafes? What do they drink to cool off?

  2. And I always heard Parisians left town in August.

  3. It's been a good summer for wearing dresses & thanks Carol for letting us see some pretty ones. Probably most of the folks at the street cafes are tourists watching the world go by.

    1. Oh so many more summer dresses I wasn't able to catch with the camera

  4. You will cringe at this..but I bought a white paris tee yesterday.If I can't be there.. I'll wear.
    Is that a quinoa salad? I am hungry now!The tomatoes are so beautiful..

    Cute dresses.. I like ankle length though for me.. never had those beautiful long gams.
    Polka dots and stripes.. always cute.
    Hope you get your wi-fi sorted out soon..

  5. If those great dresses don't make me feel frumpy in my cotton tees and slacks,those fantastic sandals absolutely do.
    But one positive point pour moi: at least I am comfortable and cool during this HOT August weather here in the West.(And is is HOT)
    Wonderful pictures again today,Carol. You've
    given us another great trip around Paris.

  6. Those sandals are interesting!
    My favorite shots are of the cafes, overflowing with people & pets!

  7. Merci bien, Carol, for granting my street fashion wish. M. Bill Cunningham should be aware that there's a talented foreign correspondent in Paris.

    This summer, dresses have also been a NYC trend. And the not-always-beloved R train is on a year long diversion course. Talk about slow.... I know some folks who thought R was short for "rarely." Those glory days must now find a place on memory lane.

    The Union Square farmers market is in full display. Trying to get my marketing done today before the anticipated rain arrived, I found delicious fresh lettuces, tomatoes, green beans, zuccini, little new potatoes in various colors (thinking of watercolors hues) and some nectarines. The apricots were pretty but just trop cher pour moi.

    I echo an earlier comment in wishing you luck sorting out the wifi.

    Rain has not yet arrived, but we are still promised soggy weather through the weekend. May sun shine upon Paris.


  8. I usually prefer custardy crem (brulee or otherwise) over panna cotta but anything with passion fruit can not be bad.

  9. LOVE this post with all my heart! Gorgeous sandals, stripes, and that panna cotta! YUM!

  10. uhmm panna cotta??!!my favourite and i made it in Paris for some friends..i used the frambois coulis, amazing dessert.But mrsCarol You where on sugar stop this month....

    love the little summer dress and flat sandals,so fresh in this hot summer and so easy to wear from morning to night

    nice post ,pics ,fashion and food info.ThankYou.

    1. True I cheated but I was panna cotta virgin - this has to be remedied
      And it was small
      Still NO chips after 4 days of gazing at Metro vending machines to make sure they are still there..

  11. So are you going to buy yourself a cotton sundress? It doesn't have to be really bare, you know. Dresses are very cool---in both senses of the word.
    Good luck on the wifi. One of the joys of moving, no?

  12. All I can say is how in the world do they wear those shoes in Paris with all that walking?

  13. Love the cafe pictures but miss our watercolor.


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