Saturday, August 03, 2013

Angelina - Un cadeau

Angelina Chocolat Chaud
I was thinking yesterday in the heat, maybe I'd find an iced Chocolat chaud at Angelina.
Instead I looked for a pastry to paint.
I've always wondered about this Religieuse Fraise/strawberry.
I asked the server if he could put my non-slip paper under the pastry since the last time the tarte fruits rouge kind of exploded all over the place slip-sliding around the box. The server handed me my box and said,
"Un cadeau for you! Since you 'lost' the last pastry. What?
I went outside
And got a fraise ice cream just like last year feeling as if I was walking on air.
Across the street in the Tuileries jardins the shoot-de-shoots was turning somersaults crazily. I carried my prized pastry home on tip-toe. No wonder French girls wear ballerinas.
Back home the moment of truth. Did the pastry survive the trip?
Ta Da! Thanks to Frederic Cassel's non-slip lining paper dear Religiese Fraise arrived in one piece!
But the heat was too much for a proper cross-section view of the delights inside - a surprisingly light dessert of chou pastry, strawberry cream, strawberry confit and strawberry icing. None of it overly sweet. Et voila!
Angelina Religieuse Fraise 1
Angelina Religieuse Fraise2
Angelina Religieuse Fraise3
Doesn't this confisier/candy man look like a Religieuse Fraise?


  1. Bonjour! You have me obsessing over your non slip paper! I love the confisier as well. The Angelina is always an indulgence when in Paris. Your watercolors are perfect!

  2. That non-slip paper must be made available here! If it were, I might start hunting for paint-worthy pastries, cosseting them all the way home, buying ballerines for insurance....only to slash them open with a knife at the end of the journey.

  3. Carol, I am afraid that dessert wouldn't have made it home with me.

  4. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Delicious just like You!Thanks for delighted us.

  5. What precious cargo, carried home safely!

    You'll need a small cooler, I am sure the French have some tres chic models. I used to put a cold ice-pak wrapped in a napkin in my children's lunchbox, frozen juice boxes will work too, repeatedly.

    1. They di have these ice bricks...heavy as Hell

  6. Gorgeous photos and watercolors, Carol. The pastries look so good!

  7. Angelina Religieuse Fraise 3 is superb:)
    Tout est si joli à Paris par tes yeux:)
    I hope I see everything the way you do when I go~
    That paper is super!
    I actually found Macarons in our local grocery store:)
    Will try to paint..after I take a decent pic.
    Guess what I got at my brocante this morning?
    Vintage Gouache pans..not a pretty tin but a nice nice Brocante man.. and decent pans..will play tomorrow.

  8. I can never remember exactly what I always had in Angelinas but it was chocolate and I had a cup of tea with it :)
    Love the watercolors .. un beso, C

  9. Brings back very fond memories of my visit to the Angelina last October, and I'm making every effort to go back again next spring. A wonderful introduction to Paris it was.

  10. A cadeau! How lovely of them. I wondered about that strawberry religieuse too. It looks wonderful. That nonslip paper is going to come in very handy.

  11. You were on a strawberry roll. :) I love the Ice cream thingy outside. tres chic. How cute he gave you the pastry. Happy you got it home in one piece, it made a lovely painting.

  12. I love to visit Angelina's for their hot chocolate. Thanks for the memory.

  13. Oh,wow,Carol,what a wonderful(delicious !)post!
    Angelina and the iced chocolat chaud sent me straight off to heaven.
    How did you explain about the 'lost' delight?
    (I tried in my mind to think what I'd say and viola,I have gone blank!)(sigh)

  14. I think Angelina should give you many gifts for sharing their beautiful pastries on PB! Or buy your art for their use! What a wonderful experience -- isn't it great when people are really terrific like that?


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