Sunday, August 04, 2013

joel thiebaut - Marché President Wilson

You may have heard of mariacher/market gardener Joel Thiebaut, known as the king of vegetables and supplier to Paris' top chefs.
Yesterday I went looking at the marché President Wilson held on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. I wasn't sure how I would find his stand in such a big market. I wasn't even sure if he was closed for the summer holidays with all the patisseries.
No problem. Big signs announce his long stand.
As do the long, long line of patient customers.
While I was deciding to get on line for the long wait, directly across the aromas from a free-range chicken rotisserier beckoned.
Something to snack on while waiting on line perhaps.
Are these wings or knuckles? Whatever they were (long gone) do get some before or after your wait on Joel's line - heavenly!
Thiebault's family have been market gardening since 1873 in the Ile-de-France on 54 acres in Carrieres-sur-Seine just 7 kilometers from the Eiffel Tower so freshness is guaranteed.
The atmosphere is quite relaxed. You grab a basket or bag and start picking out what you want yourself while waiting online.
The displays are not artfully arranged. They don't last very long.
There's no doubt these tomatoes are the real thing and not from Rungis market.
Beautiful colored peppers
And the much-sought after zucchini flowers.
You can get a box of fresh vegetables delivered to your door in Paris without waiting online. Simply place an order online at Le Haut du Panier.
My take-away from the marche including some Nyons olives and a box of seasoning I couldn't resist. These are the same vegetables top chef chef William Ledeuil uses at Ze Kitchen Galerie...OK not exactly the same exotic varieties Thiebaut is growing for him. But its nice to know all you have to do is get on line and wait a bit and then DIY at home.
Tomate watercolor 
Tomate Red watercolor
Dog of the day at Marché President Wilson


coco chef said...

yeah iam the first today to say how beautiful is your post ! Thank you to share with us your moments Madame Gillot and let us to dream Paris ...tomatoes,fresh salad,roast chicken...colors..

rosemary said...

Wow.. looks very yummy wish I was there..fantastic markets in Paris

Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

Utterly fantastic studies of the proprietor! You should do more people...better yet, you should sell him the studies...for his signs!!!

Anonymous said...

Delightful story! Please keep them coming!ive been an email subscriber for almost a year and your posts never fail to delight. Do consider making a book of your posts...perhaps all it needs is the right structure,for example, a month of French pastries, or more a travelogue of your favorite places...just ideas, anyway!

Sue said...

Mmmmmm...lots of good veggies there--they probably catch my eye more than the pastries do these days, thankfully! Sounds fun, Carol--love your paintings and the portrait of him is spot on.

Parisbreakfasts said...

He looks like the classic farmer...

Madonna/aka/Ms Lemon of Make Mine Lemon said...

It would be nice to have them delivered, but then again I have fear of missing out, especially when it comes to food. Are the fruits and vegetables organic? We are having problems with people getting sick from inferior growing practices.

Parisbreakfasts said...

They are not 'organic' but small specialty crops grown on his farm

La Table De Nana said...

Even people your paint perfectly..So charming!!
I love markets Carol..I think I bought have purchased those spices also.
:)Your granny apple is wonderful..I painted a small bowl of small green apples this morning as I simmered my apples for jelly..and now see even more evidently how they are so awful..

Bravo..comme toujours~

NataliaR said...

Your watercolors are wonderful and absolutely capture those gorgeous veggies.
I was especially drawn (sorry for the pun) to the oueufs plein air. Had no idea that they describe these the same way as paintings (plein air).
Another terrific post,Carol.
Thank you!

Louise said...

There is always so much more to Paris! I hadn't heard of this lovely supplier. Your paintings of him are so delightful. It's great that you get around to so many different markets, we got to visit two markets on the last trip- Bastille and blvde raspail.

Nikon said...

I like that second shot - the shot of Thiebaut arranging his table of veggies; nice portrait.
I wish I had some of that chicken, too ;)

tina @ colourliving said...

All very yummy!
Your watercolours are always charming.

On Friday night I was thinkng of you and a Rotisserie chicken. I would have killed for one....:-) Have a great week x

Jeanie said...

Lynn Rosetto Caspar (Sp) was just talking zucchini flowers on The Splendid Table yesterday with all sorts of good ways to prepare them!

What a grand time to be at the market -- love markets; can't get enough of them! And I especially love your painting at the top. I don't think I've ever seen you paint people before! Terrific!

sukicart said...

Love this post - you do people so well, please do more!

Cara Black said...

Those tomatoes and Nyons olives....salivating!

365 Dresses said...

Love your watercolor of him. Just perfect. Veggies look really delicious as does the chicken.

Carol Gillott's Watercolor Student said...

Hi Carol!

I wonder if I should send you my macaron watercolor card. I painted it for a bridal shower this weekend.

I might be your best student EVER!

I created it by following your tips, so I owe you a big thanks.


Parisbreakfasts said...

Big congrats!