Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Mr. Propre

I'm posting at the Apple store ' cause my wifi is acting wonky but yesterday was CLEAN UP DAY at the old apartment!
Ta Da!
Of course I know zip about French cleaning products ahem...
And my landlady had like a million foams and sprays and powders but what do you use where? No instructions were left for me ;(
I resorted to my old fav, white vinegar. When her son came to inspect I was severely chastised. He ran his finger around the sink. It came up white! "This is NOT clean". At least it didn't come up black...what do I know about cleaning? I'm lucky I wasn't arrested on the spot and sent off in the pannier de salade or paddy wagon. I could be posting from a French jail today. I bet they have wifi. Oh well c'est la vie.
Yesterday morning I had to stop in Galeries Lafayette before plunging into cleaning fluids etc.
Natch I ran up to the fabulous gourmet department for a quick browse...
I'm starved for visual pastry inspiration with the August hols.
Fortunately I just looked and didn't touch. I'm on a sans sucre/sans chips regime for the month.
I also had to pass by Notre Dame...
People lined up like eclairs...
But not as pretty.
This morning I went to my new pool in the 19th. Isn't it stupendous? A good way to wash away all the scolding too...do you believe this French woman on the Metro in her high suede boots? That's Paris.


  1. Carol,

    Buy Genie wash in the tube for hand washing. It is the best, I always buy three or four tubes and carry them back to California (although that was in the days where you could have two huge suitcases and no extra charges).

    Susan Levine

  2. PErsonally i adore Ace ,double use x clean and whitening wc ,floor etc and in the whyte clothes . very cheap and very good stuff!

    gnammi gnammi oh how can you stay without sugar x a month!???in Paris too...I couldn't do it..but Iam very lucky I can eat lots of pastry and food without put on a gramms...thanks mummy!!!!

    adorable post as usal and great pics ,thank You!!!

  3. I really, really hate being scolded, even if I am guilty. :)

  4. I always say right away..:"you are right..I am sorry"
    Our products... in QC.. have to be written in French so this is the norm for me..
    That pool looks GREAT.Brings back very youthful memories.
    Cleaning...I use baking soda.. vinegar.. but some products..I admit I use for the scent..Mrs Meyers..I stock up in the states.
    PS I once wore OVER the knee black suede boots with hot pants.
    I now wear..long skirts and flat naturalizers..flip flops..ballerinas..flat boots.

    Bought a color wheel today to replace my old one ..and.. it was one of my grandson's 8th bday..one of his gifts?
    A hamster..
    Name? BEAR.
    I told them all about you:)

  5. Carol, best wishes to you in your new home. M Propre does look a lot like that retro fellow Mr Clean. Trademarks must have very long lives.

    As August arrives, do you notice lots of Parisiens leaving town? I am thinking you might do some fashion reportage from one of the train stations.

    Over here in NYC, a Look for young folks with great legs involves boots with tiny shorts. I can think of many inspirations for this Look, most of which predate the birth dates of the boot-wearing ladies.

    At least the current weather is cool enough to make the concept wearable.


    1. Almost all the fashionably hip have left town
      It's the doldrums but ill see what I can do

  6. We once lived in army housing on an army base....when a family moves out of military housing, they are inspected by military inspectors....very particular inspectors. I have heard many horror stories of failing inspection, not being able to leave the base on time, forfeiting all future promotions, huge fines....in short, we hired the usual crew of professional army cleaners. These are civilians who live near army posts and know exactly what will be inspected and what you need to pass. They charge a lot of money, but guarantee you will pass, no additional charges, no matter how may times they have to re-clean to pass inspection. Whew! It still puts me into a cold sweat.
    And I am so impressed by your dedication this month! Those gorgeous greens are calling to me.

  7. Picky Picky Picky..Did you give him one of those French shrugs and pout??:)Nice pool. Hope you enjoy your new digs.

    1. Oh Hell...I forgot the Galic shrug ;((

  8. I'm usually lost if the label doesn't offer some sort of clue, like a pic/image. However, a photo of a toilet probably won't do much for sales.

    Enjoy your new place...love the piscine! xx Katie

  9. cyndi from SD10:36 AM

    No sugar for a month. I've done that, but not while I'm in Paris. Though, the good news is, those pastries will be waiting for you in Sept.
    Have a wonderful SF day.
    By the way, in April the stores here had SF peeps . A little scary, but not bad if that's all you can do.

  10. Carol, you're too funny--I am laughing out loud at the white residue you left--I'm with you--better than black dirt! You must be excited. Is the pool near your new place? I may have missed that if you said so--sorry. Very nice. Good luck with the big move! Sounds great.

  11. The pool is a 7 minute walk by the park. It was pouring today so the pool was near empty. My locker did seize up and wouldn't open but an attendant helped me get my clothes back! ;))

  12. Hoping you will enjoy your new place!Not to mention the pool! A 7 minute walk sounds almost ideal, especially because it such a great one!
    You are a brave lady to face cleaning your old apartment without any sugar to brighten the day!
    When we moved out of our place (near the Parc du Prince),the landlord(and his wife) were nothing short of a pain in the derriere.In retrospect it almost makes the memory more humorous (almost).


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