Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Speculoos Last Day Indulgences

Lundi 4 fevrier Leaving Paris
Does this happen to you?
Your last day of a trip (I have to return to NYC for visa paperwork etc.)you decide you're going to indulge yourself and have something you've been longing to taste (in my case anyway it's usually food). This divine tarte au pomme is from Secco and thanks Gawd they didn't have the mini 5 euros size available. But this tarte is out of this world Fab. I have tasted this tarte FYI on several unforgetable occasions. 
Next Paris indulgence please
SPECULOOS spread or tartiner.
I have been eyeballing this almost daily in every supermarche I enter (I enter many being a fan). Interesting tidbit of information - all supermarches seem to stock the tartiners on the bottom shelf, so you have to kneel down to find them (and praise them appropriately I suppose...).
My booty at the Monop checkout counter lovingly arranged.
Simply flatten your croissant to fit in the toaster.
Then proceed to slather with the Speculoos spread = sheer unadulterated heaven IMHO.
A little background info - my father was a big gingerbread fan (a not so distant cousin of Dutch Speculoos) so naturally I feel a deep genetic attachment to this cookie/spread. Am I wrong? Speculoos ingredients:
flour, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg.
David Lebovitz did an homage to speculoos spread all fans shouldn't miss.
Yesterday I saw TWO dogs of the day!
Stuff like that happens on the day of your departure doesn't it?
I took the relaxing scenic bus to Gare du Nord for RER B.
Bye bye Eiffel Tower, I'm now a big fan.
My bus even goes past Opera Garnier..miam. A tip about taking the RER B to CDG. They now have sort of conductors in red jackets and caps to make sure you get on the correct train standing at the boarding doorways. They do not board the train. There is now a 20 minute non-stop ride to CDG!(9.50 euros)Yay!
My near empty suitcase gets checked in at Air France/CDG
Bear oogles some other bears in Duty-Free but he doesn't get to fulfill his last day indulgence malheureusement.

We both can't resist the quiche at Exsis..
In the AF departure lounge a last silhouette of Paris..
Happily the AF plane is near empty and we get to snooze all the way home back to NYC.
Cross yr fingers for us today/croisez les doits.


  1. Lucky You!!! I fly at least 3-4 times a year and the plane is always packed! Your post made me a little home sick but as always it was entertaining.

    1. It's the RETURN journey that works this way Maryanne
      You have to catch the last flight out on a Monday or tuesday nite.
      All CDG was pretty much empty.
      No one wants to arrive home late in the evening but it's sooo worth it.

  2. Welcome home Carol
    Here is the right orthograph…:”Croisez les doigts pour moi «

    Speculoos is the flavor of the year.

    Check TJ’s has a spread but it is not soft enough but not bad…

    Enjoy NYC.

  3. Safe travels!
    Maybe see you in NYC?
    Buster says hi

  4. Absolutely love these tidbits about Paris.

  5. Maria Lucia in Brazil9:45 AM

    Have a nice trip to NY!!!!!

  6. Doreen9:45 AM

    BooHoo, no more Paris breakfasts?

    1. Who says Doreen?

      I'm not/PB on strike or anything though France has left a deep impression on me...

  7. Lovely views of your Paris life, Carol!
    Keeping my fingers crossed that your paperwork will take as little time as possible,

  8. I can almost taste the Speculoos right now. I had read David's writeup so we got some at the Monoprix - only had 4 breakfasts to eat the whole thing as we were flying somewhere with carry on - yum! and we did it (well I did it - my husband looked on in amazement). And thanks for the other way to get out to the airport - we had always taken the Roissey bus. Sounds like a change of address for you??? That means even more Paris breakfasts for you to write about??? Looking forward to your further adventures!

    1. Oh I love you Speculoos story Silly!
      Yeah you can get caught in traffic if you take the bus and this new non-stop RER B is A snap and secure
      Relaxing too

  9. Definitelly wishing you & Bear good luck! Does he have a tiny visa, Bear? I would love a not-full plane...Nice to know about the assistance on the RER. Last time it was some French passengers who noticed I wasn't on the right train & they helped me make it right!

  10. Ohh, Specaloos! One my favorite reminders of traveling to France! You can now find them here in the U.S at Safeway, Walgreens and CVS, just ask if they don't have them they'll order them!

  11. Bought my own tarte aux pommes from Secco today. (I might share.) I'll try the speculos spread based on your recommendation. I've stayed away from the spread here because I hated Nutella so much when I tried it. But you've never disappointed me with your tastes...Hurry back!

  12. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I love your blog so very, very much. I love your drawings, your text
    and photos and above all your spirit. You have carved out such a
    lovely life for yourself - well done.

  13. That quiche looks amazing:)

    Timely post..we were in Mtl yesterday..and stopped by La Vieille Europe so I could by the Lotus Speculoos(aas) cookies and spread to make a special birthday cake:)! I actually have those 2 exact items right here..
    Not Paris..no Bear..but the spread and cookies:)

  14. chez Lindy3:26 PM

    FYI re Speculoos Spread - available in NYC!! yes. all over.
    Pain Quo. and other places.
    A Visa??? Are you moving there - ooooooooh you are so lucky!!!

    1. I've definitely oogled Pain Quotidienne's speculas spread Lindy but resisted...sticker shock I guess

  15. Welcome home to you, Carol, and many thanks for all your fabulous French reporting.

    Here is a coincidence. As I began reading this post, I was sipping Darjeeling tea, and doing a bit of dunking of a freshly bought Speculoos (from Trader Joe's.) I had never before tasted these cookies.

    Like Elizabeth, I hope to get to see you while you are in town.


  16. We love Speculoos,,, normally in biscuit form, not tried the spread yet,. We remember Speculoos from our childhood when we used to live in Holland/Germany .. and have never forgotten the taste :-)

  17. Btw .. Love the little drawing at the top . with the RER B ligne ... that is the train I take to my friends house :-)

  18. Those opening sketches are such a great addition to PB!
    Fingers crossed for you and Bear!

  19. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Lotus makes "Biscoff" cookies & spread for the US which I think are the Americanized version of Speculoos. Both items are in Wal-Mart & a number of grocery chains!!
    Your blog is so much fun, thanks for taking us on your lovely trip to Paris.

    1. Oh why have I never lived near a Wal-mart?

  20. Wow--that plane looks great! Safe home. I make really good gingersnap cookies--the kitchen smells heavenly, but I usually send them off to Eric so I won't eat them all . He loves 'em.

  21. Ah Speculoos! I bought Speculoos spread in Texas about 18 months ago- my one and only taste, so far. There will be more this year. I love your audacity at smearing it inside a croissant! I would never have thought of that. Now I know that I need to try it.....I am so jealous of your empty flight. No flight from Australia to Europe ever seems to be less than packed.

  22. Anonymous10:30 PM

    I had a Speculoos lava cake at "Merci" a restaurant in Bordeaux. I have researched it but have not come up with a duplicate yet.


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