Wednesday, February 13, 2013

L'Echarpe Rouge

Samdi 9 fevrier l'Escharpe Rouge

Everyone thinks they have to don a chloe bag or Jimmy Choo heels to make a hit in Paris and blend in, when in fact you simply need a red scarf/l'esharpe rouge. It's that simple.

I couldn't begin to shoot all the red scarves I saw in Paris...
And it's not just women wearing the classic red scarf. Men are evident everywhere wrapped in rouge.
I had no idea what a lucky thing it was when I picked up a red scarf for a mere 10 euros on rue Vavin - perhaps the best Paris fashion statement I own.
Really a touch of red some where on your person is nothing new. We have plenty of historic reference to prove it.
The French bearing a touch of red goes back quite a ways.
I love this tiny thumbnail sketch of 19th century plein aire artist, Eugene Boudin, who is responsible for getting Monet to paint outdoors. Note all the touches of red on these beach goers at Deauville.
Red boots on the bus with a black cuff = perfection.
Just a red beret will do you and not break the couture bank.
Wearing a touch of red underneath it all could do I suppose especially so close to Valentines Day
Accessorising yourself with a red-garbed pup is fine in Paris. It's all in the details as author Harriet Welty Rocheforte of Joie de Vivre notes. By the way you will not find Harriet without her signature tomato red scarf.
Eating a red petits fours by Sadaharu Aoki won't help your fashion rating or your hips in Paris but this special edition for Valentines Day looks worth it.
As a last gasp effort if there is no red in your wardrobe, grab a red lollypop or sucette. The French have an insane attachment to lollies I have yet to figure out. Age is of no consequence when it comes to eating a lolly and almost de rigeur. I've been doing research on this phenomenom but so far have come up empty. Please elucidate me if you have a clue.


  1. I see red ballet flats and think of you the red scarves too..
    I nice touch of red can brighten up anything:)
    And it suits you so well.
    TL looks wonderful the way you painted him Carol.

  2. I stopped wearing red scarves when there was a fun song in the UK saying 'that red scarf matches your eyes!' Ahem. I'll definitely take that Aoki Sensuelle pastry with the mac, though! Love how you open my eyes to what people are wearing around us, Carol.

    1. That sounds sooo British to me..'red eyes'

  3. "Le Rouge et le Noir" (Stendhal.) The Parisians' favorite duo... As always, fun post, and great photos to illustrate it. Hope all is well in NYC and you don't miss Pareee too much. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. -So true, Carol! You do a post, and I realize---oh yes, it is true---and I see the RRH all over. And now the red scarves. I love my red scarf and black coat, too. Great post. The guy on your sketch looks better than the original.

  5. Carol, I've been having fun reading about red scarves and tiny always, much inspiration to be found right here!

    This afternoon I'll be sure to pull out my now "vintage" long red cashmere scarf for a visit to the Met.

    I will have a look at Ms Khoo's book. Its concept intrigues me.


  6. If only red didn't completely mis-match my complexion. But I suppose I can always go stand by one of the red awnings in Paris! I love that combination as well as red & black, the neutral buildings with the splashes of red. Maybe all those people wearing splashes of red add to the harmonious color scheme of Paris! Here's a question: Many red scarves, but are you the only woman with red glasses?

  7. Love red scarves!
    Those sweet treats look so good!

  8. jessica caffe1:47 PM

    Carol , I can't live here without my red ballerinas... make my day more colorful!!! With a better mood!! And now I found a REd bumps too ... just like DOROTH IN MAGICIAN OF Paris red shoes are magics!!! in fact the RED can match with all everytime =) A little spot of light in your day...=)

  9. That IS a mystery re the lollipops. Perhaps an icon of a childhood French book or film that brings the feeling back like Madeline's turned up hat. Now I want to know, too. For me sugar=cancer it's very minimally consumed.

  10. Anonymous5:33 PM

    As far as the lollipops go, it is because they are orally fixated. I say, better for them to suck on those lollipops than cigarettes which kill others too. Second hand smoke is omnipresent in Paris in case you haven't noticed. Laurie

    1. Oh dear..perhaps I should have kept my Trap shut

  11. I love the opening sketch (as always!).
    I like the red boots, & beret shots, too - and all of the vintage poster art.
    I won't say anything about the lollipops :)

  12. Red is always a good thing--especially in the drab winter months, a pop of red is cheerful. Love this, Carol, and of course your beautiful sketches up top here. Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. Love all the reds. I wish I felt good in red but for some reason I put it on and take it right off. but on others its wonderful. Are you still in NY?

  14. Trés rouge, trés belle!!! Happy V day Carol x

  15. Have you actually seen adults licking a lolly in public, red or not?

  16. I think of you now each time I see someone looking stylish with a red accessory- no matter what it is. I love how you bring such a range of things together in these posts.


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