Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Montparnasse

Mardi 27 fevrier
I'm thrilled to visit Montparnasse
You experience an area of Paris in a fresh new way. I thought I knew the 14th arrondissement
It has tons of little quotidienne details that stop you in your tracks and you say to yourself "of course!"
Loaded with historical references especially artistic ones:
Virtually penniless painters, sculptors, writers, poets and composers came from around the world to thrive in the creative atmosphere and for the cheap rent at artist communes such as La Ruche. Living without running water, in damp, unheated "studios", seldom free of rats, many sold their works for a few francs just to buy food. Jean Cocteau once said that poverty was a luxury in Montparnasse. First promoted by art dealers such as Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, today works by those artists sell for millions of euros. Back then they used them to barter a meal in a cafe.
Black's myTwisty-turny and convoluted as a Parisian balcon. The tension rises to a breaking point in Montparnasse. A hidden Modigliani painting is stolen. Russian oliogarchs are involved. Murder in the Metro. Lots of racing about in Metros and taxis. Plus Aimee is looking for her long lost mother missing since she was eight.
Private detective Aimee is of course hired to find the lost Modigliani.
Black can be nclude museums in the area plus artist references. Whose been to the Antoine Bourdelle musee raise your hands. I hadn't but it reeks of atmosphere and includes his atelier where Giacometti studied among other notable sculpturs.
Aimee dropinto countless cafes drinking countless express and Perroquets...this one on rue Daguerre (known as village Deguerre - a fabulous long and mostly pedestrian rue you could miss in the blink of an eyelash). I love it that Black names names. Sleuth out all her locations and have a mad adventure doing so. Merci Cara!
And I'm a big fan of Black's atmospheric writing. A few examples:

As the taxi sped over Pont Alexanre III, she called Saj. 

She passed a rain-beaded plaque that listed Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp as one-time residents on the painted geranium-fronted hotel. A former one star, the hotel had now jumped to three stars for the remodeled ambience.

I could go on and on quoting Cara

Now to get down to the nitty gritty.

Here's your chance to “Win A Killer Trip to Paris” with Cara Black as your guide for 7 days visiting all the ins and outs of Aimee's adventures in every book. This sounds so terrific, I'd love to try for it. You can enter the sweepstakes by buying Murder Below Montparnasse before the publication date on March 5.

Cara's Coton de tutear is not part of the sweepstakes but he definitely has good taste in reading. Win this prize PBers!


Barbara Lilian in France said...

You really sound as if you're 'in seventh heaven' an English expression. You've found the place to be. Have fun finding all these new places.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Paris has become even more of a adventure than I expected. So much fun to discover new

365 Dresses said...

You do make me want to read the book! I bought the first one, but haven't started it yet. I LOVE books that make me shut out the rest of the world.

Merisi in Vienna said...

You really have hit the ground running, Carol!
Every day another delight that makes me wonder why in the world I have not been to Paris yet. And now I am even lusting to read a murder mystery, a genre not on my reading radar!

May today be another one filled with joy and adventure in Paris,

Kikka N said...

Thank you...I think I have to order this book!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Thanks M!
Paris full of adventures come!

Cara Black said...

Merci Carol - I love the drawings: the Russian nesting doll, .Chanel No. 5, FYI the title is MURDER BELOW MONTPARNASSE

La Table De Nana said...

You are living your dream.
Love it~
And your Matryoshca:)

marie said...

Private detective Carol, after your "Russian dolls" hectic inquiry about Aimée/Cara,
you may like to read "Murder on the Eiffel Tower" written by Claude Izner (2003 in France, 2008 in Usa) first of 11 volumes about "Les enquêtes de Victor Legris" ?

Kikka N said...

Carol: It is me again :) I rushed to the bookstore and ordered this book ... they said I have to wait two weeks! Can you imagine?

Parisbreakfasts said...

Well that's embarrassing...
I'm dyslexic.
Does that make any difference?

Parisbreakfasts said...

Dear Kikka,
If you preorder on line (the pub date is March 5...I should have said) you get a chance to enter the sweepstakes and a free trip to Paris

Amy said...

Another book that's going on my list!

Marilyn Miller said...

I did enjoy the last book you recommended, so this one is now on my Wish List too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait!
I've preordered!

Sue said...

I love that you're planning your next adventures from novels. So "Carol." ;)))) Have fun!!

Vivian Swift said...

I'm adding rue Daguerre to my TO DO list for my next trip to Paris -- and Murder Below Montparnasse to my reading list.

Merci for the inside info!

French Heart said...

Sounds like Nancy Drew for grownups! I used to devour those the first day they came out. Can't wait to read her books!