Thursday, June 21, 2012

Macaron Miscellany

Just a bit of this and that macaronesque micellany today for you to chuckle over, if not munch.
My favorite charm on my fav macaron bracelet from the Manu at Salon du Chocolat.
Christolphe Roussel always pushing the macaron envelope when it comes to new creations, like this mac-pop-cone especially for a summer's day like today!

Again genius Roussel came up with a macaron makeup kit for Mother's day.
Merci Jerri-Ann for alerting me to these adorb macaron soaps over on Etsy. what would I do without PB readers to keep me supplied with macarons up the whazoo?
This macaron looks a bit soapy doesn't it? Well a clam shell would make the perfect soap dish since the meringue lids are called 'coque' or shells.
French Amazon is offering a new baking gizmo - Lékué - Tapis à Macarons - to help you get perfect shells or coques. Who knows if it works, ahem.
Want to play with your food instead of eat it?
Click on the link for patissier Fresson and tap away on the macs.
Also at Fresson - the newest soiree treat - macaron pyramids. Piece monte seem to have disappeared from Paris windows.
Patissier Gerard Mulot has joined the pyramid gang.

Or there's always a plain old box of 6 or 8 to keep you happy.
Watch my absolute favorite macaron movie at Fauchon.

I wish the mouth would open occasionally and take a bite.
munch munch munch



  1. Mmmmmmhhhhh! Yummy!!! What a beautiful miscellany!

  2. Talk about a mac attack! The very best way! Does Fauchon really put their name on their mac shells? and how? Can I eat the makeup in one sitting? Where do I get the support for a pyramid (my new display of choice)? and if 1+2+3+4+5+6+= 28 x 4 sides, how many batches must I make to get 128 good looking macs? How many extra must I make for "research"? These are pressing matters!

  3. I love Christolphe Roussel make-up kit, but the mac-pop-cone gives me a tummy ache by just looking at it. Or is it meant to least for a (French) month? ;-)

    The "Lékué - Tapis à Macarons" could be a fine tool for the discerning home baker. It looks as if it could keep the macarons in shape, very Frenchie, and sweet how it is made of silicone platinium!

  4. I feel like that little chick, staring at some cookies.

    1. So perceptive of you Amy to notice Yellow Bird's state of deep hypnosis..

  5. Your box of 10 is the best.

    How neat all the things you find to show us..I guess I'll never stop repeating myself..That brand for the very good.. wonder if it works..
    I like the just normal way though when you are in the mood to make them.
    I still like my little kit..even if I just look at it lately:)

    1. I looked at my kit forever...
      Never got up the nerve but it was fun buying it...
      c'est la vie

  6. Oh what bliss to be floating on a macaron! (I watched your favorite macaron movie.)

    1. Yeah isn't that a hypnotic, dreamy video...
      Serenity NOW + macarons.

  7. Great selection of photos - and your watercolors.
    I like the makeup kit and the clamshell....

  8. Your first painting is a real cutie ! Macaron's are really heavenly, coffee ones are my favourite !!

  9. Love both of your paintings. Especially like the box of Macarons. I'll have the Chocolate one please. :)

  10. Love the soaps. And love your "Macaron Miscellany" title!

  11. I am just like little chickie when contemplating a plate of macs. Especially when confronted with many wonderful flavors! I want that pan! altho I suspect the humidity & heat here is still my worst Mac making enemy. Not sure I like the pyramid racks, sleek, but not as elegant as the traditional. I'm ordering the soaps. Appropriate for cleaning up after next Mac disaster!

  12. I love the macaron charm.
    Where can grab one?
    My bracelet needs one really bad

  13. Anonymous5:48 AM

    wow- you're so creative
    and the photos are beautiful!
    I love macarons!!


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