Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eclair-A-Day Diet

Deux eclair, watercolor, 9 x 11
Steph wrote me this morning and inspired today's post,
"chocolate eclair over cake ANY fact, I did so much walking in Paris a couple years ago, I made it a point to eat an eclair a day - I would walk it off anyway.
Does it get any better?
True you will have to walk if off in Paris. Also true you will have to hit all the best patisseries for this diet to be effective, starting here with Sadaharu Aoki and his matcha tea eclair.
Next stop - an eclair pistache - I must try this.

La Maison du Chocolat has this artfully designed eclair.

The once delightful patisserie La Bonniere de Buci had giant 12" eclairs for 4-5 people on le regime.

Gerard Mulot offers two flavors at his 6th arr. not-to-be-missed neighborhood patisserie. Only one-a-day PBers!

If eclairs are an anathema to you, why not substitute Angelina's macalons'.
Two equal one eclair.

You could just hangout at Eclair Central. i.e. Fauchon.
It doesn't have to be an 'Eclair Weekend' but it wouldn't hurt.
Christophe Adam-Fauchon Drawing by Fauchon chef Christoph Adams
For the eclair-obsessed, this is the place for you.

The most inventive eclairs on the planet are at Fauchon, so if you want some variety in your eclair regime French  is the place to go.

The pictures tell the story.

Better than I can.

Get online PBers and order that eclair.
Part of the deal - wear your eclair-ballerinas.I haven't figured out yet if you're allowed to eat anything else besides eclairs on this diet. I'm working on it. As soon as I get packed and on the plane and and and
(Today is a repost. merci cg)


  1. Gulp!
    This is the most wonderful blog I have ever met.

  2. they should make some eclairs the shape of ballerinas!!!!!!

    1. THAT IS A SUPER IDEA Jan!!!!!

      merci carolg

    2. At first I thought that was what those were in the last photo!
      there you go, you move to paris and make them.

  3. Love your watercolors. Your washes are so clean.

    1. You do 'Clean Washes' Linda superbly!
      The trick is not to let the brush hit the bottom of the water jar where all the pigment settles.

      David Dewey works with FILTHY water and gets the cleanest washes.

  4. yum yum yum! I love your photos and your beautiful watercolor. YUM!!!

  5. steweill12:05 PM

    Nice post today! Éclairs are my fave french pastry. I hope for an eclair weekend to rival jour de la macaron!

  6. They look absolutely delicious ! Love the designs with the icing. Checked out the Fauchon web, the chocolate looks heavenly !!

  7. This is a diet to love!... xv

  8. They are all works of art:)Especially yours~

  9. I actually prefer to devour your paintings of eclairs rather than eat them. Just as pleasurable and zero-fat!

  10. Yes, your shoes should match your pastry.

  11. I needed a pastry infusion! What a collection of photos! The Fauchon eclairs look so good.....
    Great watercolor!

  12. You had me at eclair a day - forget the diet part! And the eclair shaped macs are simply divine!

  13. Yumm.. I love eclairs. Also that painting. All good enough to eat. :))

  14. Safe travels to you, Carol.

    I think I will be dreaming, in technicolor, about all these eclairs. My oh my!


  15. i ate a full breakfast just an hour ago and i'm drooling over the eclair photos! when i go to Paris, i must make it a point to taste an authentic Parisian eclair.

  16. I have to agree with Linda Davick. Paris Breakfast, I wait for your scrumptious post! I think we need to declare an eclaire holiday....a celebration of the eclair. I declare an eclaire!!

  17. I am hungry for eclairs now. At Fortnum and Mason in London, I saw some Rose eclairs. So beautiful and delicious. In Paris, I enjoy the eclairs at Fauchon. I would love to try the others presented in your blog post.

  18. I looove eclairs! Unfortunately I didn't eat enough of them during my recent trip to Paris..
    & I'm so glad to have found your blog. I really love it :]

  19. Magnifique...

    Belle journée


  20. Carol, I must admit I am rather partial to an eclair and what a beautiful and colourful selection you have posted but the watercolour you have painted is my favourite...what a talented lady you are.


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