Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paris ♥ Lunettes

 If you can tear your eyes away from street level vitrines and look up...
 You'll note an amazing variety of lunette signs
 Quite abstract they are too...
 And graphically sophisticated
 Unless you're fond of Floridian jazzy numbers...
 A transparent sign with iconic eyeglass symbols
 A nice combination of lunette symbol and typography
On-the-wall sign alerts you they are open Mondays too
 L'art de Voir - what a competition of both signs and shop names
 Les enfants de Paris get their own lunette shops if this is a child...it could be a shrunken adult or a child posing as an adult..qui sait?
 Woody Allen's glasses iconically announce a play
 Even chocolate Easter eggs at Fauchon get lunetted

 The proprietor of this Marais shop yelled at me for taking a picture of her sign.
And her quite unique lunette though it was well past closing time. She raced inside to shut off the lights.
Trop tard! Are there as many lunette shops in Paris as patisseries?
And her quite unique lunette though it was well past closing time. She raced inside to shut off the lights.
Trop tard! Are there as many lunette shops in Paris as patisseries?


  1. Imagine closing the shop on you like that! Perhaps she saw the classy ones you were wearing and felt embarrassed.

  2. Great signs. I need more (or better) lunettes.

    The other night I had to wear TWO pair at once...one to see the TV show I was watching and another to see the knitting I was doing while watching TV.

    It was glamorous.

  3. Wow, that is amazing - how do you manage to take so many photos of such specific things?? How long did it take you to get all of these shots?

    Btw, when do you arrive in Paris?

    Hope all is well in your corner of the world!



  4. What a show, Carol!, Au Clair de Lunettes!

    You changed over to the new Blogger interface? Love the slide show!

  5. great idea ! unusual and interesting

  6. Smart you.I think it is an adult shrunk as a child..Or she is a Tiara baby:(

    Poor kids ..make up and tiaras at 2:(And stage moms.

    I love your collections..
    You wear very cool glasses:)

    It's funny how one can be inspired by so many things here..
    With my amazon.ca gift voucher I ordered a white watch:) I needed a watch and you said:)

  7. Who would yell at lovely Carol for photographing a sign. Little do they know that with your cool glasses and your blog, you're a great advertisement! What a grump.

  8. In Paris we can find every type of glasses these days but sunglasses ... poor weather for a few weeks ! Hope it will be better for you in July !

  9. Omg i loved the photos, i found them very funny and unique (; This is the first time I enter here, i'll come back i love your blog! (; xo


  10. The photo of the little girl is quite unsettling....but even worse, the shopkeeper turning off her lights! Ha! You beat her!

  11. I love the signs - especially the clear one.
    The shpowner that turned out the lights was trying to hide her selection of truly ugly frames :)
    I have to agree that the kid looks weird!

  12. I giggled out loud imagining the final scene. I appreciate your dedication to "je fais cque je veux!" on behalf of your readers. Merci!

  13. nice post..I really love your blog!

  14. How do you find so many interesting subjects to photograph? Do you see them at the time or later on when looking at your photos? So many 'themes' in Paris. Boggles the mind.

    1. 'themes' in Paris

      if I see something like 3X I figure it's a pattern and put a POSTIT up inside my head to keep on the lookout.
      It's like a scavinger hunt.
      Basically I think I make up these patterns, but I don't see them in NYC
      Maybe I would if I was NYTimes Bill Cunningham...

  15. You have to check out my photo of the jazzy glasses. Did you find that one rue Vavin? We lived on rue Vavin for 6 months and that sign intrigued me all the time...as did many others in the city!

  16. I hate getting yelled at in French. How do you risk it over and over again?!

    1. Hahahahaha
      Hey yr in France bebe
      GET OVER IT!
      it's de rigueur
      I just shoot and run.
      It makes the times when people are extremement gentil all the more preciousIMHO.


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