Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Color in Paris

 Oh the weather outside...
 Is frightful.
Well it has been in Paris for the past week, rain, rain, rain and going forward more rain.
 Is that why there are so many lashings of color scattered about like these colorful ballards near a kid's playground on rue du Bac?
 Colorful chaises sit out cheering one on as you wait for the #96 bus in the Marais. Merci chaises!
 Wildly colored legs I don't know where..?
 Bright plastic bagues/rings in the 11th.
 Same shop somewhere on rue Oberkamph had this Fab bracelet.
 Fauchon can be depended upon for serious lashings of color.to brighten Paris grey days.
 Colored dots galore.
Why not wear them if your feeling bleu?
 Paris grey/gris skies require au nom de la Rose for uplifting bien sur.
 A hopeful shop window in the upper Marais.
 I fell in love with this primary-colored kid's book, Couleurs Du Jour by Kveta Pacovska.

 It's a 2 1/2"  accordian thick book that opens both back and front = tons to look at and not a word written. Who could resist? I didn't. 
 A very narrow but bright little shop in the 15th.
Go paint Paris any color you want (but gris/grey) with this watch by AKTEO France Espace AKTEO
"A vous de plaire" Champs Elysées, 24 rue Marbeuf - 75008.
Hope the weather changes soon!


  1. I love that watch:) So cute.(Only in Paris?)

    Colorful post..you sure colorized the monochrome forecast for the next days:)

  2. You are in Paris, oh oh oh! Love the colors, love the Couleurs du Jour book...Love the contrast of the gray rainy Paris to les couleurs and even I love the colors in the 1st photo. Bravo!

    1. I wish..
      I am NOT in Paris but I keep hearing about the rain.
      And I collect color shots (easily) when I AM there.
      et voila!

  3. Paris is definitely a City of colour! So creative and very artistic.

  4. What colorful antidote to grey skies!

    Wished I could send you a bit of blue sky - Vienna's sizzling in the high 80s and the forecast is for more of the same until the end of June.

    To brighten your day, a bit of Ella Fitzgerald:
    I love Paris in the springtime .... I love Paris when it drizzles .....

  5. It rained when we were there, too, but became gorgeous for our Giverny stay.
    I want that watch.

  6. The first picture makes me want to hop a plane to Paris today just to catch the rain. Paris + rain + cafe with a good view of Paris in the rain = one happy girl.

    1. I suppose after 8-10 days of rain you might be a tad less enthusiastic...ahem

  7. I just needed that color today, as usual its a grey day here in the UK and my bright flowers in the garden got smashed with a storm. We have a good week in may just like last year and thats our summer. Keep thinking about learning a sun dance, anyone know one.

  8. Fashion color in Paris??? But..I thought...all black?!
    We got back 2 weeks ago, and actually lucked out on the weather...we must have been there the week between all the rain.
    Love the photos, love your blog!

  9. Shelley2:15 PM

    Delicious colors!

    Just catching up on yesterday's Draughtsman's Contract, about the thirds in painting. Very interesting to learn this, Carol, thanks. Just curious -- is this a guideline that's applicable to photography, too, putting the focus in the middle right or left third, rather than the center?

    1. ABSOLUTELY Gwinnie
      It's true for ALL flat 2-d composition.
      They use it in the movies too.
      That's why Carla Carlson, a photographer wrote about it! see above

  10. Those palette watches????
    I loved this colorful blog.Do you remember where you saw these great watches???

    1. RE: The Palette Watches
      Sorry I have NO IDEA where I shot those but they must be all over town.
      Pas cher.
      I thought they were silly since no numbers and I need numbers BAD or I would be forever late.

    2. RE: The Palette Watches
      If you ENLARGE the photo it says:
      Besancon AKTEO France
      Now follow this LINK!

  11. I want that watch!!!!
    When we painted our house orange and blue in Stinson, all the tonques were wagging. I loved those colors. Like the sunset over the Pacific.

  12. I am in Paris right now and can confirm the weather has been rather disappointing. An excellent way of describing it is "variable:" Clouds, sun, followed by some rain; then more clouds, sun, etc. Dommage. I noticed a lot of Parisians are still dressed in their trenchcoats and darker clothes too. Fortunately, everyone is determined to accessorize in bright colors to chase away la grisaille... Off to Nice at the end of the week. The weather should improve drastically down there... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Merci Veronique for the up-to-the-minute Mateo report!!
      Bon Voyage in Nice and France!!

  13. It was gorgeous on Sunday....but it has been very grey in Paris for a long time....but there's always a vin rouge to lift one's spirits...or a tart citron....or a trip to the Pompidou.

  14. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Bonjour Carol~

    I wanted to say Merci Beaucoup, dahling! I recently returned from a 3 week holiday in and around Paris, and if it weren't for you I may not have had the fun that I did!!

    I went on a food tour with Paris by Mouth (Meg rocks and so does goat cheese!), saw how macaroons were made with Meeting the French (I. Am. Addicted.), bought a colorful macaroon tee and then another for a friend, and overall simply enjoyed your suggestions while adoring The City of Light.

    We had a heat spell for 2 weeks and about died, only to be saved temporarily by the rains. Now I'm having major withdrawals and planning my next Parisian adventure!

    Love your blog, love your photos, love that I had a fabulous time thanks to your love of Paris :)


  15. Lucinda5:33 PM

    Love these sophisticated Kid's books.
    Nothing like it here in the US in my opinion unless I'm missing out on something.

  16. Well thanks to your rays of colour, you have brought back the sunshine! Kids are off the guides and brownies parties in flip-flops! Cheers to hear you back in town. You're there more than I am these days. Enjoy.

  17. I always thought of Paris as being all gris/grey. But you certainly make that a lie. You find color everywhere. Love the Roses and the blouses above them.

  18. Paris and London have very similar weather and I am officially SICK OF IT! It's June, we've had the longest day in the year yesterday and it's raining. Boo:(

    Your post is most appreciated in this greyish time.... colour pop!

    You know, I adore childrens books and the best collection you'll ever find in London is in the Tate Modern shop. Every time I'm there I just get so excited about it. Having said that the adult books are incredible too. My favourite for inspiration.

    I'm off to the V&A today to see Ballgowns: British Glamour since the 50's. No doubt their amazing book shop will also seduce me:)


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