Monday, June 11, 2012

Paris ♥ Bleu

 Collecting bleu shop facades won't cost you a thing other than the AF ticket over.
 There seems to be an unwritten law if you have a shop on the corner/coin.
 You must paint it cobalt/bleu de cobalt.
 This being France where there are rules for everything, including breathing probably.
 The bleu coin rule is surely written down
 Somewhere or other
 A bleu laundry open 7/7 makes perfect sense
 Saint James has been making bleu and white striped marinere shirts since 1889 so they have every right to paint their shops bleu
 This paint shop on rue Cler is the narrowist shop I've encountered yet
 Monsieur Poulet is in the running at 3rd for the narrowest shop
 Bijoux Blues jewelry shop in the Marais was the narrowest shop until I met up with Peinteur Cler
 Bright bleu must be an expansive color along with doubling your creativity, since the smallest buildings + this doorway are blue


  1. Thank you for making my blue mood BRIGHT blue!

    1. guess who else is bleu
      it's monday afterall...

  2. Great collection, Carol! I do love those blue shops all over Paris. "Monsieur Poulet" cracked me up. Do you think it is the owner's name or does he just like chicken? :-) Bonne journee. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. Lucinda10:54 AM

    Bleu for blue monday
    Perfectly cheering blues
    though I hear it's raining cats and dogs in Paris right now..I'm sure they'd love to be in sunny blue skies New York right now.

  4. How stunning... the collection of blue shades..

  5. Dear Carol,
    I hope all these beautiful memories of these gorgeous blues in Paris made your blues go away!

  6. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Hi Carol, I've never responded to your posts but I'm a subscriber and have enjoyed them for quite some time. Today's however inspired me to remark that I think the bleu you see so frequently around Paris is "Yves Klein bleu." As an artist you probably have heard of him. It's a very distinct shade and I had the pleasure of seeing his work when there was an installation at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, where I live. A Parisian friend, a docent, gave a tour of the exhibit so that I could understand what I was seeing (rather than just bleu blobs!). Yves Klein bleu. See if you agree! Amicalement, Lane

    1. Hi Lane,
      There has always been 'FRENCH BLEU'
      Ultramarine blue has been around way before Klein started rolling naked women around in blue paint.
      It's a classic French color

  7. Note being in Paris is making ME "bleu!"

  8. I love blue and you have provided :)
    (If it is Yves Klein bleu, then I'll run out & look for that!)
    I love the tiny shops....

  9. Honestly you are the most organized person! I am always impressed. It must be all that BLUE making your mind work in wonderful ways!

      the most organized person!
      You have no idea
      it's only because I'm so scattered I have all these mixed in with thousans of other pics.
      But the blues pop out

  10. Carol, the blue of your first photo reminds me of Yves Saint-Laurent's Majorelle Garden in Marrakech. I visited there in January, so it wasn't hot. Definitely a must- see, Easyjet and Ryanair have cheap flights. Just don't travel to Morocco alone.

  11. It's a great day for Paris Blues..I saw a different post about the same..Uncanny:)

    Love your blues..Even la buanderie is cute..

    Yves Klein blue...never knew!

  12. Why are the shades of blue so much more beautiful in Paris?! I guess the French do it right.

    1. It's the overcast grey light makes them and all other bright colors so intense.
      There IS a method to their maddness.
      In New York these would be washed out.

  13. Moi aussi, j'aime cette couleur bleue.

    You are continuing to inspire my traveling plans.


  14. French bleu all around this week!What happened to summer?
    Carla x

  15. Are you back in Paris?
    life here somewhat more peaceful

    Hoping to see you!

  16. I adore blue (': in art of the past is an elegant, classy and expensive colour, love the post (; xo

  17. Have just discovered your beautiful blog and am now following along. So enjoyed seeing your Paris Blues. I recently shared Paris Blues too. Hope you'll stop by for a visit. ~ Sarah

  18. There´s a lot of blue in Paris, I especially love the blue doors.


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