Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Free skates and free skating at The Pond at Bryant Park!



Marina Mott said...

Beautiful post!! Happy new year!!

red ticking said...

hi carol... i love bryant park and have never seen it more wonderful... thank you for posting these... happy new year... blessings to you in 2010! x pam

Annie said...

THANKS for the virtual visit to New York!
I feel like I am there with you!

maryellen said...

Fun, but I miss your watercolors. Are you painting through the
season? I’ll bet the images would have appeal.

God speed in the new year.


Food Walker said...

Skating in New York!
Excellent way to spend the holidays..

Anne-Laure said...

LUV the near-far perspective changes in this post...
And the big-little xmas trees are a delight!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

The ice skating looks like so much fun. Have you ever done anything on the TAVERN ON THE GREEN? I saw on GMA this morning that they are closing down for good. How sad. I think it was so beautiful.Seventy five years of history there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting a photo of that lovely Art Deco gas station. It was much appreciated. I also got a friend to subscribe to your blog after she was lamenting the loss of Christmas windows in the stores of San Francisco.
Cheers, Stephan

Rambling Tart said...

How WONDERFUL! :-) What lovely memories :-)

Parisbreakfasts said...

Cris I hope to go to the auction for TOTG..ahem
I have attented events there a long time ago but i don't plan to ring in the new decade at Tavern
No way

Nikon said...

Beautiful night shots, Carol - you really captured the atmosphere!
(I love your available light shots :)

MesvitrinesNYC said...

I wish I were there!

sue said...

Looks fun, CArol--did you skate? Stay warm!!

somepinkflowers said...


so clever the first shots
of people skating merrily*along
and then...




the little mailman walking
in the snow!

très bien fait!!


Marnie said...

love bryant park for skating and in summer for all the tables and looking

Anonymous said...

When I lived in NYC, Bryant Park was another "Needle Park." ... A lot of nodding out on park benches. Since it shares my last name, I'm all the more delighted to note its transformation. And skating mskes it even more terrific!! I love the Paris shots, enjoy the photography and the comments, but this one inspired me to write.
J Bryant

claudie said...

Dear Carol,
I'm new to your blog, and I ADORE IT. Your watercolours are STUNNING.
I have been stalking it all night long lol ...then I went to Paris, yes all by myself lol and stopped for the Macaroons.
Now I'm hooked also. Another beautiful indulgence for the palette.
I love N.Y. but Paris seems to be calling my name again. We were there in 1988 and again in 90' it's been awhile. I will be looking around a little bit more tomorrow. You have some great suggestions.
I have "featured" you on my New Year's post, but would love to feature you on Monday on my "favourite of the week. I hope you like it.
Happy New Year Carol.
Love Claudie
P.S. I'm in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada..only a 9 hour car ride to N.Y. That's why we go so often.
Oh and our fave eatery "tavern on the green" is now closed... : (

Ana Balbinot said...

Dear Carol,
I hope you have a wonderfull new year! With lots of joy,peace and harmony.

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Were you out there on your skates? Your shots don't wobble!