Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Jeff Koons at Versailles

Not by Jeff,watercolor , 5.5" x 7.5
More dogs, not French this time exactly...
...but by US pop art giant Jeff Koons on exhibit at Versailles

This really works in my opinion. I love the contrast of scale and all the shiny reflections of the surrounding Rococo reflective surfaces on Balloon Dog.
"Moon" (1995-2000) in Louis XIV's legendary Galerie des Glaces. I haven't decided on one...Hmmm There are 15 major Koons, one per room, occuping key spaces throughout the palace, all lent by a French collector.
Not by Koons and very appropriate.

"Rabbit", but on a pedestal that blends in to it's environment better than Moon.
"Michael Jackson and Bubbles" (1998) is a Rococo piece, but I'm not convinced it fits in.
At first this huge vase of flowers did not immediately say "Koons" to me

But then a closer look - could it be anything else?
The question is, does it fit into the gilded chamber of the late Queen Marie Antoinette's apartment?
Upon entry - this balloony pretzel-like piece.
You have until December 14th to catch the Koons exhibit at Versailles. Some purists cannot wait for it to leave and have already marched, protested and demonstrated outside the palace gates. C'est la vie.
"Hanging Heart" is done in high chromium stainless steel, weighs over 3,500 pounds and is almost 9' tall.
But doesn't it remind you of this tiny tin-foil covered chocolate heart?


  1. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Such restraint in the face of temptation... he by any chance stuffed

  2. "restraint in the face of temptation"
    Yes, yes, I want to have that...
    I must turn myself into a dachshund evidently....

  3. Anonymous8:01 AM

    oh this is so cute!
    Wonderful work!!
    I really enjoy your artwork.
    Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Anonymous8:58 AM

    When the balloon dog was voted first here, loads of people went mad but l like it and have a picture of it on my desktop.
    When it was at the Royal College of art everthing around it was reflected on it = it looked fantastic.
    The Michael Jackson sculpture wants throwing out - it looks awful there, but the dog and heart look beautiful against all that gold,
    Jill xx

  5. I love your watercolors. I too thought the sculpture was out of place. Until I got out my camera, and then they gave way to some interesting perspectives! I fell in love with Versailles!

  6. I am a big fan of Koons and I think Versaille is the perfect place for his grand, over the top, and inflated versions of life. I bet Louis and M.A.(you know, the Queen who lost her head) would have loved it---especially Michael and the monkey.;-)

  7. Hmm... Not sure what I think of it all but I DO love the Red heart and the painting. :) The balloon dog is growing on me. :))

  8. Totally works. Extravagant. Over the top. Yep. Works. When you said they were loaned by a collector I immediately saw that phone call, sure we could put them at Versailles for a few weeks. No problem.

    Where are they the rest of the time I wonder? LOVE the pink poodle.

  9. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Oh I love his work! Saw it just this fall in Chicago. Looks like they moved most of the pieces to France!

  10. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I was living in Paris earlier this year and I visited the collection in September.

    I LOVED that damn heart for some reason! I took about a million pictures in front of it. I just could not stop staring...

    The ballon dog is charming, so is the bunny, but that heart had to be my favorite.

  11. That giant heart makes me think of a necklace.

  12. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I'm with you about the "Michael Jackson and Bubbles" piece...

  13. I think works of excessive decoration belong together whatever their period.

  14. Anonymous12:01 AM

    I love those balloon animal sculptures. I've always wanted to see one up close.

  15. Anonymous12:02 AM

    I feel like getting a big needle now.....
    I want this for my son's next birthday.
    I also wanna scream "Hi Ho Silver!"

    Do you think this balloon hound will fly away when uninstalled from the base???

  16. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I saw Jeff Koons exhibit at Metropolitan museum back in Summer. There was a yellow balloon poodle instead of the pink one, so I guess he made 2? The sculptures were absolutely stunning!

  17. Anonymous8:03 PM

    The rumors are true: The Mistress is succumbing to dementia. She is commenting on blogs in her sleep. But just because I can, I shall now comment CONSCIOUSLY: That silver villain - the one with the long ears- NOTE that he is not free to roam at will, no! He is restricted to that glass cage, and with good reason! He has already absconded with a carrot - and not just any carrot but a SILVER carrot! Who knows what it's worth?

  18. Anonymous2:49 PM

    I thought the Koons exhibition was perfect at Versailles. Sometimes his pieces were the most sedate in the room. Especially when compared with the life sized golden candle women.

  19. I love how you connect the hearts and chocolate hearts etc. another fun post, Mlle.

  20. That dog gets everywhere!

  21. I think it's fabulous to have these works at Versailles! The Marcolini hearts are very delicious; we had them three years ago for Valentine Day with who you know.


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