Monday, December 08, 2008

Les Comptoirs Richard

Cafe au lait,watercolor on Etsy, 5.5" x 7.5
Another Paris shop today, this time a chain...well there are 5-6 boutiques

When I was leaving Susanne's apartment near the Eiffel Tower, she reminded me not to forget to look in the window of her favorite coffee shop on 145, rue Saint-Dominique - Les Comptoirs Richard 

Some of the best still life setups are sitting in their windows! As one who is always on the lookout for a ready-made still life, all I can say is, YUM! LOOK! A rosy pink teapot with matching rose (and pepper) chocolate bar to match! And those famous nournours - chocolate covered marshmallow bears. I keep missing these somehow..They're too plebian to show up at the salon du Chocolat
Paris hearts glass teapots like nobody else. I bought one a year ago and have yet to use it. But it looked so lovely sitting in Comptoir's window, who could resist? Paris hearts like crazy these tetsubin teapots! They are everywhere in every color. I bought one when I got home down on the Bowery in a restaurant supply place for 1/3 the price (since they aren't fashionable here...) I've yet to use that either...ahem
Here's a pale green gift basket with a violet tetsubin inside + an aubergine tea tin =YUM
Another tendance - the French heart these shaped sugars. All different shapes and colors for your tea soiree?
This I heart, since I drink hot chocolate every single day of the year - a lovely chocolatiere with a nice supply of Dolfin chocolate powders...yummy
Did they know I was coming? Look at this! A do-it-yourself-paint-your-own-tea set! Ok so it's doll size. I could go for that. All this and just in the window.
Can you imagine what waits inside? It was 10 in the evening so I didn't find out. But still a nice souvenir from Les Comptoire...


  1. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Merci for the GRAND dejeuner today!!!

  2. I could just envision you snapping away at all these lovelies, Carol. They're very "you." Love that pink teapot--that's very me, and I have little dessert dishes, teacups and saucers that could match quite nicely in that same pink. Your painting is wonderful--I'm quite fond of those white and red ones you do...I wish I liked hot chocolate--I make it for Joe but I don't care for it myself, sadly. Too bad, because I love all thet accoutrements associated with it! Such fun. Incidentally--go make some tea in that glass teapot! toute suite!

  3. Ahh window shopping without leaving home. I enjoyed that. Of course I love the pink teapot with chocolate bar but that blue cup in the second photo calls to me too.
    Thanks for the tour.

  4. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I will take one hot chocolate pot and 2 tetusbin pots, one in pink and one in pale green. They only seem to come in earthy colros here in America, dark greens blacks,etc. I love how other countries seem to have more fun with their crockery than we do. We seem to take it all terribly seriously.
    Love your blog so much. Thank you for scouting out such great shots and stories. Merry Christmas.

  5. That painting is to die for, seriously. So reflective and clear, those washes are some of your best.
    I was just thinking , it must take you twice as long to get from A - B places in Paris.. because all along the way there are just too many temptations. These are amazing windows. Just incredible still life. Are there schools and courses in France just for that you think?

  6. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I must tell you how much I enjoy your Paris Breakfast blog email. Your paintings and photos delight and inspire every morning. Thank you so much.

    The trouble is now that I MUST have those cups! And of course the Cafe Richard website is in French, arggggh. How would I go about ordering these cappuccino cups from them? Any ideas? I attached the set I want in the photo from your blog. I MUST have them! :)

  7. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Thanks so much for the wonderful breakfast today--you are amazing with pictures and words!!

  8. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I MUST have everything you've shown today!!!
    How can I save and hide $$$ under the bed if you keep this up?

  9. Anonymous11:30 AM

    I could use a cup of something warm - freezing in Paris!

  10. JANICE - Not at all. I run, run, run in Paris...never amble
    That's why I have a point n' shoot - so much faster.

  11. It's a very famous store in Paris! I like the glass tea pots. I should buy one !

  12. Love this painting!!

  13. That last cup photo is just your cup of tea.
    p.s. I LOVE the Cafe au lait painting. Sweet cubes of sugar.

  14. Thanks again for a wonderful post..oh I could do with a Hot Chocolate now. :-)

  15. Oh, I heart the water glass with the spoon on top, Viennese style! :-)

    All those lovely teapots would make me want to own them.

  16. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Teapots bought but not rewed? Would one be assuming too much to expect you to at least PAINT them? That would excuse you, however temporarily, from brewing in them....come to think of it, didn't you paint a tetsubin?
    Did you charge a design fee to Les C. for posing the teaspoon on top of the cup a la Paris Breakfasts?
    And what are the egg-shaped things next to the tetsubins? Tea balls? Most extraordinary.

  17. Anonymous9:21 PM

    i love your blog so much:) it's the type of things that i enjoy so much.

    that rose teaset is very nice.

  18. Beautiful images in this post, Carol.
    Love the sketch of the cup and I adore cafe au lait, you watercolor made me wish for my fave Paris Cafe.
    This is one of my fave posts of your ever as the images were so lovely.


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