Friday, December 12, 2008

Paris Grey Report

Terrie's Paris cafe bird,watercolor on Etsy, 5.5" x 7.5
Rain, rain, rain...
It's been non-stop rain here in New York for about 3 days.

It rained every single day I was in Paris - OK it drizzled, which is different than a New York downpour. I did not take an umbrella with me either.

I did wear a raincoat non-stop.

My dream house is this tiny grey guard house outside the Musee de Sevres...
The windows were again full of grey/gris this Fall....
Toute en gris... 

A giant grey scarf.

Smile! I use my copious scarf to hide my camera not reveal it.
Karl Lagerfeld came out with this charcole grey perfume called KAPSULE in a square bottle...Hmmm 

All food was grey before color printing came along...
Real grey-colored food. I still don't know what flavor macarons these are but does it matter? So that's the Grey report from Paris.


  1. I could also be very, very happy living in that little guard house ;)

  2. Anonymous9:30 AM

    You have got the UK rain we had it for 5 days but what come's next is cold cold cold, have 6 layers on now and l am inside,
    Jill xxx

  3. I am having a thing with gray this season. Everything I have to wear has lots of gray in it or IS gray. seems to fit the weather. Good to see I am in with Paris. :))
    Have always loved the Rainy day painting you posted by C. I can never spell his name. :)
    Also ove the painting.

  4. oops.. that is LOVE the painting. :)

  5. Ooh, Order two of those little guard houses! S'il vous plait. ;-)

  6. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Maybe those are Earl Grey macarons? That's the only thing I can think of...

  7. Those grey macarons are interesting! It was not only grey but a deluge of torrential rain yesterday here. Today, I had to head to work, and thankfully it was clear and sunny out. Hope your weekend is the same. Have a macaron for me, toots. Lovely images! Even grey, Paris is magnifique.

  8. sacre bleu--I meant to say I loved your bird!!

  9. I love grey! The wonderful way they serve as a backdrop for a splash of dramatic color.

    BUT...I"m not feeling a grey mararon!


  10. Love your themes. You always photograph clothes I yearn for like those striped grey wristlets or whatever those semi mitten arm warmers are.

  11. Anonymous7:56 AM

    I luckily stumbled upon your blog recently. I love it. It brings back memories of my first and only trip to Paris in the summer of 2007. I decided that spring that I needed to go to Paris and went by myself I have never done that before. I stayed in St. Germain at the Hotel Luttetia. It was the best trip of my life. I relieve my visit with your beautiful paintings and descriptions.
    Thank you

  12. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Check out the January issue of Martha Stewart Living -
    she's done an article on meringue and one of the recipes is for macarons (none are grey though..) - extrememly de-mystified.

  13. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Nice bird... a good addition to your series of animals + macarons. None of them seems to know what to do with the pastry.
    They need some directions!

  14. Anonymous8:01 AM

    The crow doesn't know what to do with a macaroon? Oh, maybe it's a Rement mini macaroon and he's already tried?!

  15. Anonymous8:03 AM

    He's trying to decide if it's worth the calories, I think, at the holidays when everyone is pushing food on everyone else. Fabulous bird.

  16. Laduree is just amazing!! I love everything "Laduree"style !

    Happy Weekend!

  17. Grey food = not particularly appetizing.

  18. Did my grey matter go AWOL?
    Or did Karl eat my comment?
    I am puzzled. Grey or Gray Anatomy,
    that is the question.

  19. Grey in Paris always looks so chic. Here in the UK it just looks grey

  20. you have the most beautiful blog, ive enjoyed every minute. my mini
    holiday to paris, please visit our blog...
    happy holiday

  21. Anonymous9:12 PM

    I, too LOVE the guard house - it's second only to a garden shed I spotted on a garden tour nearby. Do you think they'd notice if I moved in? Well, maybe not till spring.
    I've had my fill of gray - not one ray of sun all weekend :-(

  22. Although my days here are a winter grey..and very blah..I love all the grey that you show today! Since allowing my own grey locks to show up I have been wearing grey everything!
    Perhaps another shopping trip to Paris is needed here!


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