Monday, December 15, 2008

Xmas Birds

Xmas macaron bird,watercolor on Etsy sold, 5.5" x 7.5
I've noticed a lot of birds are out there fluffing up their plumage amidst the New York Christmas decorations...
They were first spotted hanging out on these holiday table settings by Baccarat, Bernardaud, and Christofle at the Alliance Francaise.
And even nesting on the table tops!
And billing and cooing in the silvery decorative trees above...
Over at Bernardaud, on Park avenue, the windows were full of even more birds.
Inside Berardaud these cardinals were snacking out of limited edition gold-plated cups and saucers.
Accross the street, the sandpipers have taken over...
Puffing their chests over the special Xmas table setting decorated with their portrait.
Over on Lexington Avenue, this bird sits proudly atop a tureen in the window, surrounded by peacock feathers...
Over at the Met museum (and not at all Xmas-related but for your information) I spotted another Sevres bird plate. I found out these plates were painted by Madame Pauline Knip in her studio from stuffed South American birds. Madame Knip, a specialist is ornithology, often retouched her work more than once and this plate took nearly 2 years to complete and involved 3 separate firings before completion.
This decorative cat in a Lexington Avenue shop window was keeping a close eye on all the surrounding decorative Xmas birds...just waiting to pounce.
This cat, in another shop window, was deep asleep on the job...kind of like where I'd like to be right now...


  1. As a birder and lover of felines..I love this post! tweet tweet and purzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. -^..^- NG

  2. If that bird in the painting dares to peck on those gorgeous macarons I say let one of those cats at 'em.

  3. Anonymous9:22 AM

    There's another CAT keeping a close eye on that white tureen bird..hmmm

  4. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Carol, the cat thats asleep looks like he has a hole through the base of his neck as l can see the carpet through it, have been looking at it all ways lol

  5. Cute birds--gotta' love them. We've seen a lot of them lately--when the weather turns, they all show up for some reason: Stocking up on food before the big freeze, I guess! Sweet painting, Carol! That cat has the right idea, I think.

  6. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Very good one.
    To me little (British ) red robins are the ultimate christmas birds though ,
    miss them..Janke.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. I just love the birds. very pretty painting.

  8. I never quite understood our love for birds. My grandmother had an entire china cabinet with ceramic birds, and grandpa had a little green "pioupiou" hanging from his rearview mirror!!

  9. A lovely post. Love the Cardinals. A friend in MO just sent me some pictures right on her window ledge of Cardinals eating. What a lovely sight. Love the cat in the window too. Wonder how much he is getting paid for posing? LOL

  10. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Oh my I just cant stand it!
    Your designs are so beautiful and fun and whimsical!!!

  11. Bernardeau, j'adore!!!!!

  12. Anonymous9:39 PM

    A wonderful flight of fancy today (I can't stop myself). Funny that birds should be so associated with the tree topper is a dove in its nest and one of my favorite ornaments is a stuffed felt dove.
    I shudder to think about the price of the gold-plated Bernadaud...ate off some exquisite plates at a restaurant and the waiter told me I could buy them at Bernadaud in the next block. Since they were quite simple white china, I headed right over. Left quite empty-handed. Not so much as an illicit photo of them. sigh.

  13. I love birds
    How beautiful is all that you share.
    Love Jeanne ^j^

  14. merry xmas :) i have this netbook review here but i am not able to read your blok from that? any suggestions ? :(



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