Wednesday, December 10, 2008


French Cookie Box,watercolor 9" x 11"

This was going to be a post about...
The Stacking candy boxes I've spotted over and over in Paris, usually stacked graduating in size and price, but still so pretty! Now these are stacked...I wanted to buy this faux puff pastry sitting on top of this box - not for sale. But I digress. Back to my theory on stacking - images of stackoiserie kept coming up in my search, like these sheets of chocolate... The Salon du Chocolat really brings out the stackeurs - here brick by brick, enormous piles of French nougat...There can be horizontal stacking too by the way. Not all stackoiserie need be vertical.Oh YUM Stacks of marshmallow/guimauve boxes and squares... It's only natural to stack up plates at the brocante. Not particularly French you could say...Look at these stacked lunchboxes at Fauchon! I saved mine, dragged it home, hoping to bring a little stackoiserie to New York. The tradition of stacking figures on ceiling frescos has it's origins in Italy. Still you'll see plenty in France, like at the Paris Opera...
Another example of stacking (horizontal and elevated) in this print at Chateau Vaux le Vicomte...
And the real thing....
It's my secret theory that this indemic French stackoiserie originates with the Baron Haussmann buildings you see everywhere. I do think your eye is influenced by your surroundings. How can this not be so?

Then again here's an example of pre-Haussmann stackerie.
Perhaps it's something genetic...
Am I the only one who sees stacking everywhere in Paris? Please confirm or agree to disagree with me.
Here's le stack par excellance we all long for. Admittedly this was not a natural event. It took several wads of BlueStik to get these babies to behave.


  1. I love how Paris does stacked versus how L.A. does stacked. The L.A. version often involves a plastic surgeon.

    The Laduree ribbon in your painting has a beautiful soft, silkiness and a sense of gravity to it. Really pretty.

  2. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Once again, a brilliant post!!!!!!!!!
    Merci infiniment !!!!

  3. This is absolutely brilliant, this Stackoiserie. Many hats stacked and off to you. ;-)

    Abundantly stacked with riches, Paris is. I think as much as they said "off with their heads", Parisians never wanted all the elegance gone. In fact, it goes against their nature.

    I drool , Ms. Agog at all these lovely stacks.

  4. I like the stacked dishes. I have those in spades. Your painting is delicate and lovely, Carol.

  5. FAB post! I'm glad I popped over... aaaaaaaaaah Paris!
    I think I have forgotten to post about Paris lately... hmmmmmmm
    ENJOY your day!

  6. Argh! I feel the urge to see Paris once again, stacks and all and I blame you. All your pics are beautiful, and delicious.

  7. Your posts always make me want to sit down & paint a picture myself. I just love all your watercolors.

  8. Those blocks of French nouget are to die for. I wish I could reach into your photo and grab me one!

  9. I love the way the chocolate is arranged in the fifth photo from the top.

  10. Anonymous9:29 PM

    You've stacked up a lot of evidence.

  11. Good post !

    My best stacking is the "fontaine de champagne" !

  12. ... and all your jam jars could be stacked here...!

  13. this post is amazing!! the whole blog is something i cannot get enough of!! Merci !

  14. I stack because I run out of space :)

  15. I stack, you stack, we all stack...but when the French stack -that's different!


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